Boys' Thoughts on Girls


It's our turn! We'll be saying stuff about the girls.
They won't know what we're saying, will they?
We should just take care what we say.
Yeah... because the girls can be scary.
I'm sure it will be fine.
I bet nothing nice was said about me.
Let's talk about Mia. She's beautiful. No arguments.
Mia's really sweet and kind.
Yeah, she took care of an entire village.
She's always looking out for people.
Yeah, Mia's so kind and... well, there's not a lot to say about her.
She's definitely pretty.
That one time she was sarcastic was cool.
I know! A pharmacy, inside a cave?
And she kind of joined in on teasing Garet. Good for her.
Not sure what I can say. Everything that can be said has been said.
Ahh... Mia... she was always so quiet, sweet and kind... I really think Felix is a bit like her.
Really? Mia's not emo or suicidal enough.
I'm not suicidal!
There are similarities. You can see them if you look hard enough.
Eh... so Mia's a cute chick, sure.
She can be scary with a mace.
She's like an angel... but just not dead.
What an odd thing to say...
... That was random.
Er, heh heh... shall we talk about Jenna now?
Can make witty one-liners.
She's quite positive and upbeat. I like her personality.
She's not too scary if you don't annoy her...
Jenna is so hot... *drools*
Stop drooling over my sister!
Garet, that's gross. Get a napkin.
Whoops. Sorry.
I seem to be remarkably good at annoying her. But then again I annoy everybody.
I think Jenna is really cute too.
She's so hot...
She's kind of noisy sometimes though.
Can't we stick to saying nice things?
I think we should for our safety.
*whimpers* I don't want to get Jenna mad.
I don't think Jenna's so bad. She not as scary as certain Mars Adepts from a certain snowy village...
Jenna is surely mild compared to THEM.
Why don't we talk about Sheba now...?
Sheba is a tattletale.
Yeah, she told on us for 'killing' Saturos and Menardi, didn't she?
She didn't mean to send rampaging Mars Adepts after you.
I could have been killed, you know.
Oh, come on! We saved you, didn't we?
It was rather close though. A few minutes longer... and he might have been killed.
Karst picked on me, but I'm not blaming Sheba for it. She must have just said it without thinking.
True, we also didn't see how dangerous Karst could be at that point.
I find Sheba rather annoying and mouthy. That hair is awful.
No kidding! It looks like a salad bowl or something!
Was her stylist blind?
Hey, I don't think it's that bad! And Sheba is a... nice girl. I think. Although she's a bit of a tease.
She teased me. ._.
And also teased Jenna about me, making people think we were a couple. How annoying.
What were those Proxians thinking, taking a girl like that?
Was she even worth jumping for?
... You are hopeless.
You guys aren't being very nice. Sheba's not so bad.
I agree. Can't we be a little nicer toward her?
I think we've covered all the girls now.
That is not so! I am invading to speak of Menardi!
I'll join in too!
You kids keep quiet while we discuss the beautiful women of Prox.
I am not a kid- *punched* Ow. That hurt. ._.
Ahh, Menardi. She is truly a beauty.
I like those shiny red scales.
Such radiant, blonde hair...
Her skin's a nice shade of pink too.
And those fingernails! Those beautiful crimson eyes! She is a beauty!
It's too bad her face is rather androgynous.
HEY! What's that supposed to mean?
Caz originally mistook her for a man when she wasn't paying attention to that first battle too, right?
What's the first battle got to do with it?
Didn't you call yourselves Mystery Man and Mystery Woman or something? How cheesy.
We did not pick those names! And Menardi does look feminine! But if she didn't see "Mystery Woman"...
Those GBAs are pretty dark and she WAS playing at night.
But... but... Menardi is beautiful... she doesn't look like a man...
Doesn't look much like a woman either.
Shut up, you brat! Then what about the hair? The long, flowing hair?
*coughs and looks shiftily at Alex*
Ugh... but I still think Menardi is the most beautiful woman in Prox!
Now let's talk about Karst. Who actually looks feminine.
One more remark on Menardi and I will...
That skirt of hers is quite short, isn't it?
Yeah. I think she has the shortest skirt out of everyone.
Her outfit is pretty cool.
I suppose Karst is pretty. But it's too bad about that temper of hers.
It is a bit scary, isn't it? Who do you suppose is scarier, Menardi or Karst?
Let's not bother saying. The sisters will probably team up against us in anger or something.
Their anger combined... sounds like a terrifying force.
But, hey, when are we Proxians not scary?
Karst is kind of sweet though, when she's not in a bad mood.
I think she gets confused easily...
Yeah. Picking on that midget at Jupiter Lighthouse... how strange. I thought it would be Isaac she would go for.
We may never know why she did that.
It sucks that we all died too.
Yeah... anyway, we're done.
Well, I think that's everything.
Now we have to hope the girls don't kill us.
And find out what they said about us.
Be sure to check out what they said!
I'm sure we haven't said anything too bad. Some of you should just avoid Sheba for a while.
Not sure I really want to know what they said about me...

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