Icon Fics


The webmistress has decided that icon fanfiction is fun.
Is that kind of like what we're doing right now?
Yes, except a bit different.
She hasn't done one since that "test page" in Saturos's Stupid Stuff.
Apparently, it's still too stupid to put here instead.
Or she doesn't feel like moving it. But it was written a very, very long time ago... so it might just look outdated here.
Are these going to be... "insane"?
I think so.
I have a bad feeling about this... ._.



The Crack Series [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5]

I made these from the ashes of an RP community I made, with RP journals I also made, and I had fun just making random posts and comments in the community. Unfortunately, GreatestJournal committed suicide so I saved the entries and comments, and adapted most of them into icon crackfics. Beware, as they definitely are not suitable for kids. Yes, they are that bad.

How the Insane Proxians Stole Christmas

Random Escapades of Bored Adepts



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