Saturos's Interview


Hi, it's time for your interview.
Why are we Proxians last?
Not necessarily last. There are still other Adepts and we have guest interviews too...
I see. Ask away.
Question one: Are you and Menardi an item?
... It's hard to be an item when you are dead.
... ... ...
Well, Menardi's hot. I'm hot. Hot people go together.
Eh, ok. Question two: Do you consider yourself a martyr?
Certainly. I died trying to protect my hometown.
Question three: Why didn't you just sit down and talk to Isaac?
Hey, they were trying to stop us and stuff, we couldn't let them.
Annoying, weren't they?
Question four: Did you ever trust Alex?
Certainly not. I always knew he was plotting something.
Well, you do have trust issues, I suppose.
He always had this smug grin and he's just so annoying as well.
Did it surprise you he was plotting to take over the world?
I was dead then!
*sigh* Question five: How did you two manage to get four people all the way to your ship?
Very carefully.
A young boy, no problem. But three fully grown adults?
... I said, very carefully.
That makes no sense. ._.
It made no sense when Camelot randomly threw something like that in.
I wonder if they simply did that without thinking of the possible plothole.
Wouldn't surprise me.
Question six: So why did you really kidnap Kraden?
For his knowledge.
You sure you weren't just feeling majorly masochistic?
Such masochism is worth it to save your hometown!
Did you ever just, you know, gag him?
Are you kidding? That old man can't be gagged! He will continue to talk and talk!
He will talk until the end of the world and the last thing anyone will remember is the talking of Kraden.
O...k. But the world's not ending. Yet.
At least now innocent people don't have to die. 
You're pretty bitter. Question seven: What gender is the Fusion Dragon?
Uh. You're kidding, right?
Nope. Is it male, female or hermaphrodite?
*sigh* I guess hermaphrodite. It was a combination of Menardi and I, after all.
The joke never gets old for me. ^_^
It's not even that funny.
Question eight: Why didn't you kidnap Sheba in Tolbi or something? She only landed in your hands by chance!
That's strange, it really is. Maybe we knew she was coming that way eventually. But lighting Venus Lighthouse was important.
I guess you just like to leave it up to chance, huh?
There is nothing I cannot do!
Question nine: How did you get through the Lamakan Desert if you need Reveal at that doorway with the Manticore?
... Plothole.
Thought so. Is the fact you somehow got through the door at Venus Lighthouse though we need Reveal to do that also a plothole?
There are far too many plotholes concerning you people. Without Carry, getting through Venus Lighthouse should be difficult too.
Plothole. All plotholes. But remember, Alex can warp. Say he warped us everywhere. Problem solved.
So Alex is the Deus Ex Machina to deal with plotholes?
It does explain how Agatio, Karst and Alex got into Jupiter Lighthouse.
Convenient, isn't he?
Question ten: Where was Alex when you guys were hanging around Vale? It's odd. Felix was even in the inn.
Yeah. Alex was always going off by himself. Plotting to take over the world, no doubt.
Uh... sure. Whatever you say...
Alex is rotten to the core. Can't you see it?
v_v Let's see what everyone thinks of Saturos!
Saturos is a powerful warrior. At least I won't have to fight him ever again.
A guy that can turn into a dragon is pretty scary...
I'll never forgive him for laughing like that on Venus Lighthouse. I had nightmares for weeks.
Saturos and Menardi hurt a lot of people. Even if they had their reasons, it still wasn't very nice.
He's obsessed with kidnapping. ._.
He's not as temperamental as Menardi.
It's sad he and Menardi died trying to save his hometown. What's wrong with tattling on their killer?
I never even met him.
Hey, if I can foresee stuff, why didn't I foresee their true intentions? That's weird. I only seemed to see Felix's burden or something.
He is a scary looking man.
What's he got against me? I'm not trying to take over the world!
Saturos is hot. Sexy. And stuff. Can't you see it?
Saturos is a great warrior. He's strong and scary. Just how a Proxian should be.
Pfft. I could beat him in a fight. I know I could.
What's that about me talking too much? What a mean person!

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