Garet's Interview


Hello, Garet! You're up for an interview!
Yay! I've been waiting ages for one!
I'm sure you have *looks shifty* Uh anyway, ready?
Question one: What's your worst fear?
Eh? o.O;;;
I can't stand eating them. I'm always scared someone will plonk down a huge plate of veggies in front of me and make me eat them!
o_o; That's very fascinating, Garet. Question two: Jenna or Mia?
Um... well... they're both scary.
But Mia is just creepy with that mace and the way she hisses "Die, Alex" under her breath! 
Why does she want Alex dead so much?
I think I'd pick Jenna because she doesn't look like she's going to beat me senseless and laugh maniacally over my dead body.
I think you should be treated for paranoia. Question three: Were you dropped on the head as a baby?
That's what many people seem to think at any rate.
That's so mean...
I don't know! Ask my parents!
Sure. Question four: How much hairgel do you use?
So... it didn't explode or anything?
Nope. I just use way too much hairgel.
I see. Question five: Have you ever used your hair in battle?
How would I do that?
You know, spearing the monster on the end of your hair...
I think that would be a little difficult if I couldn't see the monster.
Just pin them down and spike them!
I prefer to use my sword...
Too bad. Question six: Are you aware your parents fail at spelling?
Um... what?
I mean, Garet fits into the five letter limit... but...
But what?
The name is usually spelled with two r's or t's.
Yeah, well, so? I'm unique!
Of course you are. Question seven: What's your favorite food?
I like spicy food. The spicier, the better. But I don't get to eat it often. The people in Vale don't seem to like it that much...
The taste is preferred in certain regions after all. Anyway, question eight:  Did you ever get punished for the flowers?
Well, by the time I got back home, Vale was destroyed... I guess she forgot anyway. 
Lucky escape, huh? Question nine: What was in THAT chest?
The one I was pulling in the storm? Food.
*sighs in exasperation* Of course. Question ten:  Did you ever figure out what grabbed your wrist?
Nah. Maybe it was a ghost.
Sure... o_o Okay, let's see what everyone else thinks about Garet.
He's my best pal... for some reason.
If Garet doesn't stop teasing me, I'll destroy him slowly and painfully.
I hate the fact Garet eats far too much. It's annoying.
Garet annoys me. I don't want that guy to be related to me. Ever.
Garet's kind of hot. And he's fun to tease...
I'll never forget the look on his face when I called him a poor baby.
Garet is noisy.
I don't care about Garet.
*sigh* I wonder if he ever listened during our lessons...
Garet will pay for destroying my flowers one day, I swear to it.
My big brother is cool!
Life is never dull with Garet around.
Garet eats too much. He keeps getting sick. I do wish he would be more careful.
My grandson is very clumsy. He has a tendency to break things.
Garet did a good job going on a quest and coming back alive. I'm impressed.
He destroyed my roof!
Garet always used to be tearing around our house with Isaac... and breaking things.
Why does Garet like my cookies so much?
Garet ain't so bright, is he?
Garet seems to be a bit hot-headed and acts very quickly. Sucks to be a Mars Adept, doesn't it?
Isaac is way hotter.
Garet is an annoying whelp. That is all.
He talks too much.
I don't give a damn about that irritant.
A friend of Isaac is an enemy of mine!

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