Menardi's Interview


._.;;; Um... it's time for your interview.
Make it quick. I haven't got all day.
Why, are you going to a zombie convention?
Don't make fun of me being dead! We dead people are very sensitive!
Meep... Question one: Do you think Camelot deliberately set you up to look evil?
Well, duh. They gave us red eyes. I bet they did that so players would think we were evil!
Uh... well, Chibiusa from Sailor Moon has red eyes and isn't evil...
It's all that Wise One's fault! Telling those twerps Alchemy would destroy the world! The nerve of that rock...
It is rather unfair, isn't it? Question two: What would be a better name for the Fusion Dragon?
What's wrong with Fusion Dragon?! We worked hard to come up with such an awesome, fearsome name!
It's... kinda disappointing. It's like Camelot said "Oh, it's a dragon caused by two people fusing. Let's call it Fusion Dragon!"
What were you expecting?!
A slightly more original name. Still, it's better than "Mystery Man" and "Mystery Woman".
... ... We did not pick those names.
Question three: Do you find Saturos attractive?
Certainly. He is a hot, sexy beast and I would do him in an instant.
... You could have just said yes.
Are you disagreeing?!
Of course not. Saturos is the sexiest Proxian.
Good. Then I won't have to... persuade you.
o_O;;; Question four: Who do you think has the worst temper? You or Karst?
What's that about my temper?!
It's pretty bad. But Karst has it bad too. I guess it runs in the family.
... What's wrong with letting off steam once in a while? It's fun. Hurting people is fun too.
Er... ok. Question five: What did you think about Alex? 
It was hard to tell. The guy had too many secrets and was always disappearing.
A nasty habit indeed.
But I could see... he was truly rotten to the core!
Really? o_O
Yes. He is pure evil. Duh. Isn't it obvious?  
... No.
*sigh* Of course. Because we're the ones causing a fuss and making the players forget all about him.
He's not evil. ._. Question six: What did you do for three years?
Between rescuing Felix and the others and then finally returning to Vale... it was quite a while.
Uh... we... well... ok, I don't know!
Three years is rather long to wait when you're worrying about a rift eating your hometown.
Well, duh! Blame Camelot!
Question seven: So... what does Death Size have to do with sizes?
That was a mistranslation and you know it.
Pretty whacked out. It just sounds funny. It's not even frightening.
It's scythe, damn it. SCYTHE.
At least Karst got it right.
It wasn't my fault!
Course not. Question eight: What are your hobbies?
Cutting things up. Drooling over Saturos. Oh, and burning stuff.
I see. o_o;;;
Is that a problem?
... No. Not at all. Question nine: Did you ever regret kidnapping Kraden?
Heck, yes. I can't remember why we did it.
Because he knew stuff.
He sure wasn't afraid to talk about it. We put up with his constant droning for months!
Couldn't you threaten him into shutting up?
Tried. Didn't work.
That sucks... Question ten: Do you like being a martyr?
It's kind of alright. Just isn't so fun being dead.
Yeah... too bad you had to die...
If I ever see that rock, I'll teach him pain!
Uh... sure. Anyway, let's have everyone's thoughts on Menardi!
She is really, really scary.
That scythe gives me nightmares...
Menardi is indeed fierce and powerful.
She has an awfully bad temper.
I don't think she's ever gone one day without yelling her head off or burning things.
Pfft. Menardi doesn't scare me!
She's very skilled in battle, especially with that scythe.
What do you want me to say?
Menardi looks rather... mannish.
Quite frightening, yet enchanting...
She is so sexy... *sigh*
My sister is awesome!
Eh, she's alright. A bit quick-tempered though.
I still don't understand why I didn't see their true intentions... I guess I suck.
A frightening looking lady indeed.

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