Alex's Interview


That's right everyone, interview time with our favourite non-evil guy, Alex!
It saddens me that one of the few people who thinks I'm not evil is a crazy psycho.
Hey! I'm not a crazy psycho... and who told you my darkest secret?
... Just ask the questions.
Question One! How does it feel to be thought of as evil?
Like a million rusty spears piercing my very heart. Oh, how painful it is...
Poor poor Alex-sama. ;_;
It all started when Golden Sun: The Lost Age came out...
Yep. Question two: Mia, Jenna or Sheba?
Well, Mia thinks I'm evil and hates my guts. Sheba's evil and creepy. So I'd say Jenna.
Yay! I think Zitshipping is a totally cute pairing.
Um... yes. Sure.
Question 3: What's your gender?
*spit-takes* Can't you tell I'm male?!
*sigh* Just because I have long hair.
You don't tie it back either, which leads me to question four: Are you a hippy?
Certainly not. Hippies make me sick.
You have nice hair, but you really need to do something about it.
I am a bishounen. It is required to have long, attractive hair flowing like silk.
Question five: Do you spend an hour every morning taking care of your hair?
An hour? That all? Certainly not! Three hours minimum.
No wonder you have such dazzling hair.
Verily much so. In fact, someday, I intend to open a hair care products range.
Cool! Have you got a name for it?
Alex's Hair Care: Buy or Die.
... No wonder crazy people think you're evil.
I need the money! ;_; The Wise One mugged me and stole it all!
Question six: Are you going to get your own back on the Wise One?
Certainly. I am formulating an elaborate scheme.
I will find out the Wise One's favourite candy.
o.O The Wise One can eat?
Then steal it all and put it on Mercury Lighthouse aerie.
On the Mercury Lighthouse, my power is increased after all.
Indeed. ^.^
When the Wise One comes to claim his precious candy, I will leap out from hiding and attack him!
Yay! Go, Alex-sama! ♥ Good luck. ^_^
I'm glad to have some support. T.T People keep egging me, calling me evil and stuff...
Question seven: Does a sexy, young bishounen like you get plenty of fan mail?
Well, back in the day, I used to get some.
Back in the day?
However, when Golden Sun: The Lost Age came out, I got considerably less... fan mail.
I still got mail though.
Huh? o.O
Hate mail. People sent me flaming bags of poo for example, and even rude notes saying things I cannot repeat.
Because they thought you were evil?
Well, yes. I kept getting letters calling me an evil... insert expletive here.
Oh. Question eight: Do you want to know if you lived or not?
I would like to. But I'm scared that if Camelot made a sequel, I'd do something ultra lame like going after Isaac.
Yes, that worries me too. Doesn't it seem Camelot warped your character?
If they hadn't created me, their HQ would be a smoking crater...
... That aside, they made you obnoxious and annoying in TLA. You were like a completely different person.
Yes, yes, indeed. I cannot understand it myself.
I preferred you in the first game. ;_;
I think everybody did. >.>;
Yeah. Question nine: Was it really you in The Lost Age?
Well, if it wasn't me, who was it then?
You don't have an evil twin who impersonates you, do you?
Evil twin... that's a cheesy way to explain my altered character.
Kinda clichéd, yes, but it's better than thinking you're evil. T.T
But I'm not. T.T
Question ten: Why did you insult everyone in Champa?
It wasn't me. It was my evil twin. >.> *shifty eyes*
Well, they upset me by replacing me with Picard, so I was upset... and I said things... I didn't mean them, really. ;_;
There, there... now what does everyone think about Alex?
He's okay but I'm not sure I want him dating my sister...
Alex is hot and sexy and adorable and awesome and bishy and good-looking and handsome and amazing and incredible and- OW! Who threw that? ;_;
I don't care what anybody says. Alex sucks. Because I said so.
He called me an amateur Water Adept. I am not.
Alex isn't really going to come after me, is he? ;_; I don't want him to...
Death to Alex!
Alex is... mysterious for sure. He's very polite yet mystifying.
Alex saved me on the Mercury Lighthouse. He's okay.
Well, considering he saved my Satty-chan, I suppose Alex's not so bad.
I want to smash his face in. Can I?
Alex is annoying.
I never met the guy, why are you asking me?
If this Alex dude hurts my precious Isaac, I will remove something he will most definitely miss.
Alex is a nosy person, but I cannot judge him for that. I just wonder why he wants to be immortal and stuff...

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