Sunshine's Interview


Okay, do you understand why you are here?
I am... being interviewed for some site?
That's right. Question one: State your name and occupation for the benefit of those who don't bother to remember minor characters.
I am Sunshine, the blacksmith in Yallam.
Right... um... Question two: Why don't you forge Excaliburs more often?
What do you mean?
People would probably like it if you turned their Orihalcons into Excaliburs.
Really, now?
You're doing it on purpose, aren't you?
Meep... I... er, don't know what you're talking about!
Sure you don't. Question three: Did Yepp ever write any songs about you?
That's... a random question.
Yeah. He could totally have written something like "You are my Sunshine"
Is that actually a song?
*smirk* Yes.
...  Why am I here again?
Question four: Were your parents on pot?
I'm here to be made fun of, aren't I? ._.
Who the hell would name their son Sunshine?
;_; Everybody makes fun of me!
Yeah, probably because your name's Sunshine.
*cries* It's not my fault ;_;
  Question five: Is it really safe for you to be forging weapons?
T_____T I don't want to answer anymore...
I mean, what if you were forging an axe, someone teased you about your name and you just snapped?
What is wrong with you? ;_____;
I can just see the headline now. "Psychotic Blacksmith no longer has a sunny temperament as he charges through Yallam with axe"
  I want to leave... T__________T
But then again, you'd probably just sit on your lazy ass and decide to wait until it rains before going on a serial killing spree, then never do it.
You have a weird imagination... 
Question six: Why don't you just change your name then?
... ... I can do that?
*sigh* Question seven: Do you ever... DO anything? You're always lying down!
I can't go and collect materials when it's raining.
THAT'S your excuse?
-_- Question eight: Do you have a sibling called Moonlight?
I'm an only child.
Oh. Okay then. Question nine:  Do you like your eggs sunny side up?
... ... ...
What? You're giving me the silent treatment now?
Geez, you're no fun at all. Question ten: Isn't it kind of ironic you like going out in the rain when your name's Sunshine?
... It's easier to collect materials from the swamp.
Of course. Anyway, you can go now. Let's see what everyone thinks about Sunshine. 
Poor guy. He was doomed from birth.
*snicker* Sunshine... haha. That's funny.
Meh, I dunno. You kind of get used to it after a while.
Why tease him for it? It's not really his fault.
Sunshine had some cruel parents.
I still don't understand why someone would name their son Sunshine.
Now I have weird images of Yepp singing "You are my Sunshine" to him... and I don't even know what Yepp looked or sounded like!
Sometimes I get teased about my name too... ._. Both of them.
Sunshine? That's just ridiculous.
... I'm Proxian. Strange names sound normal to me.
Same here.
*shrug* So he's named after sunlight. Whatever.
I don't care about this Sunshine person.
Just what were his parents thinking?

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