Girls' Thoughts on Boys


In the process of adding more random stuff to the Valley...
We're apparently going to be saying stuff about each other.
First is our thoughts on the guys!
Let's start with Isaac.
Isaac is very heroic and brave.
That scarf is cool.
He's also quite cute and good-looking to me too.
Man... Isaac and that scarf. He's so attached to it.
Did his mom make it?
I think so. Isaac's been wearing it since we were children.
He must have tripped over it a lot when he was little.
Yeah. Funny to imagine a child wearing a scarf that long.
Isaac has flaws. There, I said it.
What? No! Isaac is absolutely perfect! He has no flaws!
He has a bad habit of blindly following orders.
He kind of sounds annoying when he speaks.
Yeah, when he talked, he had a kind of arrogant edge to him and sounded full of himself.
Not very polite either. Telling Agatio and Karst to get out of the way just like that...
He probably was just a bit panicked. Garet was hanging by one arm.
Isaac is sweet and kind and heroic and a strong, brave, warrior with an awesome scarf! He is the best!
He didn't seem that upset on Mars Lighthouse either.
Yeah. We hadn't seen our parents in three years and we'd thought them dead for most of that time. But Isaac didn't even grieve.
I think he's a robot.
Why don't we just move on and talk about someone else now?
Annoying, a goofball, loud, brash and impolite. What do you see in him?
If you can overlook Garet's bad habits, he's not so bad.
How can you say such things, Sheba? Garet is sweet, adorable and funny!
He is funny sometimes.
He even jumped for you on Jupiter Lighthouse.
Yeah... It was just unfortunate he ended up in danger.
Whenever he scratches his butt, it grosses me out.
Really? I never see it. Though he does have a loud snore.
Ugh, no kidding. And he eats all the food.
Garet has a never ending stomach.
He's a pig.
But despite all that, I can see his good qualities. He's perfect boyfriend material.
Your idea of perfect is bizarre, Jenna.
So is yours, Mia.
I guess we simply have differing opinions.
It seems that way. We should accept our differences and move on.
Now we shall talk about Ivan!
He's so short.
Yeah. I often worry I'm going to step on him.
He's just so miniscule, we need a magnifying glass to see him.
Your short jokes are unfunny.
He's a cutie though.
I know! He's the kind of person I would want to drag home and keep as a pet!
A pet?!
Me too. I'd pinch his cheeks all day long...
He's just so cute, sweet and adorable...
You two are scary.
It's hard to take him seriously at times because he's so short and stuff.
But when you're about to be on the receiving end of a Spark Plasma, you really have no choice.
I think Ivan is cute too... but in a different way to what you two are getting at.
If he was a little older, we might consider him in that way.
But he's really just like a cute little brother.
Ivan is cute and a little shy but loyal and likes to stick around. I think he's the ideal match for me.
Well, I think we've said all we can on the blond midget.
There's a good reason why he has so many fans!
FBM shall always prevail!
Fans of the Blonde Midget, right?
Shouldn't it be Blond?
They spell it Blonde on the fanlisting site.
I don't think it matters that much.
Eh... now let's talk about Felix.
He's awesome! He jumped all the way off a lighthouse to save me!
My brother is rash, suicidal and a moron. -_-
... Well, he does seem rash and suicidal, but he's not a moron.
Of course not. I just like getting away with calling him names.
Where are you getting this suicidal thing from? I don't see it.
Well, he tried to pick a fight with Saturos and Menardi on the Venus Lighthouse.
It was to protect me though.
But a Level 5 Venus Adept without any Djinn isn't going to last long against two powerful Mars Adepts.
No kidding. He would have been flattened in seconds if we hadn't turned up in time.
*sigh* But things turned out for the best, didn't they?
I wish we could do something about his emoness. It's scary.
Yeah. We have to keep most sharp objects out of reach, but we can't do anything about his sword.
Poor Felix has had it rough.
He keeps getting into a lot of bad luck as well. Like falling into the river with the boulder falling...
Almost getting his butt kicked by Saturos and Menardi, then jumping off a lighthouse on purpose...
Then there was the tidal wave that hit us.
And Agatio and Karst tried to kill Felix and Piers on Jupiter Lighthouse. Luckily, Sheba and I turned up to help.
No wonder he's emo...
He sure is good-looking though and that ponytail rocks.
I like his cape. What colour is it again?
It changes colour.
I swear I'll never understand that... it went from green to blue.
Let's talk about Picard now!
Pow Pow Picard!
Picard is quite hot.
Those yellow eyes are just odd though.
Yeah. Maybe he's part cat or something.
That would be pretty strange... how is that possible?
Those muscles of his are impressive.
Oh yes, certainly. He has such large muscles!
He must work out at the gym a lot.
Maybe if they have a gym in Lemuria and he's been going there for his whole life...
Well, possibly being a hundred or more, I suppose that would explain the giant muscles.
We should tell him to take it easy.
Yeah. No spinach for him either.
Ew, spinach. Who even likes that stuff?
Still, Picard is pretty popular. The OBHL was quite large back in the day.
It's silly how they all refuse to call him Piers though. The game's been out for at least four years!
Why are we calling him Picard then?
To be consistent with the rest of the site. Can't be bothered to change Picard to Piers everywhere.
The webmistress called him Picard for a long time.
I see... now who do we talk about?
Um, Alex, I guess.
*hiss* I hate him. He's an evil jerk.
He was always kind of annoying and full of himself.
Yeah, he was just so self absorbed. It was annoying.
He betrayed my clan and didn't even apologise afterwards!
And he kept calling me dear!
He insulted us in Champa!
He also tried to steal Alchemy!
Alex also had the nerve to call me insensitive!
And used Agatio and Karst to threaten us to light the lighthouse quicker!
Plus he tried to steal Picard's ship.
Clearly, he is rotten to the core.
... Are there any good things to say about him?
I can't think of anything.
Neither can I.
Even his childhood friend hasn't got anything good to say about him?!
We were never friends. I knew he was evil from the start.
*reads Mia's mind* You're lying.
Who said you could read my mind?!
Whoah, whoah, time out. Now let's talk about... um...
We're invading your page.
We're girls too, so it's perfectly alright.
Heh... er... we have... no complaints.
Go... right ahead.
Y-yeah, do whatever you want.
Saturos... he's got some sort of smouldering sexiness about him.
Hands off, he's too old for you. Plus, he's mine.
You're pretty possessive.
A woman must learn to hold onto her man! He must not be allowed to get away!
I should be more like you, sis...
But not to Saturos. I shall never allow anybody else to get my Satty.
I understand. Saturos is a great and strong warrior. It's sad he had to be defeated.
Indeed. But we died nobly for our hometown!
I wish I could have seen the Fusion Dragon.
*sigh* Saturos is so hot and sexy...
Shall we talk about Agatio now?
He is certainly not as good-looking as my Saturos.
*exaggerated sigh* Agatio's a good warrior, but unfortunately he's a little lacking in brains.
When the odds are stacking up against you, it is important to keep fighting! Learn from Agatio!
But, sis...
Proxians never run from a fight! They keep on going until they die! Or something.
He wanted us to fight Felix and the others right when they stopped us from killing Isaac and we were already tired...
My dear little sister, you still have much to learn. It is not stupidity, it is bravery.
Then, what Felix tried to pull on Venus Lighthouse was bravery?
No, that was stupidity. He should have known he wasn't even a fair match for us.
So... it was even okay for Agatio and I to keep fighting even when Jenna and Sheba came at Jupiter Lighthouse? Like he said?
Agatio does not give up. You shouldn't either.
Uh... okay. I guess I understand.
I guess we've talked enough. Let's go now.
Yeah, alright.
Uh... that was interesting...
Anyway, that's all we have!
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