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English name: Isaac
Japanese name: Robin
French name: Vlad
Spanish name: Hans
Italian name: Isaac
German name: Isaac
Age: 17
Adept type: Venus (Earth)
Hometown: Vale

In the original Golden Sun, he never spoke so a lot of people thought he could not talk... but it has been somewhat disproved in Golden Sun: The Lost Age =D

Dialog Snatch: "I knew what I was doing the moment I raised my sword."


English name: Garet
Japanese name: Gerald
French name: Garet
Spanish name: Garet
Italian name: Garet
German name: Garet
Age: 17
Adept type: Mars (Fire)
Hometown: Vale

He's the tallest, and has the most HP, he's also rather... brash and quick acting. He's cool though ^_^ Mm, Fire Psynergy... lovely...

Dialog Snatch: "We've been duped! He used us all! Oh, you'd better believe he's not going to get away with this!"


English name: Ivan
Japanese name: Ivan
French name: Ivan
Spanish name: Iván
Italian name: Ivan
German name: Ivan
Age: 15
Adept type: Jupiter (Wind)
Hometown: Contigo

He's a midget, but he's a cute midget. He's one of the few surviving descendants of the Anemos, and Hama is his sister! When he was a newborn, Hammet took him away from Contigo to Kalay so that the prophecy could be fulfilled. Ivan's mother died though because the loss of giving up her son was too much =(

Dialog Snatch: :) "Ooo... good one, Jenna!"


English name: Mia
Japanese name: Mary
French name: Sofia
Spanish name: Mia
Italian name: Mia
German name: Mia
Age: 17
Adept type: Mercury (Water)
Hometown: Imil

Mia's the main healer of the group, being a Mercury Adept. She's quiet and caring, and believes only in helping people when they need it. She is grateful to Isaac for helping her through many troubles and is fuming mad at Alex for... everything!

Dialog snatch: "I don't care how many heads it has. Nothing's going to stop us now!"


English name: Felix
Japanese name: Garcia
French name: Pavel
Spanish name: Félix
Italian name: Felix
German name: Felix
Age: 18
Adept type: Venus (Earth)
Hometown: Vale

Felix is the one who unlocks the power of Alchemy, lighting the last two lighthouses. He was taken captive with his parents and Isaac's dad at a young age after a storm struck Vale, then returned three years later with Saturos, Menardi and Alex, then they ended up fleeing with three elemental stars, and Jenna, Felix's sister, and Kraden as well. He's quite rash when making decisions but is not foolish, and is quite stubborn and strong-willed.

Dialog snatch: "I'm sorry, Jenna, but... Vale... Mt. Aleph... They're gone!"


English name: Jenna
Japanese name: Jasmine
French name: Lina
Spanish name: Nadia
Italian name: Jenna
German name: Jenna
Age: 17
Adept type: Mars (Fire)
Hometown: Vale

Felix's sister. She's hot-headed and super temperamental, and tough as boots... she only cries once in the game... and ends up denying it, heh heh. She's the one who believed that Isaac's dispute with them could be solved simply by talking to Isaac and company, and she was right =)

Dialog Snatch: "If you can't interfere, then how about getting out of our way so we can light the beacon, huh?"


English name: Sheba
Japanese name: Shiba
French name: Cylia
Spanish name: Sole
German name: Cosma
Italian name: Sara
Age: 14
Adept type: Jupiter (Wind)
Hometown: Lalivero

Sheba fell from the skies when she was a baby and landed in Lalivero, where Faran took her in and cared for her. She wishes to know who she is and hopes to find out at Jupiter Lighthouse. She is such a tease... she teases Jenna, and Garet as well.

Dialog Snatch: "Aww... poor baby..."


English name: Piers
Japanese name: Picard
French name: Piers
Spanish name: Piers
Italian name: Piers
German name: Aaron
Age: ???
Adept type: Mercury (Water)
Hometown: Lemuria

Piers is a Lemurian, he's pretty special then. He's older than he looks, but he refuses to tell the others how old he is, despite their constant tries. Felix and company teach him a very good lesson about trusting people, that not all people are bad. He was carried out of Lemuria by a tidal wave, which was caused by the rising of Poseidon.

Dialog Snatch: "You were weeping such mournful tears after the battle..."


English name: Alex
Japanese name: Alex
French name: Alex
Spanish name: Álex
Italian name: Alex
German name: Alex
Age: ???
Adept type: Mercury (Water)
Hometown: Imil

Alex is very mysterious. He used to be Mia's father's apprentice, then did a runner and turned up on the Mercury Lighthouse Aerie, and betrayed the Mercury Clan. Mia hates him. He desires to rule the world and be omnipowerful and immortal, which explains why he is so desperate for the lighthouses to be lit. He is terribly self-centred. Gets beaten up by Wise One after sneaking up Mt. Aleph to nick the Golden Sun. Failed to get the entire power of Alchemy- Wise One gave some of it to Isaac =) Alex also tried to unleash a storm on Vale...

Dialog Snatch: "Wait for me! Please wait! Wait until I reach the summit of Mt. Aleph!"


English name: Saturos
Japanese name: Satyuros
French name: Salamandar
Spanish name: Saturos
Italian name: Saturos
Age: ???
Adept type: Mars (Fire)
Hometown: Prox

Saturos was one of the original raiding party who caused the storm that hit only Vale, when someone made a blunder in Sol Sanctum. He's more controlled than Menardi when it comes to temper... and he's a trickster too... he tricks Isaac's party into handing over the rod... actually, it was kinda their fault for misinterpreting his terms...

Dialog Snatch: "Don't worry, we'll help you forget!"


English name: Menardi
Japanese name: Menadi
French name: Phoenixia
Spanish name: Menardi
Italian name: Adexia
Age: ???
Adept type: Mars (Fire)
Hometown: Prox

Saturos's travelling partner. She has a really, really, really foul temper...

Dialog Snatch: "Who do you think you're talking to? You owe us your life!"


English name: Karst
Japanese name: Karst
French name: Karstine
Italian name: Karst
Spanish name: Karst
German name: Dinaria
Age: ???
Adept type: Mars (Fire)
Hometown: Prox

The younger sister of Menardi, hell-bent on avenging her death and killing poor Isaac-chan. She's a bit more sensible than Agatio, but not very much...

Dialog Snatch: "No? Well, how can I put this? It's time to die!"


English name: Agatio
Japanese name: Agatio
French name: Agatio
Italian name: Agatio
Spanish name: Agatio
German name: Hagartio
Age: ???
Adept type: Mars (Fire)
Hometown: Prox

Big, ugly brute that travels with Karst and also wants to kill our dear Isaac for killing Satty and Menny. He has no brains whatsoever. He is an idiot.

Dialog Snatch: "If you really are the brats who killed Saturos and Menardi, then you've just earned some new foes!"


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