Felix's Interview

...I have to be interviewed first?
Of course!
(Help me!)
Basically, I just ask you a bunch of questions, alright? ^_____^
... Go ahead.
First question is: What is your secret? How do you make yourself look so sexy and adorable?
Why do I get the feeling I'm the only one who's getting asked that question?
Come on, Felix! The guys might want to know!
Perhaps it's because you're a sucker for long dark hair and brown eyes?
It could be that... Question two! What scares you most?
o_O;;; Um... why? ^_^;;;
I had this nasty experience when I was about five years old. I was playing with a cat and it turned evil and tried to scratch my eyes out!
Did you pull its tail?
I shall not answer that... and what peeves me most of all is that I have to SHARE MY NAME WITH A CAT!
Poor Felly... Question 3: Whats your first ever memory?
Trying to steal some of my mom's cookies she had made. They were on the kitchen table, I tried to climb up, then Jenna came in and started shouting some stupid two-year-old gibberish and I fell off the table... it hurt!
Wow, I didn't know Jenna had the power to push people off tables with her voice.
Question 4! What do you look for in a girl?
They must not tease me about cats or set fire to my cape or anything.
o_O;;; Who set fire to your cape?!
Garet... Jenna... Saturos... Menardi... Agatio... Karst...
o_O;;; Question 5... you had a green cape in Golden Sun, then a blue one in the Lost Age, save for character art in which its always the green cape. Whatever happened to the green cape ingame?
I just keep my capes in my many pockets... and change them at random... I just favoured the blue cape for a long while...
Ah yes, speaking of pockets... you have many pockets... whats the deal with pockets?
... I like pockets. Pockets are cool. I can keep things in them. How Karst managed to find the right pocket to get the Mars Star out of, I'll never know.
... She saw you pocketing it shortly after taking it from Isaac!
Oh, of course...
Question 6! Who do you loathe?
Alex! He constantly flirts with and pisses off my sister, and he insulted me in Champa along with everybody else! Plus he thinks he looks so hot with his stupid long blue hair, but all it does is make him look like a girl! Oh, and he tried to rule the world!
Question 7... ever wanted to kill Kraden?
Hasn't everybody?
o_O' Um... Question 8... what was the deal with calling Isaac 'boy' in the inn when he's only a year younger than you?
Well, I couldn't call him Isaac... and 'man' just sounds... weird!
Hmm... You, Man, what business do you have with me? *giggles*
It was actually 'do you have any business with me?' The point was that it was a closed question...
Talk about picky... Question 9! What do you think your best qualities are?
Well, I don't let anybody get themselves killed, I always defend myself to the last minute and stick up for what I think is right, even if it means defying super powerful Mars Adepts... and I don't let myself get killed either!
That's funny... I was about to ask if you had suicidal tendencies... on the Jupiter Lighthouse aerie, you smiled when Karst and Agatio threatened you... okay, so they had just said your parents would be fine, but whats so great about the prospect of being murdered?
I care for my family! Is that a problem?
My problem is that I dont want you getting yourself killed because if you did, you'd be in big trouble!
Is that all the questions?
Question 10, last question! Why didn't you just punch the Alhafran Mayor in the ugly, fat face?
Because then I would be acting out of character.
-_-;;; But would you do it if he tried to hit on Jenna?
You're giving me bad images...
Just answer the question!
Of course! Anybody who hits on Jenna is asking for it *cough* I mean... certain types of people... yeah...
^_^;;; Thank you very much for the interview... now we're going to see what other people say about Felix!
My brother is way too overprotective! I think he needs a lesson...
He's got the looks! Felix is so hot!
Felix is... pretty strange...
He's a bit of a mystery but once you get to know him, it's fine!
Felix is very scary, he's always threatening me...
Felix is Felix, that's all I can really say about him.
So long as Felix hates Alex too, he's OK in my book!
Well, I'm proud of Felix... robbing his own hometown and getting away unscathed is surely something to be proud of...
I do worry about Felix a lot, he's always jumping off high places and I'm afraid he will hurt himself.
Ashamedly, I took more notice of Felix than my own son on the aerie of Mars Lighthouse, I'm not sure why...
Ah yes, Felix... he's terribly surprising... just when you think he's dead, he isn't...
I want to be strong like Felix... oh, and Garet and Isaac too!
Felix? Oh yes, the one who threatens Garet. Good on you, Felix, you learn fast.
Is Felix Garet's friend who came back after three years? Oh yes, Garet loved his mother's cookies...
Seems like only yesterday those boys were breaking everything, oh yes, and Jenna tagging along after them... ah, the good old days...
Felix is quite famous for robbing Vale and then sinking it by lighting Mars Lighthouse, but if he saved the world, that's fine.
Felix is like almost everything Garet is not... but then he does have some things in common with my grandson as well...
Felix is a very resourceful person, goodness knows what he keeps in all those pockets.
Felix had a terrible burden, one I wouldn't wish on any man, but it's gone now, thank goodness...
Im sure Felix looks a bit like Isaac, but everybody disagrees with me...
Felix is a very good boy, even jumping down after our Wind Adept... that's gotta take guts.
I always did like Felix better than that weirdo Alex...
Hmph... Felix is very annoying...
I always thought Felix was a slowcoach myself... took far too long to light the lighthouses...
Felix is pathetic, his hair is not as great as mine, so his statement is completely unfounded because I, Alex, say so.

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