Feizhi's Interview



Time for a new interview. This time, we have Feizhi here.
I shall do my best! Will Isaac see this interview?
... Uh, he might.
Ooh, I am feeling so nervous now...
*sigh* Question one: Are you really that in love with Isaac?
Absolutely! I want nothing more than to be his wife!
Well, I can see you have pretty intense feelings for him...
He is the most charming and handsome man in all of Weyard. *sigh*
Question two: What was your initial reaction to the Madra Blushing Scene?
I was foaming at the mouth.
The mere thought of me having competition for Isaac's heart... I find it infuriating.
Question three: Would you do anything for Isaac's heart?
I don't know what I must do to get his attention, but whatever it is, I'll do it.
Even cooking live bunnies in a pot?
They say rabbit's feet bring you good luck in Xian. But it does not have to be cooked.
Congratulations. You missed the point.
I am sorry, what?
Question four! What do you think of Hsu?
Hsu... he is a good friend, but is not as cool as Isaac. Compared to Isaac, he is quite ugly actually.
I couldn't agree more. And what kind of a name is Ulmuch?
I do not know. It is strange how they suddenly not change his original name when they do before.
Indeed. Question five: Do you have eyesight problems?
What kind of a question is that?
Go ahead, answer it then maybe I'll ask a different question for six.
My eyes are perfectly fine, thank you.
Really? Are you sure?
Yes! I can read letters from a long distance if I look hard.
Question six: How the heck did you manage to mistake Felix for Isaac in Champa then?
Is that really so difficult to do?
Of course it is! Felix has long dark hair, Isaac has short blond hair. How can you even confuse one for another?
Uh... I... really, I do not know how I managed it.
Did you even remember what Isaac looked like?
Of... of course I... did...
;_; It is not very nice to tease me.
Question seven: How did you manage to cross a mountain range by yourself?
I think I did it very carefully. I do not know.
It's kind of absurd.
But it is a quick way from Xian to Champa. It is not so bad.
It's not as bad as Vault thieves getting from Angara to Indra anyway. I wonder how they did that... did they even have a boat?
Perhaps it is this thing called a plot hole? 
Sounds about right. Question eight:  Is it fun to have voices in your head?
They are not voices in my head. It is just a gift of foresight.
And what are you seeing right now?
Isaac marrying me.
... I don't believe you.
._. Do not crush my hopes and dreams so cruelly!
Question nine: Are you aware of what became of the ring?
Um, Isaac got it, right?
There's no explanation about it or anything. Funny, that. Is equipping it on him the same as telling it you gave it to him?
You mean... they don't properly give it to him...?
Messages in Madra and Naribwe don't change. There's no extra Lemuria dialogue. They aren't told about Babi either. Lazy developers.
;_; No! The old man promised!
Therefore it's your duty to go and punish him and tell Isaac the truth.
The old man shall feel my wrath!
Do you even remember what he looks like?
... ... ... Uh. Maybe?
Never mind. Just go to the Temple of Kraden. 
He has a temple?
Question ten! What is your worst nightmare?
That someone else will claim Isaac's heart.
*sigh* I thought as much... so, what does everyone think of Feizhi?
She seems a bit obsessed with me... it's a little creepy.
I want to see her doing kung fu or whatever it was. Sounds cool.
I think she's kind of cute, but a bit loopy...
If I'm ever in the way of her having Isaac, I won't back down. I'll fight to the death.
How could she mistake me for Isaac?!
Who does she think she is, fawning over Isaac like some brazen hussy?
Feizhi isn't going to kill me, is she?
I don't think she's that bad. Just madly in love...
I forgot about the ring, I swear! Don't let her kill me!
Feizhi is one of my favourite students.
I don't know who this girl is. Should I care?
Why are you asking me?
She seriously likes Isaac that much? I found him annoying.
What is she on?
What a weird girl...


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