Diary Room

Welcome to the new part of the Valley... the Diary Room!
Diary room, huh?
Our diaries, documenting our lives and adventures, go here.
Like diary fanfiction, huh?
That sounds interesting.
My diary is full of how much I love Isaac and... well, it's got a lot of stuff about Isaac.
... It's not necessary for your diary to be here.
There's a lot about you in MY diary too, Isaac!
Hey... no fighting please...
Yeah. People want to read the diaries, not listen to your bickering.


Isaac's Diary
Garet's Diary
Ivan's Diary
Mia's Diary

Felix's Diary
Jenna's Diary
Sheba's Diary
Piers's Diary

Saturos's Diary
Menardi's Diary

Agatio's Diary
Karst's Diary


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