Kraden's Interview



As a member of the Temple of Kraden, I have been deemed worthy to interview him.
  Indeed, I am pleased to spread my teachings to unsuspecting visitors to this worthy site.
I'm afraid that's not quite the point... oh, worthy sage.
I am not just worthy. I am uber worthy.
Excuse me?
It is a higher standing that is difficult for mere mortals to even understand. But, by following my-
Okay, okay, that will do. Please allow me to ask my questions.
Ask me as many questions as you would like and I will answer them all with as much depth as I possibly-
Question one! What's it like travelling with a bunch of teenagers?
Thankfully, they are so willing to listen to my wise words that it was a pleasant experience. At times, I did feel as if I was some kind of child minder but-
Indeed. That will do. Question two! Who is the most respectful?
I would say Piers is, but then again, he is rather old too. You just cannot see his age. The others...
Felix, Jenna and Sheba?
Felix is quite a handful. He is rather rash and rebellious at times, but he usually behaves himself. Jenna is loud and impatient. Sheba serves only to tease.
I see...
However, I love them all and I love to teach them all my knowledge that they will never need to know, because they must go down the right path in life by following my...
Teachings, yes. ._. Question three, is it necessary to talk so much?
If I cannot talk as much as I do, then it is not quite so possible for me to go about in teaching people what knowledge I have to impart.
Really? Um, I mean, I understand... Question four: Does the Temple truly exist in Weyard?
It does. But only the truly worthy can see it, let alone go about finding it.
Part of this exercise requires going on the quest for the great Wheat Sword.
Question five: Do you own a Wheat Sword?
I certainly do. There is only one Wheat Sword however, but because I am truly worthy, I own it no matter what. Just because Felix can wield it...
I don't quite get it, but there are non-believers who say the Wheat Sword does not exist.
They are misled, they believe the lies of those who go against the Wheat Sword.
This interview has got to be the strangest yet.
But certainly the most worthy, is it not?
I'm about to strike that word from the dictionary. Question six: Are you truly greater than Chuck Norris?
That I am. Anybody who says otherwise is not one of my followers. For my followers believe in me and hold me in the highest esteem.
Question seven: Who's hotter, Jenna or Mia?
Well, I would say Jenna since...
Okay, okay, please stop answering it. I do not wish to know anymore than that.
I see. Do continue to keep on asking questions. I swear to answer them all.
Question eight: Who is truly the most powerful being on Weyard?
I am. Not even the Wise One wielding all of Alchemy could even match up to my supreme power.
Okay. Question nine: What is down Gaia Falls?
That is the greatest secret of all time that not even I have yet discovered.
Let me know if you do!
Oh, I have heard many a suggestion to go find out for myself.
That does not surprise me.
Indeed, I have a great many foes out there.
Maybe if you had talked less...
But that would simply not do! My followers wish to hear each and every single one of these words that comes from my mouth...
Okay, that's enough. Question ten: What are your thoughts on... being paired with Piers?
Though Piers may actually be my age, which he does not wish to reveal, I find it a little strange in that he looks like a teenager after all and...
Ok, time's up. Thank you for the interview! Now what do people think about Kraden?
Don't make me travel with him again! ;_; Please?
Kraden gets giddy too easily. It's kind of frustrating.
I really thinks Kraden talks too much.
I am not going to tell you if I'm near Kraden's age or not.
I actually kind of enjoyed that time without him.
I kept falling asleep during his classes. Am I unworthy?
Kraden doesn't bother me too much.
I simply try to ignore him when I am not in the mood for his lectures.
I was so happy to finally get to run away and be free of that rambling old man.
Why did we even kidnap him again?
I couldn't sleep for weeks...
I don't give a damn about that old man.
Who cares about stupid old Kraden?
He said he would give that ring to Isaac! He promised me! Yet...
Kraden is ok. But... how exactly do we know each other again?
I was worried about Isaac spending so much time with him. I thought Isaac might... warp.
I've forgotten how annoying Kraden used to be. The memories just came rushing back...
Poor Jenna, having all those lessons with that old man... and then Felix and Jenna having to travel with him...
At least he took good care of our children.
Kraden knows a lot. It's amazing.
He truly is an astounding old man.
Kraden sure is good-looking.
Kraden kept the number of visitors to Vale down. That saved us a lot of work actually.
Thank goodness I never went to his lessons.
I can't understand most of what Kraden says.

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