Item Guide


This page serves as a guide to various items that you will be finding as you go on your journey through both games.


Psynergy Items

Carry Stone - Bestows the "Carry" Psynergy

Catch Beads - Bestows the "Catch" Psynergy

Cloak Ball - Bestows the "Cloak" Psynergy

Douse Drop - Bestows the "Douse" Psynergy

Frost Jewel - Bestows the "Frost" Psynergy

Halt Gem - Bestows the "Halt" Psynergy

Lifting Gem - Bestows the "Lift" Psynergy

Orb of Force - Bestows the "Force" Psynergy

Burst Brooch - Bestows the "Burst" Psynergy

Cyclone Chip - Bestows the "Cyclone" Psynergy

Grindstone - Bestows the "Grind" Psynergy

Hover Jade - Bestows the "Hover" Psynergy

Lash Pebble - Bestows the "Lash" Psynergy

Pound Cube - Bestows the "Pound" Psynergy

Scoop Gem - Bestows the "Scoop" Psynergy

Teleport Lapis - Bestows the "Teleport" Psynergy

Tremor Bit - Bestows the "Tremor" Psynergy

Mysterious Card - Changes Class to "Pierrot"

Trainer's Whip - Changes Class to "Tamer"

Tomegathericon - Changes Class to "Dark Mage"


Rare Items

Empty Bottle - Extracts water from a magic spring Used to get Hermes' Water from Mercury Lighthouse fountain

Hermes Water - Replenishes all HP Completely restores HP. Necessary to heal Tret.

Cell Key - The key to the cells in Lunpa Fortress Opens cell doors in Lunpa Fortress

Large Bread - Nourishing bread that fights hunger Give to hungry boy in Alhafra to gain access to north-western entrance of Alhafra's underground cave

Laughing Fungus - A rare and suspicious mushroom Useless joke item. Sell it.

Healing Fungus - A rare and delicious mushroom Give to old couple in Madra in exchange for Mars Djinni

Ruin Key - A key found in the ruins under Madra Allows access to sealed room containing Moloch tablet

Sea God's Tear - A jewel from the Sea God's eye Used in Shrine of the Sea God dungeon

Dancing Idol - A sacred idol of known power Used in Gaia Rock. Give to Uzume later in exchange for Mars Djinni

Pretty Stone - A shining stone Give to bird in SE Angara Islet for Red Cloth

Red Cloth - A fancy red scarf Give to cow at N Osenia islet for Milk

Milk - Nutritious, delicious fresh milk Give to dog at West Indra islet for Lil' Turtle

Lil' Turtle - A turtle who's far from home Give to Lonesome George for access to Islet Cave

Magma Ball - A glowing, red ball of volcanic rock Used to fire cannon in Loho and the Northern Reaches


Key Items

Mythril Bag - A fine bag made of mythril

Small Jewel - A beautiful eye-shaped jewel

Venus Star - Earth Elemental-requires Mythril Bag

Mercury Star - Water Elemental-requires Mythril Bag

Jupiter Star - Wind Elemental-requires Mythril Bag

Mars Star - Fire Elemental-requires Mythril Bag

Dragon's Eye - A shining red jewel with flames inside

Bone - A bone from the girl at the inn

Boat Ticket - A ticket needed to cross Karagol Sea

Anchor Charm - A trinket in the shape of an anchor

Mystic Draught - A strangely colored mysterious potion

Black Orb/Crystal - Controls the ancient ship

Blue Key - The Blue door key from Crossbone Isle / Key to blue door in Jupiter Lighthouse

Red Key - The Red door key from Crossbone Isle / Key to red door in Jupiter Lighthouse

Aquarius Stone - The stone that leads the chosen one

Center Prong - The center piece of a trident

Left Prong - The left tine of a trident

Right Prong - The right tine of a trident


Recovery Items

Herb - Restores 50 HP

Corn - Restores 100 HP

Nut - Restores 200 HP

Vial - Restores 500 HP

Potion - Restores HP completely

Mist Potion - Restores 300 HP to front party


Damaging Items

Bramble Seed - Deals Venus based damage to multiple enemies

Crystal Powder - Deals Mercury based damage to multiple enemies

Oil Drop - Deals Mars based damage to multiple enemies

Smoke Bomb - May delude the target

Sleep Bomb - May put the target to sleep

Weasel's Claw - Deals Jupiter based damage to multiple enemies


Stat-boosting Items

Apple - Boosts attack

Cookie - Boosts Max PP

Hard Nut - Boosts defense

Lucky Pepper - Boosts luck

Mint - Boosts agility

Power Bread - Boosts Max HP


Other Items

Antidote - Cures Poison and Venom

Elixir - Cures Sleep, Stun and Delusion

Psy Crystal - Fully restores PP

Sacred Feather - Decreases monster encounter rate

Water of Life - Revive a fallen party member


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