Piers's Interview

Pow pow Picard! =D
... You love saying that, don't you?
But of course! I'm one of the OBHL!
So, you have to ask me questions, don't you?
Uh-huh! Question one- what do you think of the name Piers?
*twitches* I... hate it...
Pretty much all the OBHL do, you're not alone.
It's pretty lame, you know? A pier's a dock, isn't it? Plus it sounds like the name of some snobby guy...
It kinda sounds French as well... but Lemuria's not France!
And you lack ze accent aussi...
Please, don't speak French... I don't know any...
Questionne numero deux: Vous voulez couche avec moi?
Translation. Please.
Hah. Question two: Will you sleep with me? ^_-
And I thought the butt-pinching from rabid OBHL was bad... no!
Aww... you have broken my heart!
... Too bad.
-_- Um... number three. How old are you? =D
I'm not telling!
Meanie. Question four! Why don't you go and beat Akafubu up for stealing your Orb?
I wanted to, but they wouldn't let me!
Yeah! Felix, Jenna, Sheba and Kraden! Well, I'm not sure about Sheba, but Kraden got on my case about how I shouldn't, Felix was scared into telling me not to and Jenna was ranting on about how beating people up would just land me back in jail again.
Question five, do you want to go back to jail?
... No.
How come?
Jail stinks. They tease me, and the food is rubbish. Why would I want to go back?
Yeah... but Alhafra's jail is worse than Madra's.
It is?
Uh-huh, the Alhafran Mayor's not in Madra.
Question six! What's with that weird rag on your wrist?
Wristbands are in, aren't they?
Well, for the skater type, I guess, but you don't skate!
The fashions of your weird world confuse me anyway.
The fashions of your world are pretty weird anyway. Nobody wears ponchos.
It's a Lemurian thing... I guess the rag is some good luck charm or something. I'm not accustomed to carrying around rabbit feet after all.
I can't believe people even eat rabbits, it's so mean! Rabbits are cute and sweet... sigh... question seven, when are you going to have the big showdown battle with Conservato? The one with lots of violence and blood and swordfighting and stuff? That one?
I don't go for beating up cranky, weak, wrinkly old men, I'm afraid...
Oh, admit it! You want to push Conservato off the cliff! Why else wold Lemuria have cliffs?
Well, you could say that the 'Lem' in Lemuria is the same as in Lemmings...
So people tend to jump off the cliffs a lot in Lemuria?
Well, when you are bored and get fed up with living for thousands of years, jumping off the cliff is a pretty quick and efficient way...
o.o; Why don't you overtake the Senate and send them all to their dooms? You could become ruler of Lemuria!
I'm afraid I might have to kill King Hydros to do that, and I actually like King Hydros...
Killjoy. Question eight! Don't you find it funny that one of your classes is Captain?
Um... why would I?
Because, you know, Captain Picard?
*twitches* I dislike being called Captain Picard...
So you do know about Star Trek?
... I take little interest in it.
Jeez... lighten up, Piers! Question nine! Are you glad to have one of the biggest fandoms around?
I would be happier if they stopped screaming and fainting every time I looked at them, and stopped groping my butt...
Have any of them proposed to you yet?
Are you kidding? Proposals and love letters and the like fall onto my doormat every day.
Well, you are popular. Question ten, what's the weirdest thing anybody ever sent you?
An obsessed fangirl once sent me this badly written fic about me and a Mary Sue... and...
Yikes... do you get weird items?
Toenail clippings...
Somebody's entire head of hair... I guess they shaved it all off...
It's insanity.
Well, you are a popular guy! Let's see what everybody has to say about you!
He's a wuss. A very big wuss.
Why do people think we're a couple just because we're standing next to each other in the ending cartoon?!
It's odd to think he might be older than me...
I want a fanbase! I don't even have one! Why?!
Captain Picard... hah hah! That's too funny!
He needs to chill, let his hair down, lighten up more often.
So long as he doesn't like Alex, he's good!
Piers is a very good boy, I'm proud of him.
Lemuria's popular all because of Piers. Impressive.
He's incredible, I never thought anybody could get slower than Garet, but somehow Piers did it.
How can I comment when I wasn't even in the same game?
No comment...
Annoying, a pest. How can they all love him?
He is one of the people who helped Isaac. He sucks.
My hair is better than his so I don't care.
I still can't understand why they thought he was one of my group. They all look the same!
He helped fix the ship so we could escape Alhafra, he rocks.
Um... he was there when I mistook Felix for Isaac, wasn't he? Uh, he's good looking, but Isaac's way sexier!
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