Mia's Interview



And now it's time for an interview with Mia!
Hi, everybody!
Now, Mia, you have to answer my questions. Ok?
I'm ready.
Question one: Why do you think Alex is evil?
Because he is.
... So in other words, you're just guessing?
He betrayed my clan!
Your clan was totally into the whole 'Let's let Gaia Falls eat Weyard!' thing, huh?
Hey, we didn't know!
>_> Yeah... how did Alex find out anyway? Oh well... Question two: Are you naturally blue-haired?
Um... yes.
Not hair dye, huh?
It most certainly is not. ._.
Question three: Why do you wear those thick robes all the time?
Because I am from Imil.
Don't you get hot?
All the time.
... You must have had a hell of a time in the Lamakan Desert.
I do suppose it was a little stuffy in that place.
... ... ... Question four: Was it difficult travelling with three guys?
How do you mean?
Nobody ever tried to peek at you or anything?
Oh, no, Isaac and Ivan don't do that. I think Garet may have tried once or twice.
They probably learned not to annoy you... 
Yes, anybody who annoys me gets hurt. Badly.
Yikes. Question five: Did that look in the ending cartoon mean anything?
What? Looking at Garet?
Yeah. Some crazy people think it hints at Steamshipping.
So Garet and I aren't allowed to look at each other without it being romantic? That makes no sense!
Sad, isn't it?
Of course it didn't mean anything. We were two friends celebrating together, we weren't going to be looking at the ground the whole time.
Exactly. It's not like everyone was looking at the person they were madly in love with. Because then there would be some very weird-
Why don't you move on to the next question?
Question six: Do you prefer staves or maces?
Maces of course!
Uh huh, they are all spiky, and you can hit people really hard with them. It's fun.
You're scary. Question seven: How does it feel to be Isaac's first word?
Um, well, you see, Isaac already spoke. You just don't see it in the game.
I suppose, but your name was the first word he said that we could see.
I guess it was. And Mudshippers seized on that, didn't they?
Well, Isaac did choose to yell your name rather than that of his childhood friend, who also happened to be his best friend.
I suppose it does seem a little odd when you put it like that.
Maybe Isaac likes you.
Um... sure...
Question eight: Are you a snowball champion?
I was a bit too busy healing people to be throwing snowballs. 
Snowballs are fun. I like snow.
I get snow all the time...
Question nine: What's your worst fear?
I don't know. Maybe the Mercury Lighthouse fountain stops working when I'm not in Imil.
... You're allowed to stop thinking about the Imilians, you know.
But I spent most of my life looking after those people! It's not my fault they control me!
*sigh* Just say no.
But that's mean!
-_-; Question ten: Where did the Mercury Clan go?
I suppose they all died.
Just like that?
Just like that.
... Well, thanks for your time. Now what does everyone think about Mia?
Mia's alright, but a little scary sometimes.
I'm scared she might kill me because I annoy her. ;_;
Mia's a very kind and nice girl, but she does have a violent streak underneath...
She's pretty, but I'm a little scared of her.
How can she say such mean things about my dear Alex?!
I like Mia, for the fact she joined in with teasing Garet...
I find Mia to be a wildly unpredictable person.
Mia is mean. She hates my guts for no good reason.
Mia is a very beautiful and kind girl. Why is everyone being so negative?
I want her to stay away from MY Isaac.
She doesn't seem that intelligent. Did she really ask Layana if those doubloons were golden? What else would they have been, chocolate?
Scary. Uses Mercury Psynergy. Water bad for Saturos.
Irritating. And not beautiful at all. I'M the beautiful one.
Am I a big coward because I couldn't even face fighting her?
Dropping her into that trap was fun.

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