Alter Ego (Mia)


How curious. I seem to have found myself lost in some random place I have not seen before. Well, isn't that puzzling? If I keep going, I might be able to find my way back to wherever I was. Now, where do I go? Is it just me or is it dark in here? Why am I even talking to myself?

*Suddenly, lights shine down on two other Mias*

Ah! I knew talking to myself was a bad idea. Now I'm going completely insane!
*chuckles darkly* Oh, don't worry. You aren't insane yet. Believe me, I know.
Wh-who are you? And why are your eyes bright red? Why is your background red too?
What do you mean? I am clearly you.
Eep... where am I? I seem to have been separated from Isaac...
And you... your background is all blue.
*sniff* Oh no, I hope this isn't the work of some evil Proxian. Proxians are evil, aren't they? *shivers*
Pah! Those pathetic Proxians are about as evil as marshmallows!
Marshmallows are good. But human flesh tastes even better.
*squeaks in fear and scuttles to corner* Where is Isaac? I need Isaac to come and save me. I'm so scared.
*massages forehead* This is a weird dream, isn't it? That would explain why I'm seeing myself... just not exactly. And, uh, scary me, you were kidding about the human flesh right? *chuckles nervously*
Nope. *licks lips* Human liver tastes really good with mayonnaise. You should try it.
Ick. You need help.
I need help too! Where's Isaac? He should have come to save me by now!
What is the deal with you and Isaac anyway?
I love him and he loves me too. I know that whenever I am in trouble, Isaac will come and save me. Just like thhe time when he so bravely defeated that lizard monster for me.
And Ivan and Garet are chopped liver? *pauses* Okay, now I wish I hadn't said that...
Mmm... chopped liver...
What is the matter with you?!
You see, I loved Isaac so much that I started eating people and finding new uses for maces! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Wah! ;_; Where are you, Isaac? I need you!
Okay. I've had enough of this craziness. *puts four Djinn on set* I'm going to call down Boreas on you and get the heck out of here.
Aww, can't you at least summon Nereid? I'd like to try her sometime.
*is suddenly too disturbed to speak and edges back toward the corner to sit by emo Mia*
*sniffles and clings to Mia* Is Isaac going to come and save us?
I don't need saving. She's just creepy. Why are you being such a wuss?
Because I am a weak and frail woman who needs the man of my dreams to come and save me when I am in trouble.
Are you serious? You can shoot ice from your hands! You have little creatures called Djinn! You can heal yourself! You can summon freaking elemental spirits on the enemy! You can wield freaking maces!
*edges away and whimpers* You're scary... you're gonna make me cry again...
I wonder how I taste?
That's it! I've really had enough of this! *gets up and summons Boreas on evil Mia*
Oh rats, I'm not ready to go back to Hades yet. *screams and disappears*
Okay, now that the scary me is gone, just what is going on here?
Um... er... well, see, we're your selves in fanfiction.
I'm portrayed as a weak character who must depend on Isaac to save me. That evil self you just saw... well, don't worry. It was just one fanfic.
You mean there are more of you?!
Don't get mad at me. It's not my fault fanfic writers portrayed me as weak and helpless! I didn't even ask to be born... =(
Okay, well, don't you have somewhere else to be? I'd feel a little better knowing there was only one of me here...
Um... sure... I'll just go now... *disappears into a dimensional hole that appeared out of nowhere*
Well... that was... interesting. o_o;;; I'm out of here too. *leaves*


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