Jupiter Lighthouse


It's time to go and light the beacon! ^_^
Then we only have one more lighthouse to go!
Too bad we don't have the Star for it.
The time will come when we must hunt Isaac down and kill him for the Mars Star. *laughs maniacally*
O_o;;; Uh... we don't want to... kill him...
O_O;;; Kraden's scary.
Hey, did you hear something just now?
*gasp* My first word was Mia. That must mean I'm deeply in love with her, because I called out her name.
Then... am I in love with Garet?
Yes. Yes, you are.
*sobs* Nooooooooo! *jumps off side of lighthouse*
IVAN! I was only kidding!
Why didn't you say so sooneeeeeeeerrrrrr... *splat*
Garet, why did you jump down for me?
*is hanging* I wasn't going to leave you down there, Mia...
You're only hanging on with one arm. What's wrong?
My other arm is totally numb... I can't feel it...
This is terrible... I can't pull you up... Isaac! Garet needs help!
I'd love to help, but some scary Mars Adepts just appeared!
REVENGE!!! *waves scythe over head and cackles madly*
We're going to avenge Saturos and Menardi!
Aw, geez.
Mia... I... must tell you something, in case I fall...
No! You won't fall, Garet! Just hold on, please!
I have to... you know that big cake you made?
*sigh* It was such a beautiful cake... I spent hours on it... then some giant rats ate it...
Yeah, um, about those giant rats...
I was really looking forward to eating it...
Curse those foul rats! I even lost the recipe too! It was my mother's recipe, handed down through the generations...
Mia. I'm sorry. I ate the cake. Not rats.
... *looks homicidal* WHAT?!
Forgive me! I was just so hungry!
YOU JERK! *pulls mace out of nowhere and smacks Garet over head with it*
Mia! No!
Ugh. *falls*
Oh. Whoops. >_>;
Nooooooo! Garet! *weeps*
Um, since Isaac is fighting two Mars Adepts alone, we should go and help.
Yeah... let's do that.
That girl is terrifying...
Eh, Garet was annoying anyway.

*The group goes up*

*warps in* Y HELO THAR!
Ugh. Argh. Gack. *has a heart attack and falls down on floor*
Alex! You shouldn't warp in without warning! Kraden just had a heart attack!
*heals everyone except Kraden* Sorry. Can't heal heart attacks. Honest. >_>
Eh, it's no big loss. Don't worry about it.
Alright. I'm gonna go off and give myself a manicure now! ^o^
Is this really the time for doing your nails?
Alex is just a freak.

*The group goes outside to see Isaac fighting*

This is for Menardi! *prepares to decapitate Isaac*
How many times must I say I DIDN'T KILL THEM?!
Hold on a second. You definitely have the Mars Star, don't you?
Um, no. My inventory was getting full, so I gave the Mars Star to Ivan.
Isn't Ivan that mess on the ground way below?
Darn it! Now we'll have to go all the way down there to get it!
You get it! *pushes Agatio off* I'll kill Isaac!
>_> Ooh, I know! *jumps down to where Mia is* Just try and get me!
Isaac. ;_;
I could just jump down too, you know.
Uh, we won't let you.
Yeah! You're not going to get away with killing Isaac!
If you try, we'll just beat you up.
Well, what will it be?
If I cannot avenge my sister... I'll just have to join her. MENARDI!!! *jumps*
... I'm quite sure she's insane now.
Was insane.
Well, let's help Isaac and light the lighthouse, then get the Mars Star off that corpse.
Hey, Isaac, if we tell you we're actually SAVING the world, will you join us?
You mean that rock lied to me?!
Well, that won't do! We should save the world, not destroy it!
Great! Let's help you two out of there then!


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