Menardi's Diary


Day 1

Gah!!! Those Vale elders don't care that our town is on the brink of extinction? I should just burn them all for being idiots!

Day 2

The others won't let me burn them. Jerks.

Day 3

Instead we're just going to sneak in and steal the Elemental Stars? Boring! I want to just go burn those silly elders to a crisp!

Day 4

Freaking mountain tried to kill us. Only Saturos and I survived... but we got to beat up some kids then drag some half-drowned Valeans out of the river. Not bad.

Day 5

Even if we're taking some hostages back, it doesn't change the fact a bunch of us died. THIS SUCKS! Burning seagulls is fun...

Day 6

That kid keeps vomiting. Ew. I hope his parents clean up after him...

Day 7

Back in Prox... made Saturos go tell them we failed. Am going to sit at home with Karst and rant at her about how life sucks. She won't mind.

Day 8

Whaaaat?! We aren't going out again for THREE YEARS?! Our town is close to dropping off the edge! Why would they make us wait three years?!


3 Years Later

Day 1

Finally, we're going back to Vale. It's just me, Saturos, Felix and that snob Alex we picked up near Mercury Lighthouse. Prox wasn't willing to lose a bunch more people again...

Day 2

Those Valean jerks keep staring at us. Yeah, I have red eyes and pointy ears. SO FREAKING WHAT?

Day 3

3 Elemental Stars and 2 hostages. Well, we did better than last time. That Kraden sure talks a lot though...

Day 4

Kraden is a rambling old man who gets on my nerves. Jenna is Felix's sister and a Mars Adept. Apparently she thought he was dead. Geez... it was three years, not a decade! Are all Valeans pathetic no-hopers? No wonder they don't care the world is shrinking. Or didn't want to believe us. Whatever.

Day 5

Where's my nail polish gone?

Day 6

Caught Alex replacing my nail polish. Tried to burn him but he warped away. That jerk. Using my nail polish?!

Day 7

Uh... is it just me or is Jenna enjoying travelling? Isn't she supposed to be a hostage? Well, at least she's not complaining... that would be annoying.

Day 8

Kraden seems to be having fun too... rambling about crap nobody gives a damn about. Ugh.

Day 9

That Saturos! He ate the last of the fruit at breakfast! I'm getting really cranky...

Day 10

... Snow. There is snow everywhere. I... I love snow...

Day 11

Stopped at Imil and Alex disappeared. Am tempted to go and have fun in snow.

Day 12

Maybe I could go and build a snowman when nobody's looking? Forget it, I'll just sit here and look pissed off.

Day 13

Don't we have something important to do like... lighting Mercury Lighthouse? Oh, wait, Alex just came back. About time...

Day 14

Going through the lighthouse... we're walking on water. How weird is that?

Day 15

Those brats from Sol Sanctum turned up after we lit the Mercury Lighthouse. Got away with Felix, Jenna and Kraden, but Saturos got beaten up. Alex saved him. How could those brats defeat him?

Day 16

Stupid trees were looking at me, I swear they were. Got annoyed and pushed them over. What were they doing all stacked up like that anyway?

Day 17

Ugh. We just had to swim because a bridge wasn't down. Am not impressed.

Day 18

Tried to burn apes while going through Mogall Forest. They were too fast. Rats.

Day 19

Why do those people in Xian speak funny? It's annoying.

Day 20


Day 21


Day 22

But I think that wouldn't be a good idea. Ugh. STILL PISSED OFF THOUGH.

Day 23

He finally came back. Now we're going to Altin.

Day 24

Monster spit? Ew. How did that get there?

Day 25

When are we going?

Day 26

All this sitting around and doing nothing is getting on my nerves.

Day 27

Can't I just burn one person?

Day 28


Day 29

Just realised I don't know how to sue anybody, so got pissed off and made boulders block Silk Road instead while going through Altin Crossing. At least it might slow those meddling kids down.

Day 30

Felix, Jenna, Kraden and Alex are complaining the desert is hot. It doesn't feel hot to me.

Day 31

Do they ever stop complaining?

Day 32

Now we're out... and off to Kalay.

Day 33

Are you kidding me? The road ahead is blocked so we'll have to take a ship? This sucks...

Day 34

Ship isn't setting off for a while. Tried to console self by shopping for clothes. Jenna came along as well. Clothes shopping makes me feel much better~!

Day 35

These new clothes are great. I feel like going out and buying more already...

Day 36

Caught Alex looking at my dresses. He fled before I could get answers.

Day 37

I think Alex may be into cross-dressing. The horror...

Day 38

Saturos seems troubled. Wonder what that's about...

Day 39

We're getting low on money. Can't buy new clothes because we need money for the ship. Drat.

Day 40

Ship leaving tomorrow. It's about bloody time.

Day 41

Am sorely tempted to burn everyone on ship for staring at us...

Day 42

Kraden's going on about dolphins. Can't I push him overboard and pretend it was an accident?

Day 43

Ship reached Tolbi finally. Am getting really tired of time wasting...

Day 44

Saturos seems to a bit miffed we can't participate in some Colosso thing.

Day 45

What's so interesting about a bunch of warriors beating each other up anyway?

Day 46

What kind of weirdo kidnaps girls to build lighthouses?

Day 47

He named the lighthouse after himself too? How vain.

Day 48

I want to try out the Lucky Fountain, but we have no Lucky Medals. What a shame...

Day 49

Apparently Saturos found a Jupiter Adept. Not bad.

Day 50

And we're leaving Tolbi without even grabbing her. Why is that?

Day 51

I hope it's not too far to the next lighthouse... we've wasted enough freaking time.

Day 52

Alex vanished again when we got to Suhalla. Sorely tempted to hunt him down and murder him.

Day 53

Where the HELL is he?!

Day 54

I am going to go INSANE stuck in this small, boring town!

Day 55

How have I not burnt the entire place down yet? Am going to go yell at Saturos.

Day 56

People seem to be scared of desert full of tornados. Pfft. Tornados don't scare me.

Day 57

I'd happily go burn down the entire desert... after burning down this town.

Day 58

Alex came back. MUST NOT BLOW HIM UP.

Day 59

What?! Now Felix has the flu?!

Day 60

It's too bad we need Felix for the Venus Lighthouse. We just have to wait for him to get better... ugh... so sick of this...

Day 61

How long does the flu last?!

Day 62

Apparently Alex can heal the flu, but didn't do so until Saturos asked! That creep... he's playing games with us, isn't he?

Day 63

Tornados stopping us from going through desert. AM REALLY MAD.

Day 64


Day 65

Alex solved problem by soaking tornados. Now we're getting through...

Day 66

How convenient. That Jupiter Adept fell into our laps. Great.

Day 67

My hair... it's full of sand. Ew. Must get it all out somehow.

Day 68

Had fun burning people at the Suhalla Gate. Well, they wouldn't let us through!

Day 69

Saturos thinks I killed people while we were entering Venus Lighthouse. Maybe I did go a little overboard...

Day 70

The entrance's the exit?! Who designed this place?

Day 71

We have to go to Babi Lighthouse apparently. This is taking so long...

Day 72

Had to burn even more people while entering Babi Lighthouse. Well, it's their fault for trying to prevent us from saving the world.

Day 73

Alex warped us past weird door. What was up with that door? At least we can keep going...

Day 74

How nice to finally be in the Venus Lighthouse. Felix, Jenna and Kraden were left behind and told to go to the ship. Where did Alex go?

Day 75

Going on through lighthouse, dragging our Jupiter Adept with us... not sure why, she isn't that useful right now.

Day 76

Burned Saturos for saying silly things. So what if we gave Felix the Jupiter Star and took the Jupiter Adept?

Day 77

How much longer is this going to take?!

Day 78

Finally, we're here, but Saturos wants to stop and chat before we light the Venus Lighthouse. Sigh. I'll just write one more entry... it's hard to believe we took so long just to get halfway. I look forward to the lighting of Jupiter Lighthouse and Mars Lighthouse, then Prox can be saved. Though, I can't help but wonder if we will be returning to Prox... I'm not sure why. Of course we will, right?


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