Venus Lighthouse Aerie


Alright! It's time to light Venus!
Only two to go!
Nah. Lighting Jupiter is virtually the same as lightning Mars.
... How?
Because all we have to do is go home and light it, fool!
I'm not a fool! ;_;
[approaches] Hey, guys, will you hurry up and light it already? I'm tired of waiting.
What are you doing here?
You were meant to go to the ship!
Well... uh... Jenna and Kraden went ahead to the ship. Is that good enough?
Is there a reason why you came back up here?
Yeah. I'm suicidal and want to piss you off.
I mean... uh... I want to take Sheba back to the ship because it isn't safe up here! And... why is Sheba with us anyway? Why don't you free her?
Well, we thought we didn't have enough girls in the group.
That's not it, idiot! Sheba is a Wind Adept and we need her to enter Jupiter Lighthouse. Capiche?
Ok then, I suppose that's why...
Now, get lost, Felix.
... No.
WTF?! You really are suicidal!
I'm taking Sheba back to the ship!
No, you're not.
What? Why? Don't you trust me? ;_;
You just said we should let Sheba go! So... I think we stopped trusting you. We're mean like that.
... You suck. ._.
Pretty well too- ow!
Saturos! What are you thinking, discussing our bedtime activities?
To heck with the both of you. Hey, Sheba, let's go to the ship together. Just ignore the scary Mars Adepts.
... How come I still haven't had a line?
Then we shall have to kick your ass.
Are you prepared to have your ass kicked?
If it means protecting Sheba, I must let you kick my ass- I mean... I'll kick your asses! I think...
... You're insane.
Enough of this! Let's see what you can do!


(At the lift)


I think Saturos and Menardi are going to win.
Me too.
Let's go stop them from lighting the lighthouse!
Can't we see how the battle turns out?
Let's hurry...


(Isaac and co go to the aerie)


Oh, it's Isaac...
Not you again! I suppose you've come to stop us from lightning Venus Lighthouse?
Oh, just great, Felix! Because of your complaining, they turned up before we could light the lighthouse!
I don't need to be rescued, you know. As a Level 5 Venus Adept who only knows Quake, Quake Sphere and Cure, I am completely capable of defeating two very powerful Mars Adepts alone. So now I'm going to commit suicide and settle things with them, so you can watch... but, oh, could you set Sheba free? I mean... if I die or something, which I won't. ... Do I sound like I'm in denial? But anyway, Sheba hasn't got anything to do with this!
STFU, Felix! If you aren't careful, both you and Sheba will suffer!
OH NOES! If Sheba gets hurt, Faran will be mad! =O
We'll just have you strip for him in that case.
>=/ *slap*
You can't hurt either of them. We won't let you.
We won't harm Sheba if you give us the Shaman's Rod.
Are you cutting out my lines?
Oh yeah, I've got it right here. Here you go.
Go and get it, Felix.
... Why?
To prove your loyalty to us.
Meh. *takes Shaman's Rod*
Oh, btw, we're still not giving Sheba up.
Let's fight!

*Fight ensues. Fight ends with Saturos and Menardi defeated*

We did it! Ok, Sheba, let's go.
I'll tell YOU where you can go, you line-stealing jackasses!
I think she's a little cross...
Actually, we're gonna go to the ship and light the other lighthouses now. See you later.
... Aren't we supposed to stop him from doing that?
I think so. But why are we stopping the lighthouses from being lit anyway?
You haven't finished us off, you know.
Uh huh, we'll be ok when we do THIS!
*throws Venus Star. It bounces off Felix's head and rolls across the aerie to land in front of Garet*
*laughing* Aw man, that was a hoot! *accidentally kicks Venus Star into beacon* Did you SEE that? It hit Felix on the head... wait, where did it go?
Oh, Garet? You're dead.
The Venus Lighthouse is lit!
Hey, guess what, the lighthouse will give us the power to transform into a two headed dragon!
Sounds cool!
Hey, Felix, take Sheba and get the heck out of here to the ship. We might not survive and stuff.
But I can't let you fight them alone!
You know, Saturos, I think Felix badly underestimates us.
You don't want to lose to Isaac?
Suuuure... *shifty eyes* Like you're not going to protect them.
Instead of raising our suspicions, how about getting outta here?
... Eh, I'm tired of arguing. Let's go, Sheba...
They are getting away! =O Holy crap, what are Saturos and Menardi doing? O_O
Transforming into a two headed dragon!
I wonder what its gender is.
It's probably a hermaphrodite dragon.

*Fight ensues. Fusion Dragon is defeated.*

You know, I want to see what's so great about suicide. Felix sure seemed keen on it.
Yeah, I wanna know too!

*Saturos and Menardi jump down the beacon hole*

What is it with suicidal people?
Look, there's Felix over there!
Damn it, Felix, do you ever follow orders?
Nope. But I think I'll go now because you guys scare me.
Ha! WE scare him!
But wait, are you still going to light the lighthouses?
Yup. For some reason, Saturos and Menardi gave me the Jupiter Star. Not sure why, but they did.
But why?
Because I need to fre- you know what, instead of telling you, I'll keep it a secret. I'm anal like that. ^_^
Well, we have to take Sheba back so-

*Venus Lighthouse splits*

Crap! Now we can't reach him!
Yeah, and whose fault is that?
I didn't mean to light it! ;_;
Oh cool, a rising light!

*Explodey stuff. Sheba is knocked right off the lighthouse and falls without being able to grab on*

*falling* NO! I DIDN'T GET TO HAVE MY SCENE! ;_;
No! Sheba! I won't let you die! *dives*
O_O Felix jumped off the lighthouse!
Damn. He's suicidal.
So, what now?
How about waiting for the lighthouse to snap back together then go stalk Jenna and Kraden?
Sounds great! ... How do we stalk them if we don't know where they are?
Dunno. We just search for them.
Is anyone feeling bad Venus was lit?
Nah. It's not like we're doomed or anything.

*Lighthouse returns to normal. Group leaves.*

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