Jenna's Diary


Day 1

I had fun burning a bunch of men. Kraden was scared I was hurting them. I probably was. Then Felix and Sheba somehow washed up on an island... and it's floating. If this island doesn't stop floating around, I swear I'm going to burn something... or someone.

Day 2

Ew. Seaweed in my hair. Stupid tidal wave. But at least that jerk Alex disappeared so that's good, and we're continuing the quest now that Idejima decided to reconnect itself to a continent...

Day 3

Stupid Alex appeared again in Daila, looking for a boat. At least he didn't rejoin us. Alex is kind of good looking, but really, really annoying. REALLY annoying.

Day 4

Sheba's annoying too. She keeps trying to read my mind and find out my secrets. Ugh. I'd better be careful.

Day 5

Oh? Sheba wears hairspray? I had no idea. Honest. It was just a teeny, tiny little Flare anyway...

Day 6

I found some suspicious looking cockroaches in my bag. Where did they come from? Burned them all anyway. Sheba looked disappointed. What, did she expect me to freak out or something? Looks like her revenge backfired. Ha.

Day 7

What's this, a new Djinni? A WATER Djinni? We don't even have a Water Adept yet! Well, we used to...

Day 8

I am not holding that Djinni. It will mess with my Psynergy. Sheba should have it!

Day 9

I am going to set fire to that forsaken Djinni that is making us chase it all over Dehkan Plateau! ... But it is a Fire Djinni, and I really want it...

Day 10

Oh, we found a ship that looks like Saturos and Menardi's one. I hope this one can move... but we'd better find its owner first, I guess.

Day 11

There's a guy named Piers in jail, in Madra, and he sure likes to use his Psynergy. Everyone in Vale would have a heart attack if they saw it...

Day 12

Why are people even guarding a bridge to Osenia? Don't they want people to go to Osenia? We got permission, but surely I could have just burned those people at the bridge if they didn't let us through...

Day 13


Day 14

Mikasalla is boring. Let's go somewhere else already.

Day 15

We just saw a werewolf, and Kraden is a lying old fart...

Day 16

Kraden wants to expose the poor werewolves. I think we should just leave them alone...

Day 17

Going to Air's Rock now, once Sheba and I managed to drag Kraden away from a werewolf.

Day 18

Um, wow, Air's Rock looks pretty big. I hope we aren't going to be in here too long.

Day 19

There is sand everywhere. Too much sand. And it is blowing around. Ugh.

Day 20

I really, really want to blow something up right now...

Day 21

How much longer are we going to be stuck in this stupid rock?!

Day 22

If I find the people who built this rock, I'm going to make their lives a living hell. Unless they are dead already... probably are. Poop.

Day 23

Finally, we have got to the end and Sheba got her Psynergy, so let's go back to the werewolf village, Garoh, now and I can have a bath...

Day 24

We met some werewolf guy named Maha. The werewolves actually seem quite nice.

Day 25

Now we're at Alhafra after helping some people through a desert...

Day 26

Found Alex in Alhafra's inn. Why is he hanging around here?

Day 27

Had fun beating up some pirates to prove Piers innocent. I've got to remember to be quiet when eavesdropping...

Day 28

Returned to Madra, but Piers's not here because someone stole his shiny thingy.

Day 29

Why do we have to sneak through the mountain? Why don't we just beat everyone up instead?

Day 30

Stupid Sheba ran to hug that guard dog, and we got dragged back to the entrance because Felix is being a damn pacifist. Finally made it through though...

Day 31

Piers got his orb back, so he's happy, but now we have to go all the way back to Madra...

Day 32

Sheba is evil. First she told that freaky woman Karst that Isaac was the one who killed her sister, Menardi so now she's swearing revenge, and then she teased me about liking Isaac. I feel like blowing her up...

Day 33

On the ship now. Sheba appears to be seasick. Well, that serves her right. I really want to go see Vale again and a bunch of other places too, but it's not a good idea according to Kraden. How annoying.

Day 34

I'm just taking out my rage on innocent seagulls. They burn nicely.

Day 35

Oh, Kraden discovered Piers's super secret alcohol stash and Piers doesn't seem happy. Selfish Lemurian.

Day 36

Yay, Piers said we could try the stuff after all! But not Sheba, hah. She's still being seasick all the time.

Day 37

Woke up this morning with an annoying headache and being quite unable to remember anything I did last night.

Day 38

Kraden's banned us from drinking the alcohol now. That damn old fart. I'm going to kill him.

Day 39

Hmm, I think I remember some things about that night, like dancing on the table... I hope I danced well... and I remember making out with... eh, it was probably Piers. I told Felix about it and he acted weird. Probably just being an annoyingly overprotective older brother as usual. Give it a break!

Day 40

Eh? Is it just me or is Felix avoiding me all of a sudden? Weird. Anyway, I wonder if I found Piers to be a good kisser. I can't remember very well after all... I'm not even sure it was Piers... but it must have been, right?

Day 41

Sheba seems to be getting better. We're off to Gaia Rock now.

Day 42

Sheba got drunk on sake that that guy Susa was giving to the serpent and ended up removing her clothes... idiot. But we had fun killing the serpent.

Day 43

So, Felix got Sand and Sheba is very sorry for getting drunk... I still don't know why Kraden banned us from drinking...

Day 44

Piers got Parch at Aqua Rock so now we're picking up Trident pieces...

Day 45

Had lots of fun playing in snow. I built a huge snowman. I didn't have a carrot for the nose though...

Day 46

How many Trident Pieces are there to get? Hope there aren't too many...

Day 47

Only three, it seems. Good... going to so much trouble to get them all is annoying. Whose idea was it to put them in three different places?! I'll kill them.

Day 48

Helped the pirate guy to escape, so we're chasing him to his hometown now, and he took the ship he bought from the Alhafrans. Serves that dirty old Alhafran mayor right for being a jerkass.

Day 49

Some old lady fixed the Trident for us. I still want to know who the moron was that broke it and put it in three different places... saw Alex again with Karst and some guy named Agatio. They are even more impatient than I am and 'nicely' asked us to hurry up and light the lighthouses...

Day 50

Why is there all this fog around Lemuria? Are they hiding from something?

Day 51

Looks like the world is shrinking, and we'd better light the remaining lighthouses so that it doesn't shrink anymore...

Day 52

Heading to some village that has shamans in it now. I wish I could have just blown up that annoying rock and we would have got here sooner...

Day 53

Sexist men made us do some hard work to get the Hover Jade and almost didn't let Sheba and I join in because we are girls. They really are a bunch of sexist jerks.

Day 54

Going to Jupiter Lighthouse now. We are totally not doing this now just because those annoying Proxians wanted us to do it quickly.

Day 55

Isaac and his friends joined us after we saved them from being killed by psycho Mars Adepts and we lit Jupiter Lighthouse too. Isaac and the others are willing to help us go and light Mars Lighthouse now that we told them that one-eyed rock is lying scum.

Day 56

Kraden's letting us all drink to celebrate joining. Felix doesn't seem very happy about it. What is his problem anyway?

Day 57

Another headache, yay, and Garet was on the bed next to me. Uh... but I don't think we did anything... just made out. I've got to stop doing that! At least he didn't throw up...

Day 58

Cleaned up the mess on the ship finally. Sheba knows about me and Garet. Great, she's going to tease me about Garet next, the annoying little...

Day 59

Apparently making out wasn't the only thing Garet and I did, according to Ivan and Sheba. We also blew some things up on a rampage. Whoops. So that's what those strange marks everywhere were... and Mia was responsible for all the vomit, Isaac took off his clothes, and Piers and Felix were making out. Kraden said Felix had a nasty habit of making out when drunk... and then looked at me.

Day 60

Does that mean it wasn't Piers I made out with the first time...? Asked Kraden, he confirmed it then ran like hell before I could burn him. Uh... ew. I'm not touching that stuff anymore, I don't want to make out with Kraden next or anything... *shudder*

Day 61

So, uh, Felix and Piers were making out...? I'd wonder if that meant something, but alcohol seems to render our brains completely dead... so I doubt it... and now that Garet seems to think our making out session meant something. I'm not sure if I should tell him about making out with my brother...

Day 62

I got a Psynergy in Magma Rock, and then we went and blew up a wall in Loho! We even got a cannon for our trouble. I want to use it...

Day 63

Blew up a wall of ice on way to Prox. Boring. I want to blow up Alhafra instead.

Day 64

The lying one-eyed rock turned Agatio and Karst into dragons in Mars Lighthouse. Beat them up and got Mars Star back. I think they died.

Day 65

Went to light Mars Lighthouse, but then that lying rock sicked a three headed dragon on us so now we need to beat it up.

Day 66

Sicking my own parents and Isaac's dad on us?! That was mean! But at least they lived in the end and I swear I DID NOT CRY. I DID NOT.

Day 67

Going back to Vale now! Yay!

Day 68

Oh, great, Vale sank into the ground... but at least everyone got out so that's good... can we go and have a vacation now?


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