Alex is not evil


Whatever is this crap?
Oh, it's just Kyarorain being delusional as usual.
What's 'delusional' about wanting to prove my innocence? ;_;
The delusional delusions of a delusional person are utterly delusional.
I am not delusional! I will prove to everyone Alex is really not evil!
Didn't a page like this exist before?
Yeah, but it wasn't that good.
You will now see the light... I am not evil!
You're evil! EEEEEVIIIILLLL!!!


Why Alex is a good guy, dances in meadows of flowers and likes to hug bunnies and give orphans ice-cream. (Not really...)


The first time we meet Alex is in Sol Sanctum. Does he evilly threaten Garet into giving him the Elemental Stars straight away? Nope. He nicely asks. He only threatens Jenna and Kraden if you say you won't hand over the Elemental Stars, but you already knew they were in danger anyway. Saturos and Menardi were already prepared to use them to make you hand over the Stars, so Alex was only going along with their plan. And we know for a fact Saturos and Menardi definitely weren't evil after all.

The second time is on Mercury Lighthouse, where Alex saves Saturos's life. He admits in the next game, he merely considered the Proxians to be his pawns in a way and I guess they were... so if he was truly evil, would he have bothered to save Saturos? Menardi had the Elemental Stars, so it's not like Alex needed to, yet he did anyway. Mia is upset with him for lighting Mercury and he isn't very apologetic, but why should he be? Lighting Mercury was a good thing. (Still, he should have been a little sorry for hurting her so much...)

We don't see him again until Idejima, and he certainly is not being evil there either.

Now, for the second game. We see even more of Alex!

Alex helps out Jenna and Kraden by fighting off the soldiers from Lalivero so that they can get to Idejima. Doesn't seem very evil to me. If you lose as Jenna when fighting the Ruffians, then Alex heals her. That's not exactly evil either.

Alex does leave everyone alone on Idejima, but he did go to look for a boat. What if he intended to track down Felix and the others after he found one? It's a possibility. Okay, so he tried to steal Picards's ship, but it was unattended anyway. Alex was merely desperate for a way to travel across the sea, considering most coastal towns had been wrecked by a tidal wave.

In Champa, it seems as if Alex is using Agatio and Karst to scare Felix and the others into lighting Jupiter Lighthouse, but it is an urgent mission. Prox could be falling off the rift in a matter of months. They can't just hang around doing nothing. So, I don't think what Alex was doing was wrong. He didn't agree with Agatio on kidnapping Sheba and taking the Jupiter Star either, so obviously he is not evil. And what was so bad about telling them Babi died? You'd think Sheba would have at least appreciated the news. He can't kidnap her anymore if he's dead! Anyway, it was considerate of Alex to warn them away from Northern Gondowan if it was so dangerous. How can he be evil? Also, in Champa, he insulted everyone. This may well be because he found himself replaced with an "amateur" Water Adept, and felt cast aside and redundant. Which is his own damn fault for running away in the first place.

Then there's Jupiter Lighthouse, where there are hints to Alex's gentler side. Why would he bother healing your party to full health if he was really an evil guy? Also, when you read his mind, he thinks that he wants to help Mia and that he's actually weak after all. See? An evil person wouldn't be worrying about someone in danger and wishing to help them. Evidently, Alex still cares about Mia, so clearly he's somewhat good! Also, if you let Agatio and Karst kick your butts on Jupiter Lighthouse aerie, Alex rushes in to stop them from finishing you off. Obviously, if they lose, they are weaklings (whether it was deliberate or not) and an evil guy wouldn't waste his time saving a bunch of weaklings. Agatio and Karst would have been capable of entering Mars Lighthouse and had the Star, so it's not like Alex really needed Felix and co. to do anything at that point.

Also, on the subject of Mia, Alex is thinking of her and talks about her in Alhafra. It may be that he actually harbours some feelings for her. For someone who seems to throw useless people aside rather quickly, it would be strange to see them have such feelings. So, clearly, he's not entirely evil at all. If he was evil, would he be speaking and thinking so freely of a girl and seeming to still care for them? I think not.

In the ending, Alex is attempting to take Alchemy. Of course, a lot of people jump to conclusions and assume he is evil because of this. Hold on! Does he ever state why he wanted Alchemy? All he speaks of is being immortal and being able to control nature as he wishes. Since when does wanting to be immortal make you evil? What if he had a very good reason for attempting to claim so much power? All people are doing is assuming. Never does he say that he wants to take over the world or anything, it's just speculation from the fandom. Alex never did say why he really wanted Alchemy and we may never know...

So it is not a proven fact that Alex is evil!

Some people might say Alex attempting to call down a storm says that he is evil, but I don't think so. We don't know the magnitude of the intended storm, how powerful he wanted it to be or anything like that. All he said was "unleash your might". It could have been a small storm. Maybe it could have caused a little damage, but I doubt he was going to destroy the entire village. Vale got destroyed anyway! Oh, and here's the real clincher. Alex would not have been hurting anyone by calling down a storm on Vale?

Why not? Because Vale was empty! That's right! The Wise One had already warned the Valeans of danger and led them out, because he knew Vale was about to be destroyed, so there would have been nobody in the village at the time. Alex could have seen this and decided it would be safe to call a storm down on Vale, testing his power, because he wasn't going to hurt anyone. I'd hardly say calling down a storm on an empty village makes him evil. If he was truly evil, he could have gone to Vault or some other populated village and blown that up instead!

Also, all the power surging into him so suddenly may have had an effect on his mind, like if he was drunk on it. He may not have climbed up there intending to blow up Vale, but then the power rushed to his head and made him go a little crazy. It is at least a possible explanation for why Alex tried to call a storm down on Vale. It wouldn't happen with Isaac because there's no indication Isaac ever felt the power growing inside him, and his exposure to the Mars Star might have helped, but Alex received a huge amount of it directly while the Wise One simply imbued Isaac with some of it and therefore that's why Isaac didn't do anything. He didn't even seem to realise he had more power, so it's likely that Alex's way caused his mind to go awry.

Therefore... he may not frolic in meadows, give ice cream to orphans or hug puppies, but he can hardly be downright evil. I think he has some bad characteristics, is somewhat of a sociopath and is too mysterious for his own good, but he's not necessarily an evil villain plotting to take over the world. Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but I like to think Alex just stands somewhere in the middle between good and evil, hopefully leaning just a little toward good.


"Evidence" that would not hold up in a court.


Alex does not have his own music. Saturos & Menardi and Agatio & Karst were the antagonists of their respective games and had their own music! So if Alex was truly an antagonistic person, then why doesn't he have his own music as well?

Alex is a hot and sexy bishounen! Hot and sexy bishounen can't be evil!

Alex has blue hair, so do Mia and Picard and Sean and lots of people in Lemuria! Mia and Picard and Sean and lots of people in Lemuria are not evil!

Alex is a Mercury Adept. Sailor Mercury is not evil. Therefore, Alex isn't evil.

He's Mia's dad's apprentice! How can he be evil?

How can someone that sexy be evil?!

I wonder what his voice would sound like... charming, suave... mmmm... not evil at all...

Evil people always have evil laughs. Alex never laughs, therefore he can't be evil.

He only beats people up when he needs to get them out of the way! Saturos and Menardi were the ones who went crazy on the way to the Venus Lighthouse! So he's not evil!

Alex never fights you so he can't be evil!

He cares about Mia! Therefore, he is NOT evil!

He's always flirting with Jenna! How can he be evil?!

The voices in my head say Alex isn't evil, so he's not evil.

Why would the Wise One tell Alex to flee off Mt. Aleph if Alex was truly evil?

Someone who ensures that their hair is beautiful obviously takes a long time to look after it. If he was busy plotting world domination, would he have such nice hair?

He's awfully polite for an "evil" person.

He wanted the four lighthouse beacons lit, and lighting the beacons unleashed Alchemy, stopping Gaia Falls from devouring Weyard, so he's not evil!

Alex is short for Alexander, which means "Protector of Men" so he is not evil.

He's never actually done anything evil, has he?

... That's all!


The Prosecution's Flimsy Arguments


Why does Alex have to hide things from everybody?

Why does he want power and immortality? I still want to know...

Why the heck did he try to unleash a bunch of storms on Vale, even if it was going to be destroyed?

He scared me on the Mercury Lighthouse! I thought I was gonna have to fight him... *sniffle* Er... never mind...

Mia's never going to forgive him for setting it all in motion... she said so... but she's twisted and evil anyway.

He tried to beat up the Wise One! KYAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! *smacks self* Really, The Wise One? The one who held off the eruption of Mt. Aleph and summoned a three headed dragon?!

The Wise One knew he wanted to rule the world or something? He said one man would seek to rule over all... but he never said it was Alex directly... I don't get it...

Why is Alex after the Stone of Sages? Didn't I just ask that?

POW POW PICARD! POW POW- oops... that didn't have anything to do with the subject, did it?

Felix is sexy, yeah baby, I need him... oh sorry..........................



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