Ivan's Diary


Day 1

;_; Layana put my hair in curlers again and everybody's teasing me and saying I look like a girl and they are so mean! *sob*

Day 2

Somehow accidentally hit the bullies with lightning bolts when they were teasing me again. How did I do that?

Day 3

Hammet grounded me. *sniff*

Day 4

Hammet freaking out about some storm that hit a village nearby. Whatever.

Day 5

Decided to ask about real parents. But Hammet and Layana wouldn't say anything.

Day 6

I, Ivan of Kalay, declare I shall go on a quest to find my true parents! Nothing shall stop me!

Day 7

Am lying in room, bandaged and covered in bruises. Grounded again. *sigh* Stupid monsters... and I had only been walking for five minutes.

Day 8

I'm a little concerned about my height...


3 Years Later


Day 1

I've only grown an inch in a month. Must... grow... more! But how?

Day 2

I found a stretching rack in the dungeon... with various other torture devices... and some other stuff I didn't recognise. Wonder if I could use the rack?

Day 3

Hammet and Layana forbade me from ever going in the dungeon again. I wonder why?

Day 4

Going on a trip with Hammet! Woohoo! I'm finally getting out of this dull city!

Day 5

Hammet's precious rod disappeared and he left me all alone here in Vault. ;_; But I got it back from thieves, after two people helped me. Hammet went to Lunpa, it seems. Better go there.

Day 6

Gave up, when people wouldn't let me in, and rejoined with the people who helped me- Isaac and Garet. Garet makes me feel really, really small... but I'm going to be helping them with their important quest.

Day 7

Apparently there's a curse going around and turning people into trees. I... I'm scared... I don't want to become a tree...

Day 8

Would I become taller if I turned into a tree? We're going to Kolima Forest...

Day 9

Nearly became a tree. Isaac owes me for being a reckless idiot.

Day 10

Beat up freaky talking tree. Garet is such a pig, it's sickening...

Day 11

x_x Cold... snowy... think I'm going to faint again from that Mauler's hit... *thud*

Day 12

I'm saved! We got to Imil and it's still so... cold... brr...

Day 13

Looking for a girl named Mia. Where is she anyway?

Day 14

Going through Mercury Lighthouse with Mia. Hopping on the water sure is fun.

Day 15

Lighthouse got lit and Mia joined us. She seems like a really nice girl... but I'm amazed at her ability to angst for a few seconds then simply be all cheerful again...

Day 16

What? We're going back to Kolima Forest? This sucks.

Day 17

Sorted out the stuff with trees. Sure glad I never became one...

Day 18

Found a suicidal monk starving himself to death in a temple. Something about enlightenment or whatever, I suppose...

Day 19

The monk is using my Mind Read ability against me! The nerve of him! I was very careful not to betray any private thoughts.

Day 20

Getting Force Orb. I can't wait to see what it does.

Day 21

Oh... it's not that interesting. But I'm sure we'll find a use for it.

Day 22

Heading on to forest. Mia seems really happy. I wonder if she's hiding something? Isaac told me I was blushing back at temple and asked why. Oh... drat...

Day 23

Tried reading Mia's mind in sleep during forest trip, but all I got were thoughts about maiming that Alex guy. Creepy...

Day 24

Garet wants to chase apes. What a weirdo... hey! Why are Mia's panties in my bag... and what is Isaac doing?!

Day 25

Isaac threatened to tell Mia her panties were in my bag. I'm scared... and Mia seems pretty keen on finding out where the panties went...

Day 26

Finally had to tell Isaac guilty secret in fear of Mia. Now he knows of my feelings for a certain person. I think I'll just go die now.

Day 27

Got some Douse Drop after fighting a huge ape. Finally out of forest.

Day 28

Isaac framed Garet for the panty theft, am now off hook. Hmm, I wonder if I've grown in the past few weeks...

Day 29

Don't think I have. *sigh* Reached Xian.

Day 30

Saw a girl suffering from psychosis. Poor girl.

Day 31

She is at Altin Crossing, screaming for some guy. Wonder if she hears his voice in her head too.

Day 32

I'm so tired of being short. I wish I could just grow overnight...

Day 33

Being the shortest of the group makes me feel so inadequate... telling myself I'm also the youngest doesn't help much.

Day 34

Riding mine carts in Altin cheered me up a bit.

Day 35

Uh... okay. First, talking trees, now living statues spewing water? What's up with that?

Day 36

EW! Someone touched my butt! Who touched my butt?!

Day 37

Isaac told me it was Garet. That sick pervert... did he know it was my butt though? It is very dark in here...

Day 38

Garet pushed Isaac down a huge hole. Eh, he deserved it, anyway.

Day 39

Finally going to escape dumb mines after getting Lift Gem. I'm sick of the dark.

Day 40

Going back through mines to go somewhere. So... tired...

Day 41

Reached Lama Temple, and met a woman named Hama. She seemed to know me... and she doesn't feel like a stranger either...

Day 42

Helped random guy out from under boulders for some reason.

Day 43

Walking through hot desert, will keep saying same things over and over for the heck of it...

Day 44

Isaac must be in a bad mood, he tried to drown Garet... *gulp* I hope I'm not next.

Day 45

Have bruises on throat. Geez, thanks a lot, Isaac!

Day 46

Mia is of course exempt to Isaac's wrath.

Day 47

Finally got out of awful desert.

Day 48

Back home in Kalay, must go and see Layana... after having a wash though.

Day 49

Hammet was kidnapped for ransom money... oh dear... Layana wants us to continue with quest though. Hammet knew about it all along.

Day 50


Day 51

Garet didn't seem to realise the missing rod was actually the Shaman's Rod. Wow. He's dense. Isaac is an idiot too. Seems he forgot what the quest was...

Day 52

Mia agrees that Garet is the biggest moron in the whole of Weyard. Well, looks like we have something in common.

Day 53

Isaac seems rather confused. Are all Valeans this slow?

Day 54

Garet didn't know what an ocean was. But... Mercury Lighthouse... the ocean was in plain view... I GIVE UP.

Day 55

Protecting people on ship from monsters. This is so not fun at all.

Day 56

The monsters are actually pretty tasty. Yum.

Day 57

ACK! TENTACLES! Scary! But killed Kraken monster, so it's okay!

Day 58

Reached Tolbi. My legs are wobbly...

Day 59

Found an invisible man in a random cave so we're getting draught for him.

Day 60

Stupid cave is far too dark. Why do we have to get it anyway?

Day 61

Managed to get it... should have taken invisible man with us, left him there with it and had Isaac cast Retreat.

Day 62

Mia and I were once again shocked by Garet's idiocy. He didn't expect the invisible man to be a man?

Day 63

Isaac has to fight in Colosso for no reason. Glad it's not me.

Day 64

On the way to Venus Lighthouse with a man named Iodem.

Day 65

Does Iodem ever shut up? Mia's bra mysteriously got in his bag. For once, I agree with Isaac's actions...

Day 66

Sadly, Mia blamed Garet, so did not get to see Iodem be beaten up.

Day 67

Travelling through freaky desert full of tornadoes. Bizarre.

Day 68

Stupid Isaac attempted to throw me at a tornado.

Day 69

Isaac ran away from a huge tornado and dragged us along with him. Mia and Garet don't seem impressed. Not sure whose side I should take...

Day 70

Garet made us fight it anyway. Barely survived...

Day 71

Discovered beaten up soldiers by gate. Honestly, who tells scary looking Mars Adepts they need papers to go through? Idiots.

Day 72

Got to Venus Lighthouse, but the entrance is actually the exit. Uh... okay then...

Day 73

Found real entrance and finally left Iodem behind. Everything is so... peaceful... and quiet...

Day 74

I hope we reach the aerie soon...

Day 75

Seem to be having trouble getting across a sandfall...

Day 76


Day 77

Oh, hey, Isaac found out we could run, so we finally got across the sandfall!

Day 78

Fighting the scary Mars Adept on aerie to save girl. She... looks a lot like me...

Day 79

Beat them and they fell to their doom, then that girl who looks like me fell off the lighthouse. The emo guy with the ponytail jumped after her.

Day 80

Sailing across sea with ship borrowed from Babi. We don't have to return it, right?


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