Blacksmith Guide


This is a guide for items that you can take to the blacksmith (Sunshine) in Yallam and what he will forge from them. What he will forge from them however is up to chance and you may find it takes a while to get the item you want, but keep trying and you will surely get it eventually. When you give him an item, either stay at the inn, enter the sanctum or leave the village and then come back. Talk to Sunshine's wife and she will sell you the item Sunshine forged.


Tear Stone

Clear Bracelet
Cloud Wand
Pure Circlet
Spirit Ring

Star Dust

Astral Circlet
Comet Mace
Luna Shield
Planet Armor
Stardust Ring

Sylph Feather

Aerial Gloves
Faery Vest
Floating Hat
Sylph Rapier

Dragon Skin

Dragon Boots
Dragon Helm
Dragon Mail
Dragon Robe
Dragon Shield

Salamander Tail

Apollo's Axe
Ardagh Robe
Burning Sword
Flame Shield
Salamander Rod

Golem Core

Chronos Mail
Gaia's Axe
Huge Sword
Titan Gloves
Tungsten Mace

Mythril Silver

Mythril Armor
Mythril Blade
Mythril Clothes
Mythril Helm
Psychic Circlet

Dark Matter

Demon Circlet
Fear Helm
Stealth Armor
Terra Shield


Big Bang Gloves
Cosmos Shield
Millenium Helm
Nebula Wand
Stellar Axe
Xylion Armor


Not only will he forge weapons from items, Sunshine will also clean up the rusty weapons that you find.

Rusty Sword

Found in Aqua Rock chest - Corsair's Edge
Found in Lemuria chest - Robber's Blade
Found in sea east of Tundaria Tower - Pirate's Sabre
Found in sea west of Atteka - Soul Brand

Rusty Axe

Found in sea southwest of Sea of Time - Captain's Axe
Found in Treasure Isle chest - Viking Axe

Rusty Mace

Found in Gaia Rock chest - Demon Mace
Found in sea east of Treasure Isle - Hagbone Mace

Rusty Staff

Found in Islet Cave chest - Dracomace
Found in Shrine of the Sea God chest - Glower Staff
Found in sea northwest of Hesperia - Goblin's Rod 



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