Mia's Diary


Day 1

Alex looks a bit unhappy lately. I think he's hiding something from me.

Day 2

Found Alex poring over papers. He looked startled and very quickly hid them. I wonder what's going on.

Day 3

More people going down with plague. Luckily, there are still a few other Mercury Clan people around to help them.

Day 4

Built a snowman. I'm tired of snowmen and snowball fights and snow angels and snow everything.

Day 5

Strangely enough, a fever has struck down all the Mercury Clan, except me and Alex.

Day 6

They all just died, muttering about plot devices. Must prepare for funerals.

Day 7

More people died because I was so busy with funeral preparations. Where is that lazy Alex?!

Day 8

Alex was apparently exploring Mercury Lighthouse. Stupid idiot.


3 Years Later


Day 1

Alex has been missing for a week now. I wonder where he got to now...

Day 2

The flu has struck again. Am getting tired of running around, healing people.

Day 3

Tried to teach Megan and Justin how to heal flu. Failed. All they do is stand in that sanctum...

Day 4

There are people outside. WHY ARE THEY OUTSIDE?! Do they WANT to get flu?!

Day 5

Am considering just running out of Imil in the night without saying a word.

Day 6

Changed my mind. Can't let innocent people die.

Day 7

It's not fair. How come Alex gets to run away and I don't?

Day 8

Where is that scumbag anyway?

Day 9

Told Megan and Justin to do some healing for a change. Shut self in room.

Day 10

Maybe we should just burn down Imil and move south...

Day 11

But who would watch Mercury Lighthouse then?

Day 12

I. Am. So. BORED.

Day 13

That old man had a heart attack again. Got to go and heal him.

Day 14

Looks like Mercury Lighthouse is in trouble, so I'm travelling through it with these three boys.

Day 15

Bad news. Mercury Lighthouse lit. Good news. It means I can finally leave Imil! I'm going to travel with the boys on their quest.

Day 16

We're heading to a forest. Oh, wow... is that GRASS? I'd forgotten what it even looked like!

Day 17

Talking trees?! How is that even possible?

Day 18

Travelled to a temple where we found a monk starving himself to death. Crazy man.

Day 19

Oh no... he keeps reading our minds. I hope he doesn't find out my secret...

Day 20

We have to get this Force thing, whatever it is. I wonder if it has to do with forks?

Day 21

It's actually an orb that shoots power. I guess not then.

Day 22

Going to another forest now. Thank goodness we're finally getting away from that mind reading monk...

Day 23

We're lost in the forest. I wonder if there are talking trees here too...

Day 24

That's odd... I could have sworn I had another pair of panties here...

Day 25

WHERE ARE MY PANTIES?! Must beat Isaac, Garet and Ivan up until they tell me, if necessary.

Day 26

Why is Garet chasing apes and where did the panties go?!

Day 27

Beat up a giant ape and got a Douse Drop. It's shiny. But I still want my panties back.

Day 28

I found my panties in Garet's bag. Beat the living hell out of him. That creep.

Day 29

We've reached a town named Xian. I can buy some more blue dye for my hair now!

Day 30

Have to find somewhere to dye hair... but we're a bit busy at the moment, it seems.

Day 31

Poor girl is screaming head off in Alpine Crossing...

Day 32

Oh, damn. Isaac caught me dyeing my hair. If my secret gets out...

Day 33

Altin flooded with monster spit. Don't care. Too worried about Isaac knowing.

Day 34

Riding minecarts in Altin. Maybe I could push Isaac out and he'll die and my secret will be safe.

Day 35

Who am I kidding? I couldn't kill a fly. Well, I am helping kill these moving statues actually...

Day 36

Ivan's freaking out because someone touched his butt. I wonder who it was...

Day 37

Isaac told me Garet touched Ivan's butt. I wonder if I should believe Isaac... though, Garet did steal my panties...

Day 38

Garet pushed Isaac down huge hole. I think I like Garet a little more.

Day 39

Finally getting out of mines after getting the Lift Gem. Daylight, I missed you...

Day 40

Well, the monster spit's gone, so we're going through the mines again to next destination. I wonder if Isaac's forgotten about the hairdye...

Day 41

Reached a temple where creepy woman named Hama lives. She even knew my name...

Day 42

Helped some fat guy named Hsu trapped under rocks. I think Isaac's really forgotten my secret... he hasn't mentioned it lately.

Day 43

This desert is just... too... hot. So I'll just blast myself with ice. Ahh, how refreshing...

Day 44

Isaac just tried to drown Garet. I wonder what's up with him?

Day 45

Ivan's got some nasty bruises on his throat now. Oh, great, I hope Isaac doesn't pick on me next...

Day 46

Oh. He hasn't done anything to me yet. Guess I'm safe.

Day 47

We're finally out of that horrible desert...

Day 48

Reached a place named Kalay. Can finally change sandy, sweaty clothes...

Day 49

So, Ivan's master was kidnapped but his wife wants us to continue with quest? No problem.

Day 50

Garet thought Ivan's master was a eunuch, apparently. Wonder why...?

Day 51

Something to do with that stick Ivan has, it seems. Uh... okay, Garet...

Day 52

Isaac asked me what the quest was. Doesn't he realise we're stopping lighthouses from being lit? He's not as dumb as Garet though... which Ivan and I agreed on.

Day 53

Managed to dye hair again without being caught. Whew.

Day 54

How can Garet not know what an ocean is?!

Day 55

Protecting people from monsters on ship. I'm tired of looking after others...

Day 56

Hmm, these sea monsters do taste quite nice... like fish.

Day 57

Yikes! I never want to fight anything with tentacles ever again!

Day 58

Got to Tolbi. It doesn't seem that exciting...

Day 59

Have to get draught for invisible man. Why can't people take care of their own business for once?

Day 60

This cave is too dark. I'm scared someone might feel me up and get away with it.

Day 61

Well, we have the draught now. Those lights were so colourful and pretty...

Day 62

Uh... Garet didn't think the invisible man was a man? Did he think it was a woman with a deep voice?!

Day 63

Looks like Isaac's fighting in Colosso. By himself.

Day 64

Going to Venus Lighthouse with some man named Iodem... well, at least he's not a teenager.

Day 65

Where's my bra?! Garet... I swear... if it's you...

Day 66

Found my bra in Iodem's bag. GARET! I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!

Day 67

Travelling through a frightening desert full of tornadoes.

Day 68

Why did Isaac just try to throw Ivan at a tornado?

Day 69

Wow, Isaac's a wuss. He made us run out of the desert away from a really big tornado...

Day 70

Garet insisted we go back in and fight it. I guess we should...

Day 71

Some soldiers got beaten up at gate because they thought it would be a good idea to try stop psycho Mars Adepts from passing...

Day 72

Looks like the entrance of Venus Lighthouse is really the exit. How confusing.

Day 73

We're in Venus Lighthouse now. Oh, and NO MORE IODEM! He was a bit too noisy...

Day 74

Are we going to reach the aerie soon?

Day 75

What's with this annoying sandfall?

Day 76

Lost track of how many times we fell off the sandfall...

Day 77

Huh?! We can run?! This is madness!

Day 78

Madness? This is the AERIE! ... Oh, and we're fighting Saturos and Menardi. Ivan handed over the stick too.

Day 79

Uh... so Felix just jumped off the lighthouse for Sheba? Wow, how heroic...

Day 80

Sailing on ship Babi gave us. Of course, our quest is more important than saving his life. So long, sucker!


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