Oh, how terrible. Look what happened now that we let that pirate escape.
I know. All the people who were supposed to be starving and miserable are now well fed.
We haven't actually been here yet...
We haven't? Why not?
So that this can happen!
IIIIIIIIISAAAAAAAAAC!!! *cannonballs through Champa and crashes into Felix, wrapping her arms around him*
Help me! *flails* ;_;
... Wow, that's random. Who is the screaming girl clinging to you?
Wait a minute, you are not Isaac, are you? *lets go*
Does this Isaac look particularly like Felix?
No. -_- She must have sight problems.
*sniff* I am sorry... I just wanted to see Isaac... and...
Ok, here's a pop quiz. What is Isaac's eye colour?
*thinks* Um... er... oh! I know! Gray! It is gray, right?
*sigh* And his hair colour?
Um... it was dark, right?
Who is this girl?
And how long is Isaac's hair?
You don't even remember what he looks like, do you?
Let's stop teasing her. Are you looking for Isaac?
Yes, old man! My name is Feizhi and I am looking for Isaac so I can confess my love for him.
I wish to marry him and bear his children.
Well... uh, if we see him, we'll let him know...
Oh, and could you give him this ring I made? *hands over ring*
Of course. We'll give this to him.
Thank you very much. I must go now. *leaves*
So, who's forgotten about the ring already?
Hm? What ring are you talking about?
Weren't we asked to do something with a ring... no, I must be imagining things.
Let's turn around now and try to leave so that we can get to the next cutscene!
Wow. Clearly, we have short memory problems.
Well, hello, everybody! What a coincidence to find you all here!
Alex! Why are you here?
Oh, I was lying in wait so that I could have fun threatening you all.
Threatening... us?
In a minute! But first... my, my, have I been replaced already?
Serves you right for leaving us for dead on Idejima, you jerk.
So, who is this guy?
A total pain in the ass who used to travel with us. I'm so glad he left us.
I see. He does look very annoying.
I have already been replaced by an amateur Water Adept... well, he isn't as beautiful as me.
I am so much more handsome and sexy and-
Piers is better than you are. Deal with it.
Yeah! We don't want to kill him for starters.
Um... thanks?
Please go crawl in a hole and die, Alex.
Aren't you a bitter bunch? And I was just trying to help you with your task.
We don't need your help, Alex. We can do just fine without you.
Ah! It's the crazy psycho who wants to kill Isaac after I told on him!
And why did you even think it was a good idea to tell her who killed her sister?
My name is Karst, not crazy psycho! And I see you remember me...
Are you hanging out with her or something, Alex?
Maybe I am. Is that a problem?
Don't forget about me!
Oh, there's another pointy-eared, red-eyed person around, I see.
You don't know who he is?
He was busy buying candies and stuff when I met them in Madra.
I like candy!
We know, Agatio...
So, who are these people? I'm going to play guessing games. The old man must be that rambling old fart, Kraden.
Hey! I'm not a rambling old fart... ;_;
That must be Sheba. You're right, Alex, she does have a huge melon-shaped head.
Alex, you jerk! And you're a jerk too!
You really need a new stylist. Maybe I can recommend my stylist?
;_; How mean...
The one with the ponytail's gotta be Felix. Then that would be Jenna. Wow, they really do look like an unreliable bunch of ragamuffins.
Indeed, they are rather useless, so I had to abandon them of course. I may have been hasty in my judgment though.
He is such a jerk.
I know. Ugh.
So... Piers... your Japanese name is Picard, right? Were your parents Trekkies?
... No. And if you start making Star Trek jokes, I will make you suffer.
Psh. You are just an amateur. Anyway, I was thinking of borrowing your ship at one point.
That's stealing!
But I figured I could find something better than that piece of junk, so I decided not to.
Piece of junk? Are you calling my ship a piece of junk?
Did I call it a ship? Sorry. I meant a boat.
There's a difference?
Alex is just spewing bullshit as usual.
Why don't we just ignore him?
You are dead meat.
Enough of this! Alex, what makes these punks useful?
Oh, because they managed to get a shiny orb back from Kibombo. I think.
That's it?
We're getting tired of waiting for you to light the lighthouses.
So if you don't hurry up, we might just try to do it ourselves.
Yes. All we'd need is the melon head and the Jupiter Star.
Don't call me Melon Head!
Don't worry. I'm opposed to their drastic way of thinking. I just wanted to use them to threaten you into working faster.
What he said. So, you'd better hurry.
Wow. Impatient, much?
Yeah, we are, and we're proud of it too! *leaves*
So... beware. *also leaves*
Hope to see you guys near Jupiter Lighthouse soon. ^_^ *walks past* Oh... wait.
What now, Alex? Can't you just leave already?
So, Kraden, you are doing this quest on behalf of Lord Babi?
Yeah. Why?
Oh, because he died not long ago.
He's dead?!
Dead as a doornail.
YES! YEEEEESSSS! ^_^ *punches the air*
Why is Sheba cheering?
Because the buttmunch kidnapped her and held her hostage for a while.
That Babi. What a creep.
*sobs hysterically*
... Anyway, you should stay away from Gondowan. They may think we had a hand in it or something.
Did you have something to do with it? How would you know such a thing?
No! I didn't do anything! I just happen to know for some reason. Anyway, I must go. *leaves*
Thank goodness. He's finally gone.
Ugh! Quit crying about it, Kraden! Babi was an evil asshole!
Yeah, Kraden, he held Sheba hostage, remember?
Oh. Yes. I had forgotten. Now where were we?
Alex is such a jackass! Coming here just to threaten us... I want to maim him so much... ugh. And set him on fire.
What was the point of telling us about Babi anyway?
I think Alex had a reason for telling Kraden. It means Kraden doesn't have to do it for Babi anymore, right?
Well, my reasons have changed actually... I now do it because of what I learned on this quest and not just for research.
What you learned on the quest?
Of course not. I've only spoken to Felix about this.
Meep. *hides behind Piers*
I don't think he wants to.
Now is not the time to tell you. It's too complicated. I'll tell you when we get to Lemuria, so wait.
You had better tell us then.
It's a promise, alright?
Yes, I promise. Piers, you don't mind waiting?
I have an idea of what you are talking about, so it's fine. Now why don't we end this ridiculously long cutscene and go get that Trident?
Yes, let's do that...


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