Time Capsule


Welcome to the Time Capsule.
This is where certain aspects of The Adepts of Weyard's history are preserved, like removed or obsolete pages. That sort of thing.
So we get to take a trip down memory lane... how nice...
It's hard to believe this site has been up for as long as it has.
The webmistress is pretty sensitive about her age too these days.
One more word on that subject and you're in trouble.
I never hear people talk about aging in Lemuria. Huh. Fascinating how other people make such a big deal of it.
I may be getting older, but I am as random and insane as ever!
Some things just don't change, do they?
So then, allow me to present the relics of TAOW's past.


Reasons why Alex is not evil

Garet's Office

Ivan's Truth of Reveal

Picard's Captain Logbook

The webmistress's favourite couples




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