Karst's Interview<


It's time for your interview...
Really?! It's about time! Why did it take so long?!
Um... well... er... so, let's get on with the questions, shall we? ^_^;
Don't change the subject on me! I want answers!
So do I. Question one: Are you close to your sister?
Oh, yes. Very. I look up to her. I want to be as great and awesome as my older sister.
I even have a scythe too! And I spelled my attack right!
Question two: What is your relationship with Agatio?
We are merely partners, that's all.
Really? You were never... lovers?
No! Of course not! He's ugly! He's not at all handsome... like Saturos...
Question three: So you find Saturos handsome too? 
Yes, he is a smouldering, sexy beast. Sadly, my sister got to him first.
Question four: Who would you consider a good alternative then?
Well, I think Felix's hot... but I'm still kind of mad at him...
For saving Isaac?
Yes. That backstabbing traitor. Gah. And I was about to avenge my dear sister too!
Question five: Is it really fair to hate Isaac so much?
He killed my sister!
Saturos and Menardi turned into a two headed dragon and attacked him though. 
Hey, I'm only going on what that girl told me. "Isaac killed them", she said. Just like that!
Is revenge really so great?
Yes! I have to avenge my sister's death! Isaac, I swear to kill you one day!
People don't want you killing Isaac though.
Screw them.
*sigh* Question six: Why did you fight Ivan instead of Isaac?
Uh... well... I was confused. Yeah. That's it.
Well, they are both blonde! And... er... that's where the similarity ends, isn't it?
It really doesn't make much sense.
Deal with it.
Question seven: Where did your bodies go?
Uh... you mean, Agatio and I?
After the dragon fight, leaving the room and coming back, your bodies just vanish!
Um... well... maybe we really did just disappear. 
Camelot has no love for the 'antagonists'... make them vanish as soon as they no longer have a purpose.
Who else 'vanished'? 
Alex, kind of. We don't know what happened to him.
I hope he got a painful death, the little snot...
Question eight: So, you don't like Alex either?
Heck, no! He was a smug little bastard, always smirking all the time, and so full of himself!
I suppose Alex could be a bit annoying at times...
... *headdesk* 
I'd love to decapitate him and watch his head bounce on the floor.
Ok, let's leave that for the Torture Chamber... Question nine: What is your greatest weakness?
Hmm... I think I get enraged a little easily...
Well, you are a Mars Adept.
People have to watch what they say around me. Otherwise... *strokes scythe*
You really like that, don't you?
Scythes are kickass.
Question ten: How did you get into Jupiter Lighthouse anyway? 
Very carefully.
... ... Really?
Or that bastard Alex warped us. I don't know.
Oh, that again. It must be hard to get through Jupiter Lighthouse without... I dunno, Hover or Whirlwind?
Alex warping negates all those problems.
He really is a deus ex machina...
An annoying one too.
Let's see what everyone thinks about Karst! 
*whimper* She still wants to kill me? ;_;
I won't let her kill Isaac!
She's... really scary... especially with that scythe...
I think she's worse than Menardi, temper wise.
Kind of cute, but scary.
What is her problem anyway? She should take Valium or something.
I learned an important lesson. Don't provoke a Mars Adept.
That skirt is so short, I can't stop staring at it.
Hmm... she is rather cute... heh heh...
My little sister is adorable.
She's too young for me. And I have Menardi.
Karst is a very skilled warrior indeed.
She is quite passionate...
What are you asking me for?


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