Sol Sanctum


Oh, wow! What is this room?
It's snowing!
I really don't think that's snow, Garet...
Uh, aren't those the source of all Alchemy or something?
EEEEEEEEE!!! *jumps onto platform and slips off* NOOOOO!
*clings onto side* I... get the Elemental Stars! and then... fly, you fools! *slips off and falls*
Ah, who gives a crap about that old fart... let's go get ourselves some Elemental Stars!
Yeah, okay, you and Garet go. I'll just sit here and do my nails.
But I want to go back home... I want to eat cookies... I'm hungry...
Come on, Garet!

Isaac and Garet get the Mercury, Venus and Jupiter Stars. Then...

*drops one of the Stars* Oops... geez, these are hard to carry all at once... hey, where did it go?
*starts choking*
Garet! The Elemental Stars aren't for eating!
*manages to spit out Star* Oh...
*looks over to where Jenna is* Hey, it's Saturos and Menardi!
Help! They're trying to kidnap the Stars! >_<
Give us the Elemental Stars!
Wait! They're scary! They might hurt me! Eek! I just did my nails too!
Relax, you will not be hurt.
That was our agreement, wasn't it?
Depends. *turns back to the duo* Give us the elemental stars, brats!
How do I know Jenna will be safe?
What do you want? A guarantee?
Yeah! (Whatever the hell a guarantee is...)
A guarantee? We have one. Take your mask off!
But I don't wanna!
Take it off NOW, Felix!
Felix?! The scary creepy masked guy has the same name as my brother? Wow!
... ... ... o_O; Uh... I'll take it off *takes off mask to reveal another mask*
Take them all off!
Why do you have to be so difficult?
*takes off several masks to reveal the face of... KRADEN!*
What the...? It's a face mask! *grabs him and peels it off to reveal a random Valean* ... *tries again*
Kraden... that guy in the house next to mine... The innkeeper... weapons shopkeeper... armour shopkeeper... Garet's Dad...  The Mayor of Vale... what the crap is going on?! He's put facemasks on to look like every Valean?!
Yeah! He's even got Felix's!
Hey, where's the mask line? *grabs ear and pulls hard*
OW! OW! OW! #%&@ #@#&*^%!!!
... it's not coming off!
That's because it's NOT a mask!
OMG! Felix! You're not dead?! You big meanie, how could you leave me alone for three years? WAAAAAAH!!! *cries and hits Felix with staff*
Now give us the stars!
Oh, I can't be arsed. Garet, you take them over.
Alright, fine... *takes the Stars and walks over*
*appears in front of Garet* GIMME THE STARS!!!!! *steals and warps over to Mars Statue* Power is within my grasp! ^_^
*has a heart attack and falls off platform* AUUUUUGH!
o_O Yeah... I'll just sit here.
*takes Mars Star and warps back to Saturos's group*


Gah! I hate this stupid place!
Isaac, Garet, Kraden!
Alex, go and get Kraden, we need him!
Okay! *rescues Kraden* Let's go!

Saturos, Menardi, Felix, Jenna and Alex leave the Elemental Star Room.

WE'RE GONNA DIE! Well, might as well die sooner than later. *jumps down after Garet*


Does the Wise One save them? We're not telling!


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