Alter Ego (Alex)


Uh oh... I'm in a scary place yet again... NO! NOOOOO!

*Alex curls up on the floor, whimpering in fear, believing he is about to suffer yet another torture*

Mysterious Voice: MuahahahahahaHAHAHAHAHA...

Oh no... it's them! Iris, help me!
... You're not Agatio and Karst.
What. The. Hell?!
Mwehehehe... I am the evillest being on Weyard. Nobody is eviller than me!
Why are you wearing clown makeup?
To make me look even more evil!
Seriously? It just makes you look silly.
You cannot understand true evil.
Say... that flowing hair and that voice are very familiar... you're not supposed to be me, are you?!
I am Alex, the future ruler of Weyard.
This is a nightmare. Right? Right?! *pinches self* Ow.
I ate a baby yesterday. It was the most delicious baby ever.
Babies taste great with mustard and ketchup, did you know that?
Of course not!
And I just love to kick puppies!
Why would you kick a cute, harmless animal?
Pffft. Cute and harmless things need to be destroyed.
Wow. Do I want to know what else you like to do?
Raping everything that movies.
... I'm sorry I asked.
Being evil is so fun. I've destroyed FIVE TOWNS! With people still inside! It was awesome!
Wow. At least I had the decency to try and unleash a storm on an EMPTY village.
You are so pathetic. Maybe if you actually tried killing somebody...
What would be the use in taking a life? I'd rather just make them do things for me without knowing it.
Fwahahahaha! My hands... they are coated with the blood of dead people!
... You wear gloves.
It's a figure of speech/ Anyway, I'm thirsty. Think I'll just drink some human blood now. *takes a flask and swigs*
O_O I'm scared, Mommy...
So yeah, I'm gonna take over Weyard and kill all lifeforms on it, then I'll be the only one alive in the world!
Wouldn't that be kind of boring?
Heck, no. First though, I must get the rest of the Golden Sun's power off that pathetic brat, Isaac.
Uh, right. Well, don't let me stop you...
... *shivers* Was that for real?


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