Isaac's Interview


Hi, Isaac!
Uh, hi... so, my interview?
Yup, finally! Ready for some questioning?
Okey-dokey. Question one: Why is it that when you talk you sound like a pompous, stuck-up, full-of-himself jackass who was much cooler when he didn't talk?
... Wait, my bad. You're not the Isaac from the game.
If it's any consolation, I don't like my personality in the second game.
Yeah. Nobody does.
Okay, so next question?
Question two: Do you have some robotic twin?
You just seem awfully robotic on Mars Lighthouse.
*sigh* How about we don't talk about my personality?
Sure. Question three: Is your mother a robot?
Aren't these questions supposed to be about me?
If your spouse came back after three years, assumed dead, would you just say "Welcome home"?
Please. Ask some real questions. 
Question four: What is your most prized possession?
My scarf.
Uh huh. I've had this for as long as I can remember. My mom made it for me. Isn't it awesome?
It really is. Question five: So... why did you call out for Mia and not Garet on Jupiter Lighthouse?
Um... er... what's wrong with that? 
Calling out for the pretty girl instead of your childhood and best friend? Interesting. And "Mia" was your first word...
My first word is "!!!" 
Admit it! Ah, never mind. Question six: Mia or Jenna?
Is this a plot to enrage shippers?
I like them both. I'm not saying whom I prefer... I would just rather not.
How chivalrous of you... Question seven: How do you feel about getting part of Alchemy?
Well, it irks me the Wise One didn't ask first... but then again, he was never entirely honest either.
No kidding. You're probably a bit paranoid.
I do expect Alex to jump out from behind a tree and kill me at some point.
Watch your back. Question eight:  What is your worst fear?
That all my enemies will gang up and come after me.
Well, if the Colosso warriors decide on another rematch... and the Vault thieves... vengeful Proxians... Alex... Dodonpa...
Okay, that will do. Gee, poor Isaac... Question nine: Did you ever try going to Lemuria?
I might have. But that Merman can't really be beaten without a trident so it would have been futile.
Uh huh. There should at least have been a scene if we returned with your party.
And those messages people had from me should have changed.
No kidding. You're right there and the woman in Madra's still all "Isaac's looking for Jenna. Have you seen her?" Sheesh...
They obviously couldn't be bothered to pay attention to detail.
Question ten: Why were you stalking Picard?
In Naribwe, you paid the innkeeper a hefty amount of money to ask people if they had seen Picard.
Um... er... money is... totally overrated...
Admit it! You're stalking Adepts!
>_> Well...
Or maybe Mia wasn't satisfactory enough and you wanted a new Water Adept.
Is Picard honestly any better than Mia?
Nah. He's too slow.
Is that it?
It sure is. Let's see what other people think of Isaac.
Isaac's my best friend. We've been together a long time.
Isaac is a great warrior.
Isaac's kind of cute.
Am I really a clone of him? ._.
I wish he wouldn't blindly listen to rocks.
Why does Isaac always get credit? Nobody ever mentions Ivan, Garet or Mia. I feel sorry for them.
If Isaac stalks me again, I'll have words with him.
I wonder if I ask nicely, will he give me his power?
I am glad Isaac eventually came to his senses. He is a good warrior.
Darn twerp had to kill us before finally doing what we were doing in the first place!
He's awfully quiet. I like that he was at least quiet.
I liked kicking his ass!
That jerk killed my sister!
All I want is for my son to settle down and have a peaceful life.
Isaac is very brave. He's fought a few dragons... and one of them was sort of me.
I actually got pwnt by him.
So did I.
I'm glad Isaac is there to stop Garet from getting into mischief.
Isaac's a good boy. I do wish Garet could be more like him.
Isaac has a habit of popping up when you least expect him to.
Dora sure raised that child well.
Isaac actually paid attention in my lessons. Unlike Garet and Jenna...


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