Sheba's Diary


Day 1

Felix saved me from drowning after I fell off a lighthouse... he is so cool...

Day 2

We're going off on an adventure! Yay!

Day 3

Saw Alex again. He's girly looking and seems like a jerk...

Day 4

I'm bored. I think I'll read Jenna's mind in the hope of finding out her dark secrets.

Day 5

*whimpers* My hair... I should probably stop using hairspray... she burned it!

Day 6

Put cockroaches in Jenna's bag. She didn't even freak out. Crap. So much for my grand plan of revenge.

Day 7

Found a new Djinni that's Water elemental. I want a Wind Djinni!

Day 8

I'm not taking that Water Djinni. Only over my dead body!

Day 9

Mars Djinn are even worse. This annoying one made us chase it all over the place...

Day 10

Cool, we found a ship, but we can't take it...

Day 11

Some guy called Piers is in jail, freezing water into ice. Is he insane?

Day 12

We're going to Osenia now. Wonder what it's like?

Day 13

Jenna is trying to kill Kraden. I'm just glad I'm not the target this time.

Day 14

This Mikasalla place looks dull. Let's find a more exciting place.

Day 15

Cool! Werewolves! Humans that turn into wolves! They exist!

Day 16

Kraden is bothering the poor werewolves...

Day 17

Managed to save the werewolves from Kraden. Let's keep him away from them for now.

Day 18

How does a full moon last so long anyway? I don't get it. And Air's Rock seems big...

Day 19

All this sand everywhere is annoying...

Day 20

Jenna's getting frustrated. I should keep my distance.

Day 21

This rock is really, really big...

Day 22

Still stuck inside this rock... ugh.

Day 23

I got the Reveal Psynergy! Awesome! I can see hidden stuff with it!

Day 24

Chatted to some old werewolf named Maha. I got a Jupiter Djinni! ^_^

Day 25

At Alhafra now. Got some pointless long cutscene in the process. Stupid cutscenes.

Day 26

Ew, that Alex is at the inn... why can't he just disappear?

Day 27

Beat up pirates. Cool.

Day 28

Piers's not in Madra anymore. His shiny orb got stolen. We're following him.

Day 29

Why do we have to sneak through the mountain anyway? Can't we just fight our way through?

Day 30

That dog was so cute! ;_; I had to hug it. Now everyone is mad at me...

Day 31

Helped Piers get that orb back so we're off back to Madra now!

Day 32

I think Jenna's pissed at me because I told that weird looking girl that Isaac killed her sister. And she swore to kill him. Whoops.

Day 33

Blargh. I feel... sick... stupid ship... too bumpy...

Day 34

I'd probably feel sorry for the burnt seagulls if I wasn't feeling so sick. Ugh.

Day 35

Piers has a secret alcohol stash on the ship? I've never tried that stuff...

Day 36

No fair! They won't let me try it! ;_;

Day 37

So, uh, I'll just pretend I didn't see anything last night when I didn't have my head inside a bucket...

Day 38

Kraden banned Felix and Jenna from drinking the alcohol. I think that's a good thing... they don't seem to know why...

Day 39

Jenna apparently remembers making out with someone that night. I just kept quiet.

Day 40

This stupid seasickness... is it ever going to go away? I'm sick of throwing up.

Day 41

Alright! I think it's getting better, so we're off to Gaia Rock now!

Day 42

Oog... I didn't realise that stuff Susa was feeding the serpent was alcoholic... did I really take my clothes off?

Day 43

I'm never having alcohol again. My head hurts.

Day 44

Done with the rocks. Off to do the Trident pieces now.

Day 45

Wow! I had so much fun playing in the snow before going to Tundaria Tower! Snow is so cool...

Day 46

One more Trident piece to go! This wandering around is getting tiring...

Day 47

We have all three pieces now, so that's the Trident quest over.

Day 48

The pirate guy escaped, so we're chasing him down to Champa. That Alhafran Mayor is a real jerk, by the way.

Day 49

After getting fixed Trident, Alex came and threatened us to light the lighthouse with some cronies (including crazy lady who wants to kill Isaac) Yikes.

Day 50

So... how did all this fog get around Lemuria anyway?

Day 51

Apparently we have to stop the world from shrinking by lighting the lighthouses. Let's go do that then.

Day 52

And we're in the Great Western Sea now! Going to Hesperia...

Day 53

Shamans are damn sexist jerks. Wanted to flash-fry them all. Well, we got to fight them eventually. It was satisfying.

Day 54

Going to Jupiter Lighthouse. I wonder if I'll find out who I am...

Day 55

I didn't get to find out anything about myself... oh, and Isaac and his friends joined us... but why haven't I been able to find out about myself yet?

Day 56

Now everyone's getting to drink to celebrate... except me and Ivan. We shall just calmly observe.

Day 57

Well! That was an interesting party for sure!

Day 58

It would have been nice if they hadn't left the ship a wreck. It's finally been cleaned up...

Day 59

And now everyone is picking up the pieces. Garet and Jenna went on a crazy rampage, Isaac took off his clothes, Mia threw up everywhere, and Piers and Felix made out basically. They should not be allowed to drink alcohol at all...

Day 60

Felix seems a bit freaked out. Well, I can understand why...

Day 61

Ivan's never even got to touch the stuff in his life. Hah. Well, I'm not helping him out. It's too unpredictable.

Day 62

Went to Magma Rock and Jenna got some new Psynergy. Blew up wall in Loho with new cannon. Cool.

Day 63

Blew up a wall of ice next. How did ice shards not fly everywhere and kill us all?

Day 64

Ended up fighting those crazy Mars Adepts in Mars Lighthouse that were turned into dragons and they died. Some eye did it... I don't really understand.

Day 65

Oh, now I do. Saw some one-eyed rock called the Wise One and it unleashed a three headed dragon on us at the aerie.

Day 66

Oh, the dragon was Isaac's dad and Felix and Jenna's parents. Ouch. Mars Lighthouse got lit, so we're going to Vale soon.

Day 67

Off to Vale now. I'm sure it's a nice place. I can't wait to see it.

Day 68

 A sunken village? How disappointing. I got to tease Garet and get away with it. That was fun.


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