Maha's Interview


Hello, Wolfy.
My name is Maha, not Wolfy.
Whatever. I'm gonna ask you some questions now.
Uh... right.
Question one: Do you eat raw meat?
Er... that's a very odd question...
Just answer it already.
*sigh* No. Raw meat is gross.
Huh. That was unexpected. Question two: Do you like to howl at the moon?
I stay in my cave all the time. I rarely ever see the moon.
That's so boring.
Better than strangers seeing me...
Pssh. You're worse than the Valeans. Question three: If you bite someone, would they turn into a werewolf?
I sure hope they wouldn't. Not that I've actually bitten anyone...
Question four: Do you still have sex with humans?
Oh, come on! Or do you save it for when they are transformed?
I would rather keep such information to myself, thanks.
Poo. Who would want to screw a werewolf anyway? Question five: Do you know the muffin man?
I bet you ate him, didn't you? Did he taste like muffins?
Muffins are yummy. Question six: Why are your teeth so big?
Uh... are they? o.o I guess they are big, just because they are big...
Question seven: If you met Little Red Riding Hood, what would you do?
I don't know who that is.
I'd run away if I were you.
Uh, thanks for the tip. I'll keep that in mind if I see anyone wearing a red hood...
Question eight: Do you get fleas?
... so what if I do?
Must be a pain.
Meh. They itch a lot.
Ok... Question nine: Why is thinking of questions so hard?
Er, I really don't know why.
That's funny, I don't know why either.
... Okay...
So, I think we'll just see what everyone has to say about Wolfy now.
Dude. Werewolves? What's next? I sure hope it isn't vampires.
I would hate to be covered in fur and looking like a freak all the time.
I want to go to Garoh on the night of a full moon!
Poor Maha...
I still don't understand why exactly they turn into werewolves...
Uh... he's cool, I guess.
I wonder if he likes being petted?
I love how I'm so quiet in the Garoh scenes if I'm there, but at least Kraden bothers to mention my name when introducing us to Maha.
Bleh. Who would want to be a nasty flea infested werewolf? Gross.


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