The Webmistress's Absolute Favourite Couples (and why she likes them and not other couples)

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Preferred Couples

Isaac/Mia- Isaac/Mia is so popular, and I can definitely see why!  They definitely look very cute together. And Mia trusts Isaac so much, she said so- love has to depend on trust, really!- and she was thankful to him for helping her through many troubles. And Mia was so concerned about Isaac during Colosso, even scolding Garet for shouting at Isaac even though Garet's Isaac's best friend and Isaac's probably used to it. Isaac's first word is "Mia"... and the fact is, he yelled for Mia rather than Garet. How very interesting.

Garet/Jenna- Garet seems to care a lot about Jenna, he just can't seem to shut up about her. And they are both Pyromaniacs, too. Oh, and they are childhood friends and both live in Vale too. I think they are kinda flirting in the beginning of Golden Sun. Also on Jupiter Lighthouse, if you let the Adepts get nearly killed, Garet's like "Those monsters! How could they do that to Jenna?!" Aww... and in the ending, they walk out of Prox together. And when Sheba and Mia tease Garet, Jenna's immediately sticking up for Garet!

Felix/Sheba- This is obvious. Felix defied Saturos and Menardi to save Sheba, and he even jumped off the Venus Lighthouse to save her. He's very protective of Sheba, and Sheba's pretty close to him too. If you try to leave Idejima without Sheba in the beginning of TLA, she acts sort of flirty, teasing, and even speaks in a similar matter when you talk to her in the battle arena.

Garet/Mia- I just think that these two go together well, plus fire and water are opposites, they also have opposite personalities, and opposites attract.. Mia was quite worried about him on Jupiter Lighthouse naturally. Um, well, they do seem close in the ending cartoon, but if I went with that, I might also be supporting Ivan/Kraden...

Isaac/Jenna- They are childhood friends, they both live in Vale. Plus, they both lost family on that day of the storm, so they have a lot in common. Jenna's often worried about Isaac, she doesn't shut up about him easily and when Sheba was teasing her about Isaac in Madra, she blushed! Heh, you don't see Jenna blushing very often. Also, in Contigo when the two parties meet, Garet says that Isaac has been worried about Jenna ever since the journey began or something to that effect.

Jenna/Alex- There's a pretty big hint in TLA, but we'll get to that later. They are Fire and Water Adepts, and I just said opposites attract, didn't I? They also look so cute together. And it was Alex who suggested they get Jenna out of Sol Sanctum. In TLA, he helps Jenna and Kraden escape the Evil Guards of Tolbi/Lalivero/Suhalla/Wherever and if Jenna loses on the way to Idejima, he even heals her.

Mia/Felix- I think Mia and Felix actually look kind of good together. Lucky Mia, she always gets the Venus Adepts *grumbles and looks evil* Why does she get the Venus Adepts? Why not me? Grrr...

Ivan/Sheba- They are both Jupiter Adepts! And really cute together, plus they can like read each other's mind and stuff. And on the Jupiter Lighthouse, Sheba apparently cares more about Ivan's health than Garet who is hanging off the lighthouse, because our favourite midget is so badly injured. Mean Karst. Also, Ivan apologises to Sheba on the ship because he was going on about his newfound home and sister, but Sheba was disappointed because she has never found her family.

Picard/Sheba- I just think this couple seems kinda cute. And they are sorta hugging in the ending- although I'm not basing it off that alone but I guess it's something. Sheba does seem to be very interested in his age... well, she started the whole age thing! And she does say he appears about her age, so that's all right... he's only an old man years wise, he just aged slower like all Lemurians.

Felix/Feizhi- I guess this one could come true possibly. I think they would look kinda cute together. Feizhi actually mistook Felix for Isaac in Champa. Because she's blind.

Ivan/Feizhi- Well, uh... they can both see the future, or at least Ivan will because Hama said so, and well, they have similar powers huh? And, uh, Feizhi is close to Ivan's sister, Hama!

Saturos/Menardi- It's obvious, obvious, obvious!

Picard/Hama- I think this could work. I know I inferred that Picard was 14 physically thanks to Sheba, but Hama's probably only like 30 or so, and Picard is very mature, especially with manners, he is polite, and could be a good match for this Jupiter Adept.

Isaac/Feizhi-  When you talk to Feizhi after saving Hsu, she's like "Oh, warrior! Welcome!" But if you don't save Hsu, then talk to her, she's just, like, "We were able to save Hsu..." And if you save Hsu, in TLA, you get given a Gold Ring- she gave it to Felix because he knew Isaac and when Kraden said he would give it to Isaac, she was happy!

Jenna/Picard- They travelled together... and they are opposites, which are supposed to attract. Besides, she might be quite lonely on the boat when she's only travelling with her brother, one girl and one guy... so wouldn't it make sense to go for the guy?

Couples I just can't see together or don't want to

Mia/Alex- This just doesn't work anymore... Mia despises Alex for what he has done, betraying the Mercury clan and ultimately using her and her friends to try and get what he desired, Alchemy. No way could Mia forgive him, she's not that stupid, she'd have to be dumb and blinkered to forgive him for everything! I don't think Alex really has feelings for her, that infamous moment of weakness in Jupiter Lighthouse when, revealed by reading his mind, he wanted to rush to Mia's aid was probably just that, a moment of sudden weakness, due to the fact that she is his childhood friend. If he had feelings for her, why would he go off without letting her know and then show his face again, admitting he lit the beacon? Mia was sick and disgusted with him, there's no way she would be seen dead with him ever again, she probably WANTS him dead anyway.

Isaac/Sheba- I just don't see it... they have no reason to be attached to each other...

Garet/Sheba- I swear Garet was shaking his head 'no' on the Venus Lighthouse when Saturos asked him if he cared about what happened to Sheba.

Mia/Ivan- I think they are very close, but not that close.

Ivan/Jenna- I just can'tsee this one... I think they're too different, yet they have their similarities, so... it's just scary.

Sheba/Alex- I don't think this one would work out very well...

Mia/Picard- The only thing they have in common is that they're both Mercury Adepts...

Kraden/Anyone- Who would want to be with Kraden?

Slash Couplings I think are cool

Felix/Picard- It just seems cute! I must have some obsession with Mercury and Venus shipping... And its a really popular slash coupling for some reason... o_o; I've read quite a bit...

Felix/Alex- Kinda dropped in popularity after Alex's true colours were revealed, but yeah, this was pretty popular once, and it did seem cute... maybe its the Mercury/Venus thing... but I still love it to bits!

I can tolerate nearly all slash couples really... except Garet/anyone. Garet is not slashable. At all.

Well... that's it...

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