Wise One's Interview


Our next interview is with the one-eyed talking rock!
It's the Wise One! Not one-eyed talking rock!
Well, you look like a one-eyed talking rock.
I would rather not be referred to as a one-eyed talking rock. I am Vale's protector.
Question One: If you had a nose, would it be particularly long?
I have no need for a nose, and why would it be long?
Oh, because you seem to like telling lies.
Lying can make your nose grow? I did not know that.
... Not usually.
Forget it. Question two: Do you admit to being a pathological liar?
You seem to be rather fixated on my lying.
"Lighting the lighthouses will destroy the world", my ASS!
The wars that resulted from unleashing Alchemy could.
No excuses!
*sigh* I simply thought the world eroding away would be better.
Question three: Why do you want everyone to die?
Does it appear to be that way?
You'd rather have the way that will destroy the world one hundred percent, rather than the one with maybe fifty percent chance?
Yes, that is correct.
I don't get you at all. Question four: What is your favourite food?
Excuse me?
Oh, do you not eat food?
I have no mouth. 
But then you don't even get to eat delicious food. Like cheese, for instance. Doesn't that suck?
I do not even need to eat.
Question five: Is it possible for you to have feelings toward a human?
What kind of feelings are you talking about?
You know, romantic feelings. Like you want to jump into the sack with someone.
I am incapable of such feelings.
Yeah right. You just don't want to admit anything because you are a rock.
That's just it. I have the appearance of a rock, therefore dating a human would be quite strange.
Love knows no bounds! Question six: Do you have a gender?
A gender? That determines if one is male or female, doesn't it?
Uh, yes...
Well, I have no gender, so I am neither male or female.
Oh. Question seven: What are your favourite activities?
Guarding Mt. Aleph, or, well, that used to be... and rolling in grassy fields.
You forgot lying to people and sending them off on world destroying quests.
... Well, they chose for themselves in the end. I guess they really did want to save the world. 
It's better than falling into the great abyss and dying.
I suppose that is true.
Question eight: Why did you abandon Alex to die on top of a sinking mountain when he was injured and paralysed?
I felt like it.
So much for not being actually evil. You left him to die.
Oh, I'm sure an annoying and arrogant person like him can find a way out of it.
Doesn't change the fact it was a situation which he could easily die and it's known you can teleport people elsewhere.
Who cares? Alex is obviously annoying scum anyway. 
You're a jerk. Question nine: Why did you feel it necessary to kill Agatio and Karst?
I turned them into dragons.
Yes, and then that meant their deaths. I don't think they even had time to wait for the beacon to be lit before dying, plus they vanish when leaving the room.
Well, the Proxians deserved it.
You are an evil rock. Whatever did the Proxians do to deserve such cruel treatment?
Tried to unleash Alchemy. 
I bet you just don't like them because of their red eyes and pointy ears! They are human beings!
Human beings I don't particularly like. 
Question ten: How can I get Camelot to make it possible to fight and kill you in the next Golden Sun game?
Why would I even know something like that?
If you were the ultimate boss and I could kick your ass permanently, that would be great.
I have no weaknesses. At least, I think. And Alex got pulverised with part of Alchemy. Nobody can match me.
We'll see about that, Rocky.
My name is not Rocky. It is the Wise One.
*sigh* Now what does everyone think of the Wise One?
He has a sick sense of humour.
Tried to make us destroy the world or something. What's his problem?
The Wise One is very complex...
Why is he so cruel to the poor Proxians? What an awful rock.
A talking one-eyed rock that can beat anyone up and delay eruptions is rather scary...
I want to burn him, but I'm afraid I'll get beaten up...
The Wise One is a freak.
Does he want the world destroyed or doesn't he? I'm still confused.
Why is everyone unable to understand the Wise One simply wanted to be sure they were strong enough to protect Weyard? That was the point of that test, wasn't it?
That evil rock stopped me from accomplishing my goals.
Though it may not seem like it, the Wise One is really a kind being...
There's such a thing as a one-eyed, talking rock? Really?
He is Vale's great protector!
Many of us Valeans look up to the Wise One.
Complaining about the Wise One himself? For shame!
All hail the Wise One!
Didn't he save us? Why is everyone complaining?
A one-eyed talking rock! Cool!
Is there a reason why he didn't stop that big boulder from coming down three years ago?
He turned us into a dragon? I don't really remember that part.
I don't think I want to be turned into a dragon again...
I actually saw the Wise One. It was awesome.
Scared the hell out of me in Sol Sanctum.
He killed my sister and Agatio! The slimeball!
He turned me into a dragon and I died. ._.
Damn rock. It's his fault Karst and I are dead.

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