Babi's Interview


Let me get one thing straight. Nobody likes you.
I'm glad you died, by the way.
Question One: How old exactly are you again?
A hundred and fifty... maybe.
Jeez... you lived for way too long. Question two: If Lemuria sued you for stealing their lucky medal fountain, how would you plead?
I thought it was cool.
Meh. Question three: Why do you even exist?
To give Isaac and co. the mission to go to Lemuria? 
Which they never did because of Poseidon. If you go after getting them? NOTHING HAPPENS.
Dumb writers. Question four: Are you just a lazy bastard who couldn't be bothered to go to Lemuria yourself to get more draught before you got too old?
You want me to say yes?
Question five: Did Alex kill you? Because I'll like him even more if he did.
... Who is this Alex?
A guy who could be so insanely evil we all hate him, but he would still be a better person than you.
Why am I even being interviewed?
Because I'm bored and people want me to update. Question six: Why did you want Isaac to fight alone in Colosso?
Uh... well... 
Is it because you only wanted him alone to get all sweaty and worked up?
Isn't that two questions?
It's my site. I can do what I like.
Nobody gives a crap about his friends anyway.
*sigh* Just like those pirates in Alhafra... sheesh. Question seven: Okay, why did you kidnap Sheba?
To force people in Lalivero to build my lighthouse of course.
So you had to force them by capturing a fourteen year old girl?
Yes. What's wrong with that?
Gee, I don't know. It's not like there were other options.
She is their Holy Child.
Sure, whatever. Pedobear says hi by the way. Question eight: Why the hell don't Isaac and co. see anything wrong with you kidnapping a young girl?
Why are you asking me?
I don't know. It seems lame they are so willing to help a kidnapper of young girls forcing people to build a lighthouse.
So go bother them then! 
Question nine: Is it time I ended this interview?
I usually ask ten, but nine is close enough.
... *is dead again*
Now let's see what people think of Babi...
Well... well... Babi was a nice person! ... He was nice to us... ... okay, I have nothing.
I wanted to fight in Colosso... ;_;
Yeah, why were we trying to help Sheba's kidnapper again?
I bet Alex was the one who killed him because Alex is EVIL! 
Anyone who kidnaps Sheba deserves to be punished...
Poor Sheba, being kidnapped by that creep...
*shudder* Babi was evil...
I hate Babi. All of Lemuria hates him for being a thief.
I have better things to do than killing people who are about to DIE ANYWAY
I don't care about Babi.
It was really nice of him to let her go though. Made things much easier.
... Should I know the guy?
Meh. Just some lame old guy who's dead.
Babi... ;_;
Kidnapping young girls? Really now! That's just obscene!
I liked Babi... ;_;

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