Part 3 of the Crack Series~!


Uh, guys, I've got a bit of a problem here. I was snooping around Kraden's cottage and found some strange bubbly, pink goop. I stole it for some reason and decided to drink it last night (it smelled so good and it tasted good too! Don't worry, I gave some to a Djinni, to make sure it wasn't poisoned!)

... Um, and then... this morning, I woke up as a woman! ;_;

My muscles are gone! And... I've got these... huge... BREASTS.


... And for some reason, I'm wearing a sailor suit. I was NOT wearing this last night!

*runs around in a panic* I DON'T WANT TO BE A WOMAN! SOMEBODY HELP!

Uh... *blushes* I... er...
What? What?! Do you know how to cure this? TELL ME!
N-no... I don't... I... *chews on fingernails*
Will you please spit it out already? I haven't got time for this!
I just think they're so HUGE! *dies of shame* x_x;;;
*looks in a mirror* ... Huh. What do you know, you're right...
I... I'm trying not to look at them... but!!! ;_; I can't help it!
Perhaps... you'd like to examine them? ^_^ *lifts up shirt*
*nosebleed* Um... no thanks... o_o;;;
Don't be shy. ^_^ Come closer and touch my boobies...
What are you, a prostitute?! Girls don't behave like that!
Well, I'm not a girl after all, but why don't we go to bed together? ^_- After all, I might as well get to try out my new body just once.
Stay away from me, you creep! ;_; *tries to run for it*
*whipcrack* Where do you think you're going, Fe?
*crash* Someone help me... ;_;
Don't be afraid. ^_^ I just want to try out my NEW EQUIPMENT.
Shouldn't you be trying to turn yourself back into a man?!
But this is fun. Look, panty shot! *lifts skirt*
You are a freak. ._.
Come on! Please? ^_^
... Geez. Fine. D=
Yay! ^_^ Let's go to bed now! ;)
Sure, sure... this is going to be pretty darn confusing though.
It's really simple~! I can't give it to you up the ass but you have two holes to choose from~!
Yay. Choices. -_-; Let's go already.

You tested some strange pink goop on an innocent little Djinni?
Oh, don't worry. It didn't DIE! ^_^
And what if it had? Huh?!
Then I would hide the body and pretend it ran away... uh, I mean... aw, crap.
Testing on animals is WRONG!
Djinn aren't animals. They are elemental spirits.
That's beside the point! You risked the life of a small, innocent creature!
Would you have preferred I risk my life instead?
Is the Djinni really okay?
I think so. ^_^ At least, it's not complaining or anything. It's quiet as a mouse.
Uh, what do you mean by quiet?
It won't even talk back to me or anything. Hey, Balm? Balm? Are you asleep?
... ... ... Why did you test it on a reviving Djinni? Couldn't you have tried a more useless one?
The reviving Djinn ARE useless! They always miss! ... Aw, crap.
What's wrong now?
You Djinni killer! ;_;
It's not my fault! ;_;
Oh? Then whose is it?
Er, uh... Kraden's! For making the pink goop!
*sigh* So, what are you going to with the Djinni?
Bury it. Oh, and if anyone asks, it... er, died of old age. >_>
Piers, you've already told everyone you tested the pink goop on a Djinni!
But I didn't say WHICH Djinni, did I? ^_^
So you're going to claim it's a coincidence?
Yup. Hey, uh, while I'm a woman, let's compare our breasts!
*SLAP* No way! Pervert!
If I was being a pervert, I wouldn't have to look at someone else's breasts. ^_^ I have my own. ^_-
Ew. Just... ew. You make me sick.
You're no fun, Mia. ;_;
Just go turn yourself back into a man, already... -_-
I'd love to. I just don't know how yet. >_>;
Have you tried asking Kraden?
So I should go up to him, confess to stealing the goop, then ask if he's got a cure for this?
Are you insane? I'm not doing that!
Why not? He might have the cure to his OWN potion. >_>
But then he will get cross and lecture me for HOURS AND HOURS about how stealing is wrong, then probably do experiments on me or something!
You'd rather stay a woman forever?
T_T I guess I have no choice...


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