Sheba's Interview


Hi! It's time for your interview.
Yes... I foresaw it coming up.
... Right. Ready?
Of course! I've been looking forward to this!
Question 1: Why did you tease Jenna about Isaac in Madra?
Enthusiasm... fading... I need to answer a call of nature.
Hey! Answer the question!
Aw, man...  okay, okay. It was a diabolical plot, I admit it!
A diabolical plot?!
Yes! It irked me how Mudshipping was so common and everyone and their dog was a Mudshipper so...
You thought you'd shatter their faith and turn people into Valeshippers?
Pretty much, yes. Technically, it was Camelot's diabolical plot. They wrote the script.
Question two: Are you responsible for the atrocity that is your hair?
;_; What's wrong with my hair?
It's shaped like a melon! Or a potato! Or a... salad bowl.
Well, my stylist's sight isn't so good...
So your stylist is to blame, then? Question three: Are you an alien?
Falling from the sky makes me an alien?
Common consensus is that you came from the moon. That makes you an alien. Hah!
The moon came from Weyard's surface though!
... Yeah, well. You're still an alien. Question four: Who faints more, you or Ivan?
;_; It isn't nice to make fun of us for fainting all the time.
Oh believe me, we don't find it fun.
We don't keep track or anything. We're just aware we both faint a lot.
  Question five: Do you enjoy being worshipped?
Oh certainly. I love making the people of Lalivero bow to me!
Fascinating. I hope you don't abuse your... power.
Being a Goddess does have perks.
... Whoah. Easy. o_o;;;
What? Goddess Sheba has a nice ring to it.
You are not a deity!
I may well be to Lalivero.
*sigh* Question six: Will you ever find out your darn past?
Depends on if Camelot wants it to be so.
It's so annoying that the only hint is some old guy's mind. They should let you find out for real.
Yeah, well... I don't see a sequel yet.
Question seven: How did you feel when you heard of Lord Babi's death?
Well, we were a bit irked at Alex for telling that to us out of the blue.
I sincerely hope you weren't upset.
Of course not! The old boob kidnapped me! If anything, I would have been happy. He can't kidnap me again.
I'd like to see Tolbi come after you again and eat Spark Plasmas. >_>
They won't be building Babi Lighthouse anymore...
Yes, but they may want Lalivero to obey them again.
Huh... Tolbi's evil.
Question eight: Would you date Picard?
>_> That ending cartoon doesn't mean a thing.
But would you?
I don't know... apparently he looks my age, but I must have forgotten how old I am or something, because...
Picard doesn't look fourteen?
Well, yeah. If I forget the fact he's probably sixty... it doesn't seem so bad.
Picard is hot for an old guy. Question nine: Do you have something against Isaac?
Uh... why?
Oh, just that you were quick to tell a certain hotheaded Mars Adept Isaac killed her sister.
Er... well, I just thought she ought to know... yeah...
Did you feel remorse when she ran off swearing to kill Isaac?
Not really. I didn't really know him at the time after all...
You're cold. Question ten: Will you ever find out Picard's age?
I've tried everything. Read his mind while he was asleep, got him distracted and read his mind... nothing works.
Gee, that's a shame. Now what does everyone think of Sheba?
Blabbermouthing rat. >_>
She teased me when I was crying. I don't like her. ._.
Sheba and I enjoy plotting evil together. But don't tell anyone.
Sheba seems quite nice, but there's something about her...
Sheba's kind of cute. There's nothing wrong with her hair.
Sheba is irritating and a tease!
I wish she would leave my age alone.
I do not care much for her. I consider her to be an irritant.
Sheba is a little noisy, almost like Jenna.
This girl better stay away from Isaac too.
I feel sorry for Sheba, not getting to find out her past...
I knew she was a Wind Adept. She had that annoying and devious quality about her.
I liked the fact Sheba kept quiet. Unlike Kraden.
Sheba stupid! Sheba come make the party complete at Jupiter Lighthouse!
I just love how she immediately tells me who I must go and kill.

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