Felix's Diary


Day 1

I seriously just managed to swim from a lighthouse to an island floating on the sea. I rock. And am now about to faint from exhaustion.

Day 2

So, Jenna, Sheba, Kraden and I are off for an adventure. Alex abandoned us. Good riddance.

Day 3

Saw Alex again after saving some kids in a tower. He disappeared again. Good.

Day 4

I just love not having to put up with Alex... he was so creepy...

Day 5

Seems Jenna found out the secret to Sheba's hair. It's hairspray. And flammable too. Luckily, managed to put the fire out.

Day 6

Kraden is rambling at me about geology for no reason at all. I want to die...

Day 7

Got Lash at Kandorean Temple. And a Mercury Djinni.

Day 8

Sheba and Jenna are fighting over who holds the Mercury Djinni. Because neither of them want it.

Day 9

Chasing an annoying Mars Djinni all over Dehkan Plateau. My butt hurts...

Day 10

Saw a ship. Somehow, I doubt it's the one that belonged to Saturos and Menardi...

Day 11

Reached Madra. There's a guy in jail, who everyone thinks is one of the Champa. Think his name is Jean-Luc Picard.

Day 12

Oh, whoops. His name is Piers. Not sure why I thought his name was Jean-Luc Picard. Going to Osenia now.

Day 13

Had to stop Jenna from killing Kraden because Kraden thought it would be fun to name every tree we walked past.

Day 14

Reached boring town named Mikasalla. So boring, it seems like a nice place to... sleep.

Day 15

Arrived at Garoh. It's creepy and... I think I saw a werewolf! ;_;

Day 16

Kraden wants to expose the werewolves through any means necessary. Including with sharp and dangerous weapons.

Day 17

Jenna and Sheba managed to distract him, so we're going to Airs Rock now.

Day 18

It's... a pretty big place.

Day 19

Sand... everywhere...

Day 20

Jenna is on verge of blowing things up, I fear. She looks positively homicidal.

Day 21

Are we ever going to get through this?

Day 22

I hope we don't starve here...

Day 23

Finally reached end. Sheba got Reveal. Now we'll go back to Garoh...

Day 24

Met a werewolf named Maha. I'm just glad they are nice werewolves and not insane, bloodthirsty monsters.

Day 25

Got through a desert, and reached Alhafra.

Day 26

Yikes. Alex is hanging around in the inn. Let's get out of here quickly! ;_;

Day 27

Beat up a pirate and his buddies, to prove Piers innocent.

Day 28

Returned to Madra. Piers went to Kibombo to reclaim his precious orb.

Day 29

Going through mountain. Jenna wants to beat everyone up, but it's better to sneak through...

Day 30

Finally through. Sheba did not help at all when she suddenly ran up and hugged that guard dog...

Day 31

Got to Kibombo and helped Piers get orb back. Back to Madra... again.

Day 32

Menardi's scary sister, Karst, was hanging around Madra and wants to kill Isaac now. I feel ill...

Day 33

Alright! We're on the ship now! Sheba seems to be seasick...

Day 34

Jenna keeps burning the poor seagulls. What did they ever do?

Day 35

Kraden found a secret cellar on the ship. It's full of bottles too. Piers doesn't seem too happy...

Day 36

Piers said we could try that stuff! But not Sheba. She's too busy being seasick anyway.

Day 37

Got utterly wasted. I can't remember anything that happened last night. I remember making out with someone. Piers?

Day 38

Kraden's forbidden us from drinking the alcohol for some reason. Why?

Day 39

Jenna thinks she was making out with someone that night... OH BLOODY HELL!

Day 40

Confronted Kraden and he confirmed it. I feel sick now...

Day 41

Sheba is finally feeling better so... we're off to Gaia Rock...

Day 42

Beat up a serpent. Apparently, Susa was getting it drunk. Sheba tried the sake and ended up taking off her clothes...

Day 43

Sheba is very remorseful. That stuff is pure evil... oh, and I learned Sand.

Day 44

Piers learned Parch at Aqua Rock, so we're going to collect Trident pieces now.

Day 45

Wasted hours before Tundaria Tower, playing in snow. What a waste of time.

Day 46

Done Temple of Sea God. One more piece to go.

Day 47

Finally got all three pieces... so sick of this...

Day 48

Accidentally let the pirate escape. Oh well. Off to Champa.

Day 49

Nice old lady fixed the Trident after using huge lizard to try and kill us. Oh, and Alex appeared again with Karst and another guy. No biggie.

Day 50

Whose idea was it to surround Lemuria with fog?!

Day 51

Lemuria is so dull. Learned the world is shrinking and stuff.

Day 52

The Western Sea is accessible now. Going to village with shamans.

Day 53

Finally, we no longer have the inventory wasting Shaman's Rod and we have the Hover Jade instead!

Day 54

Going to Jupiter Lighthouse now.

Day 55

Lots of stuff happened. Mars Adepts tried to kill us, saved Isaac's life, lit Jupiter Lighthouse, oh, and Isaac and co. joined us.

Day 56

Great. Kraden dragged out the alcohol for another party. I should have thrown all the bottles out. Piers wouldn't have minded, right?

Day 57

Woke up with pounding headache. How did I get dragged into that party anyway?

Day 58

Finally finished cleaning ship. It was a total wreck. I wonder what happened at the party?

Day 59

Ivan and Sheba told us. Garet and Jenna went on a rampage for some reason and blew stuff up, Mia threw up everywhere, Isaac was running around the ship naked and Piers and I were apparently kissing in the cupboard.

Day 60

I'm not sure which is worse. No, wait, making out with Jenna was definitely worse. She's my sister after all.

Day 61

Piers's a guy. A guy. So confused...

Day 62

Jenna got Blaze in Magma Rock, then we went and blew up a wall in Loho, and got a cannon for our trouble.

Day 63

We're finally on route to Prox. Blew up a wall of ice as well. The cannon is fun.

Day 64

Beat up two dragons in Mars Lighthouse. They turned out to be Agatio and Karst. Weird. Oh yeah, got Mars Star back.

Day 65

Went to light Mars Lighthouse. One-eyed rock sicked three-headed dragon on us.

Day 66

Dragon was parents and Isaac's dad. Whoops. Luckily, they lived, and the lighthouse got lit.

Day 67

Going back to Vale now. Thank goodness...

Day 68

Vale sank into the ground. Crap. Fortunately, everyone made it out.


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