Alter Ego: Jenna


Oh, is it my turn to be lost in a strange, dark place now?
What the-?!
Why am I LOST?!
Uh... er...
This really PISSES ME OFF!!!
*puts hands over ears* Gosh, you're loud...
Loud?! Who are you calling LOUD?!
My evil twin, apparently... who are you?
Wait, who are you? I bet you're an impostor!
Excuse me? You're the impostor!
Who are you to call me an impostor, you fake!
... What is with this crazy girl who looks just like me?
Argh! This has just not been my day!
What are you so angry about?
That damn Kraden never shuts the hell up!
Well, that's true, but...
And that Alex gets on my nerves soooo much! I could just kill him!
I'd like to set him on fire and watch him burn! Muahahahahaha!
Burnination is fun. I love to burn things, especially when I'm angry. But I'm always angry anyway.
Uh huh. I get really angry when it rains. I hate rain! And I hate the world!
Um... I think you might have anger management problems.
Argh! *sets random crap on fire*
o_o;;; Please try and calm down, okay?
NO! *sets more crap on fire*
Gosh... am I really this bad? I mean, I get mad sometimes, but I don't go setting random stuff on fire all the time.
Tell that to the fanfic writers! I have to exist because of them!
And I don't act like I am permanently on my time of the month...
And I hate time of the month jokes! They are so unfunny!
Yeah, you have a point...
Okay, so... haven't you got somewhere else to be...?
Fine! Be like that! I am so out of here! *disappears*
... That was so... random. o_o


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