Agatio's Interview


Well, it's time for your interview at last.
Is there a reason I am the last Proxian to get it? 
>_> No... of course not... >_>;
Everybody hates me!
Question one: Menardi or Karst?
Um... er... well...
Whom do you prefer?
They are both terrifying... and... well... ._.
*sigh* No opinion then? Question two: Why did you pick on Isaac on Jupiter Lighthouse?
Well, I didn't know which was whom, so I just picked one, right?
It would have made more sense for Karst to be fighting Isaac...
>_> I know...
Question three: What are your hobbies?
Building snowmen, snowball fights, sledding...
You must be the first Mars Adept to not enjoy burning stuff.
Writing my name in the snow...
-_-; We didn't need to know that. Question four: What did you think of Alex?
*clenches fist* That smug bastard... I want to punch him...
*sigh* I think it's Alex who everyone hates...
He is annoying and a shmuck and I wish I could have watched the Wise One smack him down.
Except the Wise One got to you first...
._. Stupid rock with an eye...
Question five: What was it like being a dragon? 
Uh, I don't remember so well...
Was it fun? Scary?
I'm pretty sure I was mostly unconscious at the time, and I would just have been very confused anyway.
Question six: What is your favourite animal?
Kittens. And puppies. And fluffy bunny rabbits.
Huh? Really?
I like cute little things that I can cuddle...
Now that was unexpected...
What were you expecting?
I don't know really. I'm just asking random questions.
I see...
Question seven: Do you consider yourself and Garet potential soulmates?
... wut.
Let's see... strange sticking up hair, both Mars Adepts, both seeming to lack some intelligence...
I do not lack intelligence! I just... uh... like fighting even when I stand a chance of losing!
The similarities are disturbing indeed. Or maybe male Mars Adepts just aren't particularly intelligent.
T_T I'm not an idiot!
The hair though... is eerily similar.
There's nothing wrong with my hair either!
Sure... Question eight: Just what is that green armour made of?
Well, it's armour. What would it be made of? Metal, of course.
Isn't it rather uncomfortable? I mean, it's surrounding your head, neck, shoulders. What are you trying to do, prevent decapitation?
I think it looks cool!
... Question nine: What is your favourite food?
Green jello!
Uh-huh. I can't get enough of the stuff! It's green too! My favourite colour!
Question ten: Are you aware you will never be as cool, awesome and badass as Saturos?
Why are you picking on me like this? You're a Saturos fangirl, aren't you?!
Satty-kun is the best! ^_^
Okay, let's see what everybody else thinks of Agatio.
His Rising Dragon attack freaking HURTS.
What's with the green? It's blinding.
He's like an oversized version of Garet...
That armour does look silly...
Is his hair supposed to be lavender or something? How girly.
Saturos is much hotter than Agatio.
Those flap things around his waist kind of look like a skirt. Maybe he has a feminine side...
He's kind of frightening.
What kind of idiot doesn't care if the odds are piling up against them?
Hah! I'm much cooler than Agatio, so there!
Agatio is simply reckless and brave. It's not idiocy.
Maybe he's a masochist.
Poor guy, just wanted to save his hometown, and a one-eyed rock killed him. 
Stop asking me about people I've never even heard of!


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