Ivan's Interview

Hi, Ivan! =D
You seem to be a little hyper...
Yup, yup! ^_^
Is that a good or a bad thing?
Depends on how you look at it!
Right. So... you gotta ask me a bunch of questions?
Yep. Funny thing is, today I did a different interview for school work... this will be so much more fun!
Uh, that's nice.
Question numero uno! What's your worst fear?
Do you just intend to recycle questions or something?
Um, Mary Sues, Power abusing authors and over-enthusiastic FBM... *shudders*
What's wrong with over-enthusiastic FBM?!
They always glomp me too tightly.
*sigh* Question number two... do you actually really use Reveal for perverted things?
No! People who make that joke are so mean! I'd never do such a thing!
Ah, all sweet, innocent and angelic aren't you?
Bleurgh! I am not!
Question 3... why were you looking at Kraden in the picture at the ending?
Lets just say that some people have their in-jokes about that...
You sick little...
Seriously though, Kraden's annoying! Don't tell me you want to be his friend!
Actually, we don't get a choice... he befriends us...
Why didn't you just look at Mia or something?
Mia was looking at Garet!
Huh... you better be more careful in future, boy!
My name's Ivan, not boy.
Question 4! What do you think of when you see the word 'Ivanhoe'?
I get the very nasty feeling someone's trying to call me a ho and get away with it!
Too bad, isn't it? You're only 15, far too young to be a ho, I think...
I'm not even sure what a ho is, I just know it's a bad word.
Well, I'm not sure I even can clarify it...
Do me a favour and don't bother.
Question 5! How do you feel about the fact the principal of my school shares your name?
I'd say, who gave your school principal the rights to my name?
If it's any consolation, I think of you whenever I see the name Ivan! ^_^
Yay... I think... are there any other Ivans you know of?
Ivan the Terrible... *laughs*
That better not apply to me.
Course not. Question six... are you really a midget?
No! It's not my fault I'm the smallest, I'm just younger than the others!
Yeah, not fair, is it? I'm 17 and only 5'3''!
Some people are very insensitive about my height...
Its still pretty funny to call you midget though!
How about you don't mention that word again in my presence and I'll let you live, okay?
Ooh, your threatening style is so subtle! I like!
Was that sarcasm?
Maybe, maybe not.
Sometimes you confuse the heck outta me...
Cool! Question seven, how come you have the Triforce on your cape?
What?! That's not the Triforce!
Yes it is!
It's not! It's just three brass pieces slotted together with triangles on them!
Exactly! It's the Triforce!
It's the wrong shape!
It still looks a bit like a triforce...
Question eight... which is a better place to live? Kalay or Contigo?
Finally, a serious question! Well, I grew up in Kalay, but I was born in Contigo...
Well, Contigo's cooler, it gives you two djinn and you can play games there and get corn and, um, my sister lives there!
Kalay, on the other hand...
Only has one djinn and nothing else really...
So your answer's Contigo then?
Sure, Contigo's ace! You can get to Anemos Sanctum from there too!
Anemos Sanctum's known for being scary and dangerous, isn't it?
Well, considering Dullahan lives there... yep.
Look! Dullahan's behind you!
*screams and turns around* What the...?
Hah! Gotcha!
That wasn't very nice...
Question number nine! Have you ever read someone's mind and discovered something you shouldn't have?
Um, well, I've mind read loads of people...
Discover any deep secrets?
Well, usually just stuff like someone having stolen something, stuff like that.
Never read any naughty thoughts by accident?
Um, not really, no.
Probably just as well. Okay, last question! Are you ever going to confront Moapa and try to get the Shaman's Rod back?
No, not really.
What?! But you made such a big deal about it in the beginning!
It was very lame as a weapon, plus I don't really need it anymore.
Well... okay. I had fun interviewing you... now it's time to see what others say about Ivan!
Ivan... he's my little brother, and he's very sentimental... still a kid at heart, I suppose.
He really is useful, with his nifty Psynergy...
Ivan is a midget! Nyah! He annoys me most of the time.
Ivan is a cutie!
Huh? The blond moptop? Well, he's helpful...
One Jupiter Adept is bad enough, but two is absolutely awful! Still, I'm not complaining... so long as they don't annoy me, either of them.
Me and Ivan love to plot devious things together in secret!
Ivan freakily looks a lot like Sheba...
What's so bad about us exchanging looks? He's just a nice boy! Everybody else ignores me...
I raised Ivan well over 15-odd years! See? He's polite, smart and everything!
Ivan seems to be recklessly stubborn sometimes... I told him not to rescue Hammet and he still did...
Ivan is Master Hama's brother? That is good.
Wasn't Ivan the one who always went down first?
He's the scrawniest of the group...
A very annoying boy!
Hah hah! I beat him in a fight!
So long as Ivan does not touch my beautiful hair or try to take Alchemy instead of me, I don't care about that kid or what he does.

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