Part 2 of the Crack Series! ^_^


Life sucks and I want to die. Why do I even exist? ;_; *curls up in fetal position*

Are you being emo again?
... Yes. ._.
Sheesh... what is it this time?
The cookie jar is empty!!! *cries*
... You're emo because... we're out of... COOKIES?!
But... but... I love cookies! ;_;
That's still no good reason to be emo! You're just seeking attention, aren't you?
Such a cold... dark... world... everyone is unforgiving... *sniff*
-_-' Do you want me to go and ask Mom if she'll make some more?
Really?! ^_^
You could just ask her yourself, you know...
... True, that.
... ... *curls up in sad ball of angst* Everybody hates me. ;_; *cries waterfall tears*
Aw, crap. I set him off again. Come on, Felix, cheer up. I'll go ask Mom right now!
*sniffsob* *still curled up in ball* Jenna said I'm a moron... *wangst* Maybe I really am...
It's no good. I can't seem to get him out of it... o_o *pokes Felix with stick*
*aaaaaaangst* The pain... overwhelms me... such wonderful pain...
o_o *dumps cold water all over him*
AAAAHHHHHH!!! What was that for?! ._. *shivers*
Nobody understands the pain I feel... WHY?!
Oh, I give up. Here's some Prozac.
It's not as tasty as cookies... but strangely cheers me up.
Wait, don't take the whole- ... too late.
WHEE!!! ^_^ I'M SO HAPPY!!!
Please try to stay calm, brother...
Look! A bunny! *skips off after bunny*
I don't see a bunny... o_o
Ooh, a lake! *dives onto ground and makes swimming motion*
Oh, great, he's being an idiot and hallucinating. Uh... Felix? *walks up and pokes him* You're swimming on the ground...
*stares at Jenna* Who are you?
o_o You're hallucinating pretty bad. What are you seeing?!
A naked, big-breasted chick with blond hair and sparkly eyes. ♥_♥
... That's it. No more Prozac.
Will you do me? ^_^
Oh, whoops. And it wasn't even his fault...
Were you trying to kill him just now?!
N-no! I... I was trying to stop him from being emo...
By burning him to a crisp? o_o
Well, it depends on how you look at it. He's unconscious, so he's not being emo, right? ^_^;;;

Would you like me to help you? ^_^
What does that mean?
Oh, I was just thinking I'd kiss it better for you. ^_^ And more. ^_-
Um... er... *backs away* I don't think that's a good idea...
Aww, don't be shy, Felix... ^_^
Why the hell do you keep using smilies?!
^____^ Say, it's rather hot in here, isn't it?
Well, I suppose it's a little warm, but it's not hot... why?
Well, I was going to suggest we take off all our clothes. =D
Stay away from me, you crazy Lemurian!
Now, now, there's no need for that kind of behaviour. ^_^ *cracks whip*
No! I am not indulging in your sick bondage games again!
Aw, crap.
Why, yes, we've done it lots of times. ^_^
Shut the hell up, Piers!
*whipcrack* Do not speak that way to your master!
Can't you take your bondage somewhere else? *disturbed*
It's alright, I'll be taking him to the bedroom now. ^_-
Do I get a choice? D=
Nope! *drags Felix to bedroom*

You exist because your mommy and daddy loved each other very much and wanted to have kids.
That's meant to be a helpful answer?
Well, it's the reason why you exist.
Life still sucks. ;_; What is the meaning of life?
The answer is 42.
;_; Are you making fun of me?
Geez. You're hopeless...
There is no hope. The future is dark, cold and lonely... we are doomed...
-_-' Yeah, think I'll go talk to someone else now.


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