Saturos's Diary



Day 1

Those crazy Vale Elders like the idea of the world shrinking and our town being destroyed? What is wrong with them?

Day 2

I bet it's because we have pointy ears and red eyes, right? That's discrimination. Those jerks.

Day 3

We're going to steal the Elemental Stars tonight. This should be fun.

Day 4

Well, crap. All we did was trigger a storm and everyone except Menardi and I were killed. We did manage to fish four Valeans out of the nearby river though.

Day 5

We're going to take the Valeans back home to Prox by ship and... uh, I don't know yet. Menardi is in a really bad mood, she keeps burning things. Please don't burn our hostages...

Day 6

Those adults seem really scared of us, they have barely said a word to us since we kidnapped them. I think the ship ride must be pretty rough for them, that sickly kid keeps throwing up. I'm not cleaning up his vomit...

Day 7

Finally got back to Prox. Okay, when can we go out again?

Day 8

Three years? IN THREE YEARS? And they want me to go and tell Menardi... I'm scared...


3 Years Later

Day 1

Well, waiting three years made sense. The kid was a Venus Adept and he's old enough to come travelling with us. So, Menardi, Felix, Alex and I are heading to Vale for our next heist. Let's hope it goes well.

Day 2

Felix is being emo as usual, he won't come out of the inn. I think those Valeans are scared of Menardi and I. I don't care. We're just going to scare an old man now. Where did Alex go anyway?

Day 3

Great. We got away with only 3 Elemental Stars and picked up a rambling old man and Felix's little sister. We'd better get the Mars Star soon.

Day 4

Does Alex ever stop swinging his hair like that? It's so irritating. Maybe Menardi will burn it off. That would be nice.

Day 5

Oh great. Felix's sister (Jenna) is a Mars Adept too. I have a phobia of female Mars Adepts...

Day 6

Woke up to Kraden lecturing at me about the dangers of Alchemy. What was he doing in my tent?

Day 7

Tried securing my tent against trespassers. Alex warped in at the crack of dawn asking for hairgel. Ugh.

Day 8

For a second there, I thought Jenna was going to burn Kraden when he decided to talk about clouds for no reason at all. It seemed like she stopped herself in time... too bad.

Day 9

Menardi yelled at me when I ate the last of the fruit for breakfast. She sure is cranky this morning...

Day 10

Snow everywhere. It almost feels like home. Menardi is being nice for once. She's not snapping at everyone.

Day 11

Made a quick rest stop at Imil, but Alex didn't accompany us. What is it with people avoiding their hometowns?

Day 12

Where did Alex go? We'll just have to wait for him to come back. What a waste of time... Kraden is suggesting we have fun in the snow. Am ignoring him. Felix and Jenna don't seem so interested either. Menardi... she looks homicidal...

Day 13

Finally, Alex came back. Wouldn't say where he went. We can finally set off to the Mercury Lighthouse.

Day 14

Almost at the aerie... I just wish Kraden wouldn't keep stopping and gushing over every single little thing he sees.

Day 15

Good news: Mercury Lighthouse lit. Bad news: Got ass handed to self by four brats and had to be saved by Alex. I will never live this down...

Day 16

Menardi pushed some trees over. I'm not sure why she did that... or why she didn't just burn them.

Day 17

Had to swim through a river. Nobody was manning that dratted bridge. Who even plants a tree next to a bridge?

Day 18

Almost got lost passing through the Mogall Forest. At least some of the group had the sense to hold hands instead of wandering off.

Day 19

Stopped for rest at Xian. Those people certainly speak funny.

Day 20

Alex disappeared again. Great.

Day 21

There's some weird girl living here who has voices in her head apparently. How strange.

Day 22

Where the heck is Alex? Menardi is on verge of going on an insane rampage.

Day 23

Alex mysteriously reappeared, claiming that he was merely scouting out the area ahead of us. Curse him and his warping powers.

Day 24

Went to Altin for a change of scenery. It's flooded with monster spit. Gross.

Day 25

Kraden wants us to investigate the mystery behind the spit. Told him to go shut his trap.

Day 26

There are children swimming in the spit? Actually, now that I think about it, it looks like water... but still, ew.

Day 27

This time wasting is getting ridiculous. Why aren't we moving on? Are they trying to see how much more flooded this town can get?

Day 28

Now Kraden is swimming. Ew. I did not need to see that.

Day 29

We're finally getting a move on and going through Altin Crossing. It's about time. Menardi blasted at the cliffs during mid-rant and made some boulders block the road. She sure is scary.

Day 30

This desert is supposed to be hot? I have no idea what everyone is talking about. Menardi and I sure can't feel it.

Day 31

Alex, Felix, Jenna and Kraden look all sweaty. Why don't they just change into something cooler then?

Day 32

Finally out of desert. We must go to Kalay so that certain non-Proxians can bathe... frankly, they stink.

Day 33

Looks like we'll have to take a ship from the Kalay dock because the road is blocked. It wasn't us this time...

Day 34

Ship isn't setting sail for a while. Menardi and Jenna went off shopping. Apparently Kalay has some nice clothes shops?

Day 35

If I hear Felix sigh one more time, I swear I'm going to snap. He's being randomly emo again...

Day 36

Kraden's trying to lecture me again. WHY ME?

Day 37

When is that ship ever going to set sail?

Day 38

Got bored, snooped through Alex's stuff. Found a bottle of blue hairdye. Am very suspicious, but would rather not ask since Alex is a Mercury Adept.

Day 39

Forgot to mention, there were a make-up kit and some girly accessories in there too. Somehow I don't think he pinched them off Jenna or Menardi...

Day 40

Ship is leaving tomorrow. Why didn't we just go and blast away the blockage with our Psynergy? Forget it, I don't want to know.

Day 41

People on ship keep staring at us. It's kind of creepy.

Day 42

No. I do not want to look at the dolphins, Kraden. Leave me alone.

Day 43

Ship finally reached Tolbi docks. It's about time.

Day 44

Some thing called Colosso is coming up in Tolbi. It sounds interesting. Too bad we can't participate.

Day 45

I could totally win, you know.

Day 46

Apparently Tolbi's lord is a dirty pedophile who abducted a 14 year old girl. Good grief.

Day 47

Kraden corrected me. He actually kidnapped her to force people to build a lighthouse. What the heck?

Day 48

Since we aren't going anywhere fast, I might go and see this girl. Apparently she's pretty special.

Day 49

I swear that Sheba girl did something weird to my mind. Told Menardi. We now believe she's a Jupiter Adept. We need one.

Day 50

Instead of abducting her, we're just leaving Tolbi and heading on to the next lighthouse? What the heck?

Day 51

Going to Gondowan Crossing. Kraden seems upset at leaving Tolbi. Too bad we can't just leave him there.

Day 52

Now at a super boring town named Suhalla. Alex vanished again.

Day 53

This town is so small and boring...

Day 54

I miss Tolbi. At least it was fun...

Day 55

Menardi ranted at me ;_; I didn't tell Alex to just vanish...

Day 56

Apparently there are freaky tornados in the desert that carry people back to Suhalla. Great, more weirdness.

Day 57

Why couldn't we have got a normal Mercury Adept who doesn't randomly disappear on us?

Day 58

Alex finally came back. Menardi seemed to be struggling not to blow him up.

Day 59

Aw, crap. Felix came down with the flu somehow.

Day 60

Jenna and Kraden are rushing around tending to Felix while Menardi and I try not to burn every thing in sight. Alex... is Alex.

Day 61

Couldn't Alex heal the flu? Must ask him.

Day 62

Asked Alex to try it. Flu gone. Why didn't he do it sooner?!

Day 63

I think Alex is enjoying wasting our time. Tried to get into desert, got carried away by giant tornado.

Day 64

How are we supposed to get past these giant tornados?

Day 65

Alex made the tornados wet and huge lizards tried to kill us. At least we're making progress.

Day 66

Picked up Sheba, who was being escorted by soldiers. Guess they went back to Suhalla. That sure was convenient.

Day 67

Just camping before we move on. Reflecting on this journey... it's kind of been a nightmare. Menardi was more insane than usual, Kraden never shut up, Felix kept being emo, Jenna kept screaming at Alex when he pissed her off and Alex... well, he's just weird. And a bit creepy.

Day 68

Some rude people at the Suhalla Gate tried to stop us from passing through because we didn't have papers. Menardi and I beat them up.

Day 69

Reached Venus Lighthouse and burned even people. I think Menardi may have killed some. Must tell her to control her temper.

Day 70

Eh? The entrance is the exit? What a waste of time.

Day 71

Sheba thinks the real entrance is beneath Babi Lighthouse. She's useful for something then...

Day 72

People in Lalivero were surprised to see us dragging Sheba along. Ignored them until we went to Babi Lighthouse and burned even more people.

Day 73

Alex warped us past strange door that wouldn't open. How the heck was it supposed to open anyway?

Day 74

We're really in the Venus Lighthouse, it seems. Made Felix, Jenna and Kraden go back and head to ship. No clue where Alex went.

Day 75

Why exactly is Sheba coming with us again? I forgot.

Day 76

We gave Felix the Jupiter Star yet took the Jupiter Adept with us. Pointed this logic flaw out to Menardi and she burned me. Ow.

Day 77

Are we there yet?

Day 78

Finally at the aerie. Menardi and I feel like just standing and talking instead of lighting it for some reason. I have a strange feeling that... hmm, it's nothing. I doubt we're going to die here. That would really suck, you know?


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