Hama's Interview


It's time for your interview.
Yes, I know.
I foresaw that the time would come when I would be interviewed.
Uh... right... Question one: Do you know what questions I'm going to ask you?
Yes, I do.
Doesn't that take the fun out of things?
Huh... Question two: Seriously, how old are you? Like, forty?
Much less than that... maybe around thirty...
You just seem really old to have a fifteen year old sibling.
It's not impossible.
No, but it's still uncommon. Before TLA came out, people thought you were Ivan's mom.
I really look that old?
To the fandom, you do.
... Urge to kill self... rising... T_T
Question three: Where the heck is your father? He isn't even mentioned... 
I have no idea. The people of Contigo just say my mom died after giving Ivan away.
Geez... the distinct lack of character background is quite a nuisance.
I would assume it is...
Question four: So, is it spelled Hama or Hamma?
That is a lame question.
Yeah. Got your birth certificate?
We have birth certificates?
Meh. Translators are silly people.
I think it would be better to go with the spelling that came first, yes?
Yes, that's what I think too. Question five: Do you have pet llamas?
I am not sure why you think I would have pet llamas.
Isn't it obvious? Lama Temple? 
I don't have llamas for that matter, but they are okay.
Right... Question six: Do you foresee a Golden Sun 3?
I am afraid I cannot divulge any information on future games.
Why not?
Camelot might sue me and I would rather not risk it.
Uh... okay then... Question seven: How do you know Kraden from before the journey?
I just happened to meet him once, that's all.
Oh, really?
Why are you so curious about it?
Well, you know, some people don't seem to mind pairing you with him.
For the last time, I'M NOT THAT OLD!
Could have fooled me. Question eight: So, uh... Feizhi, your student, has purple hair.
That's not a question.
I wasn't finished. Isn't it a really strange coincidence?
Just because purple is an uncommon hair colour?
Yep, and I don't see any other purple haired women around.
It's a coincidence.
Sure... you never got real friendly with Feh?
It's. A. Coincidence.
... Question nine: If Nyunpa is a Jupiter Adept, is he from Contigo?
I barely remember the guy's existence, let alone knowing where he comes from.
It was weak to randomly have a Jupiter Adept somewhere and never explain their origin.
Considering every other Jupiter Adept has their background explained or hinted at, I guess so.
Silly writers... Question ten: Is Alex dead or not?
I don't know. And shouldn't these questions be about me?
You're just not a very interesting character... so it's difficult to come up with more specific questions.
*sigh* That sucks.
So, uh, let's see what everyone else has to say.
I don't think she's that old. She does seem very wise though.
Huh, I thought she was about forty...
I have a long-lost emotionally distant relative. I feel so loved... ._.
Her mind-reading skills were kind of scary at first.
She really does look like that Feizhi chick... a bit...
So, if it hasn't got anything to do with llamas, why is it Lama Temple?
Is there some secret behind her knowing Kraden?
I think she's alright.
What's so bad about me knowing her?
Master Hama is a great teacher.
Looks old to me.
I don't care.
I don't know who she is.
I wish I could see the future...

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