Agatio's Diary


Day 1

Venus Lighthouse was lit. Cool.

Day 2

I miss Prox. I miss eating snow cones and making snow angels. I miss the snow...

Day 3

Aw, we can't get back to the Western Sea. Bummer.

Day 4

So, I guess we're just going to piss around and look for Saturos and Menardi?

Day 5

Where are those guys anyway?

Day 6

Just noticed, Karst's skirt is really, really short.

Day 7

Pointed it out to her and she hit me. Ouchies.

Day 8

If they were going to send us out anyway, why couldn't we have gone with Saturos and Menardi?

Day 9

Ooh, a bunny! Bunnies are cute!

Day 10

Karst cooked the bunny to eat. How could she?

Day 11

I am so bored. Hey, that looks like a snowy continent down there. Cool!

Day 12

Had snowball fight with Karst on Tundaria. It was a lot of fun.

Day 13

I'm hungry. I want cookies!

Day 14

Wah. Mean lady in bakery ran away screaming when I asked her if she had cookies.

Day 15

Am I that scary? I asked Karst and she said I looked like I was hit with an ugly stick. Meanie.

Day 16

Tried dancing in Izumo, but everyone either ran away screaming or pointed and laughed.

Day 17

Karst yelled at me for making a fool of myself and embarrassing her. She's so bossy.

Day 18

I wish I had some better looking armour. Green is just so icky.

Day 19

Snot is green. Snot is also gross.

Day 20

So is dirty water. Kinda. It's all greeny brown and murky. Ew.

Day 21

Wouldn't a spandex outfit be awesome?

Day 22

And a cape! I'd like to have a cape, like Saturos did!

Day 23

Ooh, a sword would be nice too. I don't even have a weapon. How lame am I?

Day 24

It's just occurred to me, I will never be awesome as Saturos was.

Day 25

Life just sucks.

Day 26

What are we even doing?

Day 27

Did we take a long time to appear in the game or something?

Day 28

I guess we did, depending on how the game was played.

Day 29

Karst says I shouldn't be breaking the fourth wall. Screw it.

Day 30

I want candy!

Day 31

Okay, Karst is going to get me candy. I'll just sit here and do nothing then.

Day 32

Karst came back in a homicidal rage. Apparently some guy named Isaac killed Saturos and Menardi. Damn.

Day 33

Now Karst is burning trees and being psychotic.

Day 34

Is this really how the grieving process works?

Day 35

Karst, couldn't you just cry instead of screaming and destroying things? You're kind of loud.

Day 36

This Karst is scary. I want the old Karst back...

Day 37

I swear, that Isaac will pay for turning Karst into this homicidal maniac.

Day 38

Being a homicidal maniac sounds kind of fun actually. I might try it.

Day 39

Except there's nobody around to be a homicidal maniac to yet. Drat.

Day 40

Karst has calmed down a bit but still wants Isaac dead.

Day 41

She's writing 'DIE, ISAAC' all over the walls in crayon. Crazy bitch.

Day 42

I sure hope we don't have to pay for it.

Day 43

And now she's doodling herself smashing stick figure Isaac's face in. I am honestly concerned.

Day 44

Tried to talk Karst out of being psychotic. She threw a mug at me.

Day 45

Are we ever going to get this whole saving Prox thing done? It's taking too bloody long. What is that lazy Felix doing?

Day 46

We met up with a creepy looking shmuck named Alex, who used to travel with Saturos and Menardi.

Day 47

Now this Alex guy is following us. We're too nice to tell him to piss off.

Day 48

Huh? My hairgel is missing. Where did it go?

Day 49

Tried to scare the poo out of Felix and his buddies in Champa. I don't think it worked.

Day 50

Oh yeah, and did I mention Alex insulted us? What a creep.

Day 51

Asked Karst why that loser is with us. She doesn't know either.

Day 52

Found my hairgel in Alex's stuff. I am going to kill that bastard.

Day 53

I tried to, and he made me soaking wet! I don't like being soaking wet...

Day 54

Asked Karst to kill Alex instead. She said she's saving her homicidal tendencies for Isaac. I get the feeling that Karst is a little obsessed with this whole idea of killing Isaac. It's normal to be upset about your sister dying and want her killer punished, but there's something creepy about this whole thing.

Day 55

Stuff happened on Jupiter Lighthouse. Not sure why I was fighting Isaac, but I was and Karst picked on some short blond kid instead. We failed to kill them, so we tried to kill Felix and his buddies too. Failed miserably. Alex even had to save us. How embarrassing.

Day 56

The creepy shmuck left us! Hooray!

Day 57

Karst seems a little better now, though she's still a bit unhappy about not getting to kill Isaac.

Day 58

We're going back to Prox now. Goody!

Day 59

I wonder if all that crayon will wash off... maybe nobody will notice...

Day 60

We're so close to Prox now and we have the Mars Star. Mars Lighthouse should be lit very soon and we'll save Prox.

Day 61

Even Karst is getting a little giddy with excitement. I sure missed the normal Karst. Seems like she's back now.

Day 62

Home sweet home. I'm never leaving Prox again.

Day 63

We're in Mars Lighthouse now. Admittedly, I feel just a little nervous. It's not going to be all that easy, is it? Karst says we'll be fine. I sure hope so.


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