Alter Ego (Sheba)


It's dark... and I seem to be lost all of a sudden. I think something's going to happen.

*The entire room is suddenly lit up by an unearthly glow coming from someone else*

Bow before your goddess, heathens!
What the...?
You! Why do you dare to imitate my perfection and beauty and my heavenly form?
I think I should be asking you that question... just, less egoistical sounding.
Hmph... normally I would not deign myself to speak with a puny mortal...
P-puny mortal?
But... I get the feeling that you are no mere impostor.
If anyone's the impostor, it's you! Just who are you?
Me? I am Sheba, the Goddess of Weyard.
... ... ...
Only a goddess like me could survive a fall from the sky.
You... you think you're a goddess?
Such insolence! Can you not see how great I am?
My head hurts.
The people of Lalivero knew well enough that I was a true Holy Child... they treated me right.
Look, I..
One day, the whole world shall bow before me and serve me as their Goddess!
Everyone shall become my humble subjects and worship me. That or suffer a painful death.
You are not a goddess!
How can you say that, you heathen?
I wish I knew what was going on here...
The world will be mine to rule. Yes... one day... it will all be within my grasp.
: I shall have a big castle and many servants, and adoring fans wil gather outside, begging me to lay my heavenly eyes upon them.
...You're crazy...
It's only a matter of time before everybody realises I am a holy being who descended from the skies to watch over them.
And I shall punish the non-believers!
Happy punishing...
Why, thank you. I shall be taking my leave now. *teleports out*


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