Piers's Diary


Day 1

Na-na-na-na-na, fi-shing. Na-na-na-na-na, fi-shing!

Day 2

Where the heck am I? Some tidal wave sent me sailing out of Lemuria and I seem to have hit the coast somewhere...

Day 3

This doesn't look good. A bunch of angry people found me and are dragging me somewhere. They are yelling about "Champa".

Day 4

What is a Champa and why does everyone keep calling me it?

Day 5

Jail is so boring...

Day 6

Am I ever going to be let out? I don't even know who the heck this Briggs guy is...

Day 7

I want to go back to Lemuria...

Day 8

I hope my ship is okay... they took my shiny black orb that controls it...

Day 9

How come there are puddles of water on the floor anyway?

Day 10

I seem to be spending quite a long time in jail...

Day 11

Some people came by and watched me almost freeze an annoying guy in a block of ice. He deserved it anyway.

Day 12

Apparently the whole town is freaked out about me turning water into ice. Whoops.

Day 13

When King Hydros wanted me to go see the outside world, I don't think he had this in mind...

Day 14

It's kind of ironic I left Lemuria by accident...

Day 15

I'm not bored at all. Honest. It takes much longer than this for Lemurians to get bored.

Day 16

Maybe I'll try counting sheep... one sheep... two sheep... three sheep...

Day 17

Two thousand sheep... two thousand and one sheep... two thousand and two sheep...

Day 18

At this rate, I think I'll go insane.

Day 19

Is there a way to escape? No? Drat.

Day 20

How did those Champa guys escape from this jail? I wish I knew...

Day 21

I have just discovered trying to lick my elbow is very difficult. Must... lick... elbow...

Day 22

Still can't lick elbow. Was a nice waste of time though.

Day 23

Has it really been more than three weeks?

Day 24

I think I shall write an autobiography when I get out.

Day 25

Wrongfully Imprisoned: My Time in Madra Jail. Now isn't that a nice title?

Day 26

I have the feeling it would be pretty boring though and nobody would want to read it. Rats.

Day 27

Great, some guys attacked and stole my pretty shiny orb. But now they believe I'm innocent and let me out of jail! Yay!

Day 28

I'm off to Kibombo to get my orb back. They will pay for stealing it, those jerks.

Day 29

Sneaking through that mountain was pretty easy. I think I'll wait until the ceremony begins for some reason.

Day 30

It's beginning soon... really, why can't I just blast everyone with ice and take it back? That would be much simpler.

Day 31

Waiting paid off. Those guys I saw when in jail came and helped me, and I got my orb back! Yay!

Day 32

Sheba seems to be evil or something. She told on a person named Isaac for killing some crazy lady's sister. Felix, Jenna and Kraden seem worried. I would be worried too if I was Isaac.

Day 33

Back on my beloved ship. Thankfully, it seems to be in perfect condition. There were a lot of monsters on it though.

Day 34

What did those innocent seagulls do? Jenna is burning them all...

Day 35

Crap. Kraden found the secret alcohol stash. Am not happy about that.

Day 36

Let them drink it anyway. Hope there aren't drinking laws in Weyard otherwise I'm in trouble. Sheba isn't having any though, she's seasick.

Day 37

Jenna has impressive table dancing skills, but the siblings seem to have ridiculously low constitution.

Day 38

Kraden won't let them drink again. I agree with him.

Day 39

How clueless they seem to be about what they did that night. I'm not telling them.

Day 40

Does Sheba ever stop being sick? She's still seasick...

Day 41

Looks like she's getting better finally. We're going to Gaia Rock now.

Day 42

It was Sheba's turn to get drunk this time. Susa was feeding the serpent something and she thought it would be a good idea to try it... my eyes feel dirty.

Day 43

Doing Aqua Rock next...

Day 44

Done with rocks. Time to do trident quest.

Day 45

When was the last time I ever got to see snow? Had a lot of fun.

Day 46

Just who would put pieces of a trident in three different places?

Day 47

Finally done with that...

Day 48

Chasing pirate guy who unintentionally got me jailed to hometown after he escaped from jail. How does he do that? I want to know.

Day 49

Trident was fixed by nice old lady. Met girly looking guy named Alex who used to travel with Felix and others. He's a meanie.

Day 50

Nobody seems to like the fog around Lemuria. I guess I can understand why.

Day 51

My mom died while I was away. And, uh, world is definitely shrinking. Wow, I got over the dead mother thing fast.

Day 52

Heading to some place named Shaman Village now.

Day 53

Jenna and Sheba are pissed off at sexist shamans... but we got the Hover Jade, so all's good.

Day 54

And we're off to Jupiter Lighthouse...

Day 55

Insane Mars Adepts attempted to kill us. Saved Isaac's group, who joined us, and lit Jupiter Lighthouse. That was certainly... exciting.

Day 56

We're having another party? Sounds like a disaster with more people around, but what the heck, let's have a party.

Day 57

That was a really fun party, heh. Am I the only one who didn't have a hangover?

Day 58

I don't really appreciate the fact my ship was left a big mess, but it's been cleaned up now.

Day 59

Felix knows about us kissing in the cupboard now. I wish I could remember who initiated it...

Day 60

Felix doesn't seem all that delighted about it. I'm not sure if I should feel sad or not...

Day 61

He's still freaked out. Wonderful...

Day 62

Apparently, in Loho, blowing up walls gets you a cannon. Great.

Day 63

Blowing up that wall of ice was very dangerous! Even if we had to do it to reach Prox...

Day 64

Felix got the Mars Star back after we beat up two dragons, who were Agatio and Karst. That eyeball thing sounds scary...

Day 65

Eyeball thing sicked three-headed dragon on us at the Mars Lighthouse aerie. Yikes.

Day 66

Dragon was Felix and Jenna's parents and Isaac's dad. Well, that really sucks... eyeball thing is insane. But they lived, so it was okay.

Day 67

We're going to Vale now. I can't wait to see it.

Day 68

Well, that was a disappointment. It was a sunken hole in the ground by the time we got back...


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