Alter Ego


Have any of you ever wondered about your other selves?
Eh? Are you saying we have other selves?
Is there some strange parallel dimension out there with other versions of us?
Okay, now that's a freaky thought.
No, I speak not of alternate dimensions... what I speak of is fanfiction.
So, you're talking about alternate universe fanfiction or something?
Not quite. I simply mean the alternate portrayals of ourselves in fanfiction. Ever heard of fanon?
When one person makes up a character trait, then everybody else copies that character trait in their fanfiction as well and people wind up confused about whether it's actually canon or not, because it's been done to death in fanfiction?
Something like that, yes. The world of fanfiction can be scary... are you ready to peer into the darkness and see?
Eh? It's dark?
Quit it with the dramatic act, Ivan. You aren't fooling anyone.
Fanfiction isn't that bad... is it?
Sure, bad fanfiction exists, but it's not all bad.
I'm sure it's not as scary as Ivan is making it out to be.
I don't even want to know about my portrayal in fanfiction, thanks.
Heh heh... you have no choice...
What? That's unfair!
Why don't we just get on with it instead of talking on and on like this?
Be afraid. Be very, very afraid... *attempts an evil laugh and fails horribly* Crap.





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