Karst's Diary


Day 1

Looks like Venus Lighthouse was lit. Awesome!

Day 2

Agatio and I are looking for Saturos and Menardi... wonder where they might be now.

Day 3

I miss my sister a lot. Sure hope she's okay.

Day 4

Of course she's fine. She's Menardi.

Day 5

People keep staring at us. Am tempted to give them the finger.

Day 6

Or I could set random stuff on fire to scare them.

Day 7

Stupid Agatio thinks my skirt's too short or something. Ridiculous.

Day 8

How can he go around wearing that icky looking green armour all day anyway?

Day 9

I almost feel embarrassed to be seen with that walking fashion disaster.

Day 10

Agatio is upset that I killed a rabbit to eat. What a dork.

Day 11

Ooh, we found a snowy continent down south. Nice.

Day 12

I had forgotten how fun snowball fights were. Whee!

Day 13

I wonder where my sister could have got to...

Day 14

Some people are just freaking weird. Like that nutty lady Agatio scared off in the bakery...

Day 15

Agatio really does look like he's been hit with an ugly stick. Not my fault it's true...

Day 16

Why the hell is Agatio dancing? He looks like a drunk yeti trying to hop around on one leg backwards.

Day 17

Yesterday was so embarrassing. I'm never going to Izumo again.

Day 18

Wandering around like this is getting boring. I feel like burning stuff.

Day 19

Why does Agatio keep going on about the color green all of a sudden?

Day 20

Pink is even better than green. Pink is an awesome colour.

Day 21

Agatio in spandex is NOT a pleasant image.

Day 22

My outfit is nice, isn't it? I think it is. It's way better than Agatio's anyway.

Day 23

Agatio's now whining about not having a weapon. I love my scythe. Yeah, so I copied my sister. So what?

Day 24

My sister is so cool. I want to be just like her.

Day 25

I wonder where Saturos and Menardi are. What are they up to now?

Day 26

It's like they disappeared off the face of Weyard, I swear. And what about Felix?

Day 27

Wow, I haven't even thought about Felix lately. Wonder if he's still being emo?

Day 28

I hope nothing happened to them at Venus Lighthouse...

Day 29

Sheesh, Agatio's breaking the fourth wall like crazy. Weirdo.

Day 30

Now Agatio wants candy. Sigh.

Day 31

Fine, I'll get him that damn candy if it shuts him up.

Day 32

Menardi... is dead. As is Saturos. Somebody named Isaac killed them.

Day 33

I am going to KILL Isaac!

Day 34

Nobody kills my sister and gets away with it.

Day 35

Isaac is definitely going to pay for what he has done.

Day 36

I wonder how I should kill Isaac? No matter, so long as he dies.

Day 36

How could anyone have defeated Saturos and Menardi?

Day 37

My dear sister... I swear I will avenge you.

Day 38

So where is that Isaac anyway? I can't wait to find and kill him.

Day 39


Day 40

I've been sharpening my scythe. Can't wait to use it.

Day 41

So what if I wrote on the walls with crayons? I am expressing my feelings! Can't he understand my rage and sadness?

Day 42

Maybe I did go a little overboard. I don't care. Isaac must die.

Day 43

Drawing the destruction of stick figures just isn't as satisfying. Woe.

Day 44

Stupid Agatio doesn't understand. Screw him.

Day 45

Is this taking really long or what? I'm tired of this.

Day 46

Met some blue haired guy named Alex who knew Saturos and Menardi. I honestly don't give a rat's ass about him.

Day 47

That Alex guy is still around. Whatever.

Day 48

Agatio asked me if I had seen his hairgel. So that explains his weird hair then.

Day 49

Met Felix and his pals again in Champa. That Alex is a total loser, he insulted us and Saturos and Menardi as well.

Day 50

What a slimeball that Alex is. How much longer do we have to put up with him?

Day 51

No, Agatio, I don't know why Alex is with us. Should I?

Day 52

Agatio is now in a rage about Alex stealing his hairgel. Meh. What a silly thing to get angry over. The way he's acting, you'd think his sister was murdered.

Day 53

Mars Adepts and water don't mix. I could have told Agatio that...

Day 54

Now he's asking me to kill Alex. Sorry, I'm saving it for Isaac.

Day 55

Wow, I saved up way too much homicidal energy, didn't I? We tried to kill pretty much everyone on Jupiter Lighthouse and Alex saved us. Kind of embarrassing, really.

Day 56

So, yeah. I wasn't able to kill Isaac. Bummer. But we have the Mars Star now and Alex left, so it's all good.

Day 57

It's up to us to finish what Saturos and Menardi set out to do. Onward to Prox!

Day 58

It's so good to be going back home at last. I missed Prox.

Day 59

I wish Saturos and Menardi had been able to come back...

Day 60

It won't really be the same without them. I miss my sister so much.

Day 61

Well, at least we get to finish what they started. I bet they are so proud of us, wherever dead people go. I can't wait!

Day 62

Yay, we're home! Time to save Prox!

Day 63

Agatio's worried that getting through Mars Lighthouse won't be easy. I'm sure we'll be fine! We'll save the world, have a big celebration party in Prox and I'll write all about it afterwards!


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